Weird Ways to Sniff out Discounts on the Internet

You wouldn’t feel exactly pleased to find out that everyone is paying much less than you do for the same products. Well, that’s what some people, at least, are doing. However, you can easily get into their league and enjoy the same privileges. While some of the ways of getting discounts for ordered items are weird, they more than prove their worth in the end.

Search Every Possible Place for Discounts

Search and you will find. This is certainly an old and ordinary adage. However, you wouldn’t think so after taking home not only the product you want but also part of the money you would have spent in acquiring it. Remember that the internet is full of discounts on products waiting to be discovered. In fact, there are sites whose sole responsibility is to inform you about discounts placed on certain products by specific online retailers.

Leave your Online Shopping Basket

If you are not already signed in, open an account with an online retailer you have targeted for a discount. Then put your preferred product in the basket and leave before you order. Just closing the window will do. You might just get an email containing a coupon code that will help slice off the price—an attempt to get you to purchase the product.

Buy Gift Cards

Some people would not have any use for their gift cards and would sell them away fast enough. This can turn out to be a blessing, especially when you have already been planning to buy your items from the retailer on the cards. You just need to buy the gift cards for a lower price than their worth and there you have your discount. Remember that it is wise to use them as soon as possible or they may become worthless before you cash them in.

Get Amazon Free Delivery

Amazon may have increased its free delivery threshold to £20 but you can still get them to deliver your purchases for free even when you would have otherwise not qualified for it. One of the best ways for doing it is by ordering filler items when you are near the £20 threshold. For instance, if you have ordered a product whose price is £19.60, you will end up paying £25.60 – assuming the delivery charge is £6. On the other hand, you would pay £20.60 if you bought an extra item worth £1. That is a cool £5 in your pocket.

Haggle through Live Chats

Online retailers use live chats to help customers who would like to have a problem solved fast and with a human touch. You can take it a little farther. Show the operator that you are interested in the product and ask for a discount. You are not likely to be turned down.

Final Remarks

There has never been anything wrong with trying to get a discount on anything. The internet is probably the most possible place you would get your price cut by almost a half. You just need to know where to search for the discounts.


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