10 Stunning Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women

The wedding is a special way for every woman. This is the moment when all dreams come true, and it’s natural that a woman wants to look as gorgeous as possible. Of course, love in the eyes and a smile on the face are the best accessories, but a flattering makeup, a floating dress, and a well-picked hairstyle will enhance your appearance and make you feel more self-confident.

A stunning wedding hairstyle is a part of your perfect wedding look, so you should pay special attention to it. There many black wedding hairstyles that suit different preferences, tastes, textures, and lengths. Here is a compilation of gorgeous black wedding hairstyles, that there shouldn’t be any problem for brides to choose something that will duly reflect their beauty.

Thus, check out this inspiring collection to choose the best hairstyle for your big day!

Flattering Hairstyles by Face Shapes

If you want the hairstyle to emphasize your beauty, you should know flattering hairstyles for your face shape. Here are the common face shapes and the best hairstyles for them.

  • Oval Face

It is considered to be a perfect face shape. The face tapers towards the chin gradually, and there is an alluring harmony. You can try a high-volume bob to show off your facial features, large or small curls, high, low, and side buns, top knots, braids. The possibilities are truly endless!

  • Round Shape

If you have a round face, then you should add some height on top and lengthen your face visually because it is the widest at the cheeks. Sleek and straight hair should be taboo because it makes the face rounder. Go for either a high or low ponytail with a bouffant at the crown, it will make your face visually slimmer. Besides, a top knot, a high bun, large face-framing waves, a short cut with asymmetric choppy pieces, a bob with an asymmetric fringe. Besides, hairstyles with a side part are another option you can consider.

  • Square Shape

A square jawline is a prominent feature of this face shape. You should choose the hairstyles that add some softness to this angular face shape. A high pompadour, waves with a side parting, a ponytail with a forelock, swept to one side, buns and top knots with a long fringe (it is low to the eyebrows) will add femininity and softness.

  • Long Shape

A long face means that it is elongated from the forehead to the chin. The hairstyle should visually minimize the length of the face. Volumetric curls, uneven bangs and pulled-back hair, side-swept bangs instead of blunt-cut bangs will hide your disadvantages and emphasize your merits.

  • Heart Shape

This face features a pointy chin and sometimes a forehead is a prominent feature. Loose, wavy hair that frames the cheekbones, a fringe with a bun or braids, waves with different hair accessories will flatter the heart face shape.

  • Diamond Shape

The diamond face shape is bony and it is the widest at the temples. The hairstyle shouldn’t be edgy, on the contrary, it should add some softness. Go for hairstyles that add some height in the cheekbone area. Besides, long, curly or straight hair is also an option.

Awesome Hairstyles for Black Women

  1. Volumetric Curls

Many brides choose a simple and relaxed approach to their wedding hairstyle. Beauty lies in simplicity and more and more women go for this option. Embrace the natural texture of your hair and emphasize it with the proper accessories. Thus, use a minimal amount of product to keep your hair soft and flexible, then fix with a setting spray. Complement the look with a decoration on the forehead and massive earrings. In addition, this hairstyle not only emphasizes your merits but also conceals your flaws – for example, broad shoulders.

  1. Elegant ‘Do

Do you look up to royal weddings? Are you inspired by the English hairstyle fashion? You can create a hairstyle that will meet all your desires.

Classics never go out of fashion, so you can try this look on your big day. Low-key hairstyles are chosen by tender yet self-assured brides. This elegant hairdo encompasses several processes: gather your slick hair into a low bun, then take several strands, get them curled, and fix with bobby pins in the shape of delicate ways. The look will be complete with an exquisite fascinator hat and pearl earrings, which give a glamour retro feel.

  1. Long Waves

Sometimes for a delicate look, all you need is to wear your hair loose. Soft, large waves will gently frame your face and emphasize the beauty of your collarbones. Besides, hair accessories always make the wedding hairstyle more exceptional. Large waves look very romantic, and if you enhance this hairstyle with a floral barrette, made of crystals and pearls, then it will look stunning. Besides, you don’t need massive jewelry. Who needs massive earrings if there is such a gorgeous barrette clipped on the side?

  1. Impressive Top Knot

Sometimes black women choose complicated and extravagant hairstyles, but there is something special about this plain yet charming hairstyle. This minimal look is great for women who want to put an emphasis on their harmonious look. Take advantage of your long locks by forming them into a stunning top knot. It should be slick and shiny. If you want to add a zest, then a large barrette is a win-win option.

  1. African American Wedding Updos

If you ask yourself: “To wear a fringe or not?” this hairstyle shows all the advantages of wearing a voluminous face-framing forelock. Divide your slick hair into two parts. On top, create a volumetric asymmetric forelock that looks like a pompadour hairstyle. It will draw attention to your eyes and make the face visually slimmer. Then, gather your long hair into a low bun, secure with bobby pins and decorate with a delicate hair accessory. Undoubtedly, you’ll get a creative and gentle bridal look.

  1. Volumetric Low Bun

Romantic African American wedding updos are among the favorites for black women. It is possible to create a flawless bridal look without a too complicated hairstyle. This volumetric bun at the nape, adorned with a twig of white flowers is not hard to re-create, but it looks extremely beautiful and feminine. As for the forelock, make it volumetric and comb to one side, a side part will add a touch of a rebellious spirit, and a contrast between the bangs and the low bun gives a miraculous effect!

  1. Modern Hairstyle

It doesn’t matter why you have decided to cut your hair short, even if you have such a hairstyle, you can combine it with eye-catching hair accessories, and then you will the most charming bride, who will make a statement! This hairstyle is easy to do – all you should do is to wear a white fascinator hat (it can be flowers, combined with feathers) with an attractive veil. Besides being beautiful, the veil makes your bridal look more refined.

  1. Floral Wreath

Nothing can look more feminine, romantic, and charming than a floral wreath. Skip the extensions in favor of gorgeous short hair and make a floral wreath (everything depends on your imagination: you can go for a classic option and choose roses with wildflowers or select something more extravagant). Celebrate the natural texture of your hair and add a magnificent floral wreath for a romantic touch.

  1. Gorgeous Updo

This universal yet gorgeous hairstyle may be a perfect option not only for brides, but it also can refer to the group of black bridesmaids hairstyles. Gather hair from the whole head on the crown, then twist it into one spiral aka pompadour, which will be the natural highlight of the hairstyle. Since this hairstyle can look simple, you can increase the degree of the festivity and make the look more dramatic with the help of earrings-cuffs (they can be different in size and design) and a bright make-up. Surely, on this special day, you will shine!

  1. Curly Hairstyle with Flowers

The hairstyles make the bride an epitome of beauty as they reveal the outer and inner potential of the bride’s magnificence.

Embrace your natural beauty because it always looks elegant and graceful. African- American women have curly, textured, and unruly hair, that is why brides with relaxed black locks pick messy updos. If your hair is short and curly, then apply some gel to make the curls more prominent, fix with a setting spray, and add an alluring zest – a floral wreath with pearls and crystals. Surely, this hairstyle will make you shine like a diamond on a wedding day!

Thereby, take a reasonable approach to the choice of a hairstyle for a wedding, and then you will be deprived of unnecessary worries about your appearance, as you will look great and enjoy this special day to the fullest!
Written by Nancy Cooper https://www.teiltes.com/

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