Why vegan diet and veganism are so popular now?

Why Veganism is So Popular Nowadays?

We are living in the world where health has become the main value. It is popular to care about one’s health and spend much money on quality food, exercising, and healthcare. The famous proverb “you are what you eat” has took on a new meaning in this health-conscious society. Hence, it is not surprising that an increasing number of people prefer proper nutrition to fast food. However, what is a healthy diet? Although the majority of scientists still argue about this question, such diets as vegetarian, vegan, and fruitarian become extremely popular nowadays because of their perceived benefit for health. Veganism is so popular, especially in Europe and the United States, that it has even become a good topic for different essays and other academic works at ukessaynow.com.

Reasons for Going Vegan

So, what is veganism and why is it so popular nowadays? Veganism is a diet that strictly prohibits the consumption of food of animal origin. Hence, vegans don’t eat meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, milk, and other dairy products. In other words, veganism is much stricter than vegetarianism, which is also popular nowadays. Given the long list of food that cannot be consumed, one may wonder what reasons make people go vegan?

  1. To save animals. The first and the most important idea behind veganism is the ethical treatment of living beings. Veganism is not only the way of eating but also the unique philosophy. Many famous people like Leo Tolstoy and others supported the concept of veganism because meat consumption is harmful to animals. The majority of animals are kept in awful, unnatural conditions, so vegans (people supporting the ideas of veganism) argue that people should stop this inhumane treatment of innocent creatures. They feel responsible for these animals and believe that low consumption of meat and dairy products all over the world will lead to the closure of meat-and-dairy factories. In addition, everybody heard about such organization as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Members of this organization are vegans who actively advocate for the rights of animals and voice their concerns about such phenomena as industrial agriculture, animal testing, the use of fur and leather for clothes and footwear production, etc.
  2. To improve your health. There are still many questions about the vegan diet and its influence on health. Although there are still no conclusive answers, several different empirical studies prove that vegans have lower risks of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, this kind of a diet is considered a heart-healthy one. In addition, vegans claim that they feel energetic and have better-looking skin and good mood due to their lifestyle. Meanwhile, some scientists suggest that a well-planned vegan diet will contain as much protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals as an ordinary one. Hence, a vegan diet cannot be considered harmful for health.
  3. To protect the environment. Vegans care not only about the animal rights but also about the environment because meat and dairy production requires immense resources – from water and electricity to lands and crops. Therefore, given adverse effects of human activity on the environment, the refusal to consume meat and other products of animal origin seems an effective measure.   
  4. To make other people’s lives a little bit better. This reason is closely connected with a previous one. Some regions of our planet like the African continent, for example, have limited water resources or land suitable for agriculture. Therefore, reduced consumption of meat and dairy products leads to the reduction of production, which in turn saves valuable resources that can be used for people’s daily needs. It is important to note that veganism needs only one-third of a land needed to support the meat-and-dairy production. Hence, the reduced consumption of meat is a good way to make people’s lives better.

Given these arguments, it becomes clear why veganism is so popular nowadays. It enjoys such a great popularity because this philosophy cares about humans, animals, and our planet in general. So, it is not surprising that more and more people become environmentally-conscious and choose veganism not only as a way of proper nutrition or means to improve health but also as a lifestyle in general.

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