5 Truly Destructive Behaviors in Relationships

What do you know about relationships? Probably, a lot. Since the childhood, we were watching movies and series entirely devoted to love and relationships; we were reading novels and stories that told us about restless love seekers and deep feelings.

But there’s a catch. None of these cultural sources ever told us how to build relationships so they would work like an oiled mechanism. When we grow up, we need to gain our own experience in dating – and not all the experienced is painted with pleasure and happiness. Our beautiful friends from Romance Russian Brides Site told us about unobvious destructive behaviors you should better avoid – or your relationships are doomed.


  1. Stimulating already dead relationships

It sometimes happens that the relationship just does not work out. Everything is seemingly good and you don’t argue anymore. Well, probably because you have nothing to talk about. It may feel a bit disappointing but eventually you will have to let subsided feelings go. Some people cannot accept this sad truth and do their best to enliven dead relationships. Despite your restless attempts to breathe life in what you used to call “we”, it’s not going to work out. And don’t ever try to understand whose fault it was – you’ll only dive deeper in the depth of misery.

  1. Excuses instead of solutions

The relationship is a hard work. Even the most passionate couples now and then have to fight for their feelings. And by fighting, we mean searching compromises and mutually acceptable decisions. People (especially men, sorry for gender stereotyping) often look for excuses to what happens to their partnership – instead of trying to make things work. Dumb excuses indicate laziness and the lack of emotional connection between you two. You see, why would you fight for something you don’t really care about?

  1. Measuring by hypocritical standards

At this point, we are not talking about common social standards (which are, likewise, subjective and insincere). We are talking about the situations when you measure your partner by the standards you do not agree to be measured yourself. Double standards work in every sphere of life – even in a love relationship. If you want to be emotionally supported by your partner – don’t forget to provide emotional support, too. Don’t agree with the concept of open relationships? Then behave yourself and stop flirting with everyone! Respect and equality in a partnership make a perfect combination.

  1. Emotional betrayals

We are not talking about sexual infidelity – it’s obviously the most unpleasant behavior in relationships that you can imagine. We are talking about emotional cheating. This concept makes more sense for girls. You see, women are more sensitive (which means that their feelings are sharper). If you spend too much time with your friends or ex-girlfriend, if you have some secrets you don’t want to reveal, if you discuss your relationships with other people and she finds it out – you are likely to ruin your relationships much faster than you thought you would.

  1. All about the money

Every couple has its own way of dealing with finances. In some cases, both man and women work and earn money. In other cases, only one of them (usually men) works and, consequently, becomes the only provider. The most horrific situation is when you start blaming each other for financial problems or for being a freeloader. Your relationship will never get better after you initiate this talk – it leaves terrible ache. If you really want to discuss your finances, do it cautiously and carefully.

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