Travelling on a Budget: Top Countries to Visit 

You might have heard many times that traveling is one of the greatest ways to expand your horizons and find inspiration. If you have financial issues, you can travel around your country. Just don’t dwell on luxury destinations. Your vacation should fit your budget and meet your expectations. However, if you have enough resources to go somewhere abroad, you can explore some cheap gateways in Europe or Asia, not to mention some neighbouring countries. If you are a student, and you are bombarded with various assignments, so you cannot get a part-time job to save enough for your vacation, you can use such services as papercoach to get your papers done. The world is too big and beautiful to deny yourself travelling.


Montenegro is famous for its magnificent beaches of the Adriatic Sea. Tourists love to relax on the island of St. Stefan and the spa resorts. People who suffer from health issues strive to visit various recreation areas located in picturesque nature. Walking in national parks, trying national dishes, and seeing a rocky monastery is on the to-do list here. Accommodation is inexpensive. For instance, you can stay in a three-star hotel for $ 15 per day or book a large room with all the comfortable living conditions for $20. The tourist season begins in late spring and ends in early autumn.


Portugal is considered one of the cheap travel destinations in Europe. Tickets can be costly, while all other things will be affordable. Here you can take a sightseeing tour, enjoy homemade Portuguese wine and tasty national dishes, and relax on the resort islands. Lunch for two in a good cafe starts at $ 9. You can book a comfortable apartment in the city center for $ 32 per day. Besides, you can spend $ 45 on a tourist card that will allow you to take public transport and visit tourist places for free. This card is valid for three days. It is better to visit Portugal during the summer season since it is a rainy season in spring and autumn.


India is an extremely versatile country in terms of tourism. You can find here famous landmarks like the Taj Mahal, the Himalayas, and the city of the dead Varanasi. Besides, you can enjoy the beaches of Goa with its active nightlife. In this country, everyone will get a suitable pastime. You can book a room in a good hotel for $9, or you can even rent an entire floor in a large house that is a minute’s walk from the Arabian Sea for $250 per month. Thus, if you travel to India, you will not even have to ask anyone, “Can you write my essay cheap?” It is better to go to India from spring to early autumn.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is considered one of the coolest countries to travel on a budget. A flight itself may cost you a pretty penny if you don’t take a last-minute tour or ticket. Many people know this country under a different name that was used earlier, Ceylon. It is about tea culture, amazing resorts, numerous temples, and rainy forests. Here you can climb Lion Rock and meet huge, incredibly old turtles. Entrance fees to temples start at $8. In the country, the sun shines brightly almost all year round so that you can go there in any season.


The flight to this hot African country will not be cheap, but all other expenses will fit into a small budget. You will see the flavor of Africa in every detail. Flocks of flamingos, zebras, and crocodiles in the lakes are an ordinary thing in Tanzania. The famous Mount Kilimanjaro is an active volcano, located in this country. There are several safari parks for tourists. Beach lovers can sunbathe on the islands of Zanzibar. Here you can bargain in almost any establishment. The cost of excursions and tours varies greatly, starting from $15 and reaching $500. The summer season is the most comfortable for visiting Africa.


If you don’t want to go too far away from your homeland, then Mexico can become a great option. It attracts thousands of tourists every year. Thus, if you like their traditional cuisine, want to see the proximity of deserts with forests and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of such a distinctive country, then you should book a flight. Beach holidays are well established since the country is bounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The Mexican government has begun to develop tourism in recent years. The flight will not cost you much as well as the whole entertainment program there. The first months of autumn are most suitable for such a trip.


The Indonesian island is one of the most popular gateways on Earth. Millions of people come here to rest, and hundreds of thousands stay here to live. Despite its huge popularity, it is still a great place to travel on a budget. You will like an amazing price/quality ratio. The island is fabulous and unique. Here you can ride a bike all over the island. Balinese culture is very original and interesting; their passion for art and an inextinguishable desire to surround themselves with beauty lead to a real aesthetic delight. You will hardly meet people who respect their traditions so much.

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