Top Ten Lotteries Across The Globe That Can Help You Win Big!

Lotteries are like little escapes from reality into fantasy, big hopes bought by investing an insignificant amount of cash. Besides earning the dream to be rich overnight, a lot of people stay consistent with it for the adrenaline rush and the spine-chilling suspense.

Over the years, lottery systems have undergone fast-paced revolutions. With advanced emerging platforms, on the one hand, the competition has skyrocketed while, on the other, the lines between genuine websites and scammers have blurred.

However, a few lotteries out there can give you both an exhilarating experience and a fair chance to win. If you don’t trust us, trust Benjamin Franklin, the genius.

Did you expect the man who discovered electricity relied on lotteries for some of his expenses? If that’s gotten you amazed, these fun facts about lotteries are going to get you excited and encourage you to try it out yourself.

The Ten Lotteries You Can Participate In

Here are the best lotteries in the world to get you started.


Powerball, an immensely popular American lottery game, is played by more than 80% of the national states and territories. The Multistate Lottery Association, a non-profit organization, coordinates it, making it a completely fair and reliable option for lottery seekers. All prizes are offered in the form of cash, except for the grand prize that manages to attract worldwide attention each time.

Mega Ball

Designed by Michigan Lottery Commissioner Bill Martin, the game was launched in 1996. It was known as ‘The Big Game’ at the initial stage of its development. For the gameplay, each ticket costs $2 and is drawn at 11 pm on Tuesdays and Fridays randomly.


This lottery game of Brazilian nationality is South-America’s most popular lottery platform and deserves one of the top positions on the list. Its huge jackpot amount has created a lot of buzz in the South-American continent and has attracted new players from across the globe. Mega-Sena costs only $2.5 to take part in the contest. Want to dance to Samba? Grab a ticket.

Irish National Lottery

The Irish lottery game is more popularly known as the ‘National Lottery.’ Founded on 23rd March 1987, the platform helps to raise funds. Way back then, the company started its authentic journey by scratch cards. Legislated under the National Lottery Act of 1986 and 2013, it’s the platform you can completely trust on, the law has got you covered. 

Over 3,700 agents across the country sell the tickets, and you have the right to remain anonymous after winning. One of the most interesting parts of this lottery is that the winning price is paid as a tax-free lump sum.

Swedish Lotto

Belonging to the exotic nation of Sweden, Swedish Lotto is a platform that offers almost the same benefits at a relatively lower price. Its cost is as affordable as 1.5$ for a single ticket to participate in. The Swedish Lotto draws tickets twice a week on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

The game of Swedish Lotto offers a slight twist in the tale, according to their unique rulebook. You don’t buy tickets as you would do elsewhere. Instead, you decide to play on the Lotto Land draws. Intrigued? We sure are. 


6/45 or 6 AUS 45 is a simple Austrian Lotto. The winning ratio, their USP, is 1:8145, which is quite lucrative for a lottery platform. The cost of a basic ticket is $2, and that of a plus one is $4.

The rules are pretty straightforward, and the name gives a clear indication; all you have to do is pick out six numbers from 45. What’s more? The jackpots are ever-growing, just like the fan base and scope of the lottery.

The Polish Lotto

With a minimum jackpot of 2 million Polish Zloty, the Polish Lotto gives you an incredibly fair chance to invest little and become a millionaire. The game is easy to play and costs just $1.25 for a ticket. Most often, the lottery does not announce the list of winners, so it’s hard to identify the winners.

The French Lotto

This official lottery of the country brought to you straight from France is one of the high bidding, higher benefits one. The procedure is simple, choose a number between 1-49 and another one from 1-10 to have a go at your luck. Who knows? You might just win enough to fund a luxurious life in Paris!

El Gordo De La Primitiva

Took you long enough to register the name? Well, ironically, El Gordo translates to “The Fast One” in English. This Spanish Christmas Lottery offers you an interesting and fun platform to play for a big Jackpot. A ticket costs only $2.5 to bid, which gives you a chance to select 5 numbers from 1-54.


A lottery that began changing lives in the blink of an eye as long as two decades ago, this Italian lotto has taken the art of bidding to an altogether different level of difficulty and luxury.

It boasts of some of the highest jackpots in the world, along with the lowest success rates. It costs $3 per ticket, and there are a total of 5 prize divisions. If you think you’re lucky enough, grab a ticket now.

What other lotteries can you try out?

These aren’t the only lotteries you can try your hands in. If you are in Canada, you may also take a look at Lotto Max, which has jackpots as high as $50 million or more. Then, there are other private players like Magnum Berhad in Malaysia, known for offering extensive commercial gambling options.

These legitimate safe to play and win sites can help turn your life around. We’ve given the slight nudge – now go ahead and try your luck.  

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