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Having one or many dogs is one of the most amazing things in the world. If you’ve never had a dog for a pet, you should definitively think about it. But as lovely and comforting as it can be, it can sometimes get challenging and time-consuming. Of course, that would only happen if your dog didn’t receive proper training.

Dogs are very smart in general. So teaching them the basic commands is rather simple if you use the right training methods and of course, show enough patience and persistence.

You don’t have to pay for a professional trainer to have your dog properly trained. You can do it on your own as well, so money isn’t a problem here.

You can find a lot of online dog training courses for free on the Internet. Most of them are on YouTube because it’s easier to train a dog by following a visual example.

To help you find the best dog training courses online, we compiled a list of six pet training courses, from which you can choose the one that suits your needs the best.


1.     Dr. Dunbar’s Dog Behavior and Training

Dr. Dunbar has developed probably the best online dog training course you can find on the Internet. He is a veterinarian, has a doctorate in animal behavior, and is also the founder of the APDT – Association for Professional Dog Trainers.

You can find his video courses on his website, Dunbar Academy. There you’ll also find free useful books and podcasts that can be extremely helpful for your dog training.

If you find his free courses helpful for your dog training and would like to adopt more of his methods, he also offers a paid subscription package. Dr. Dunbar covers all topics from preparing to get a puppy to how to deal with your dog’s behavioral issues.

2.    How to Train Your Dog with JoAnne Basinger

JoAnne Basinger knows what she’s doing. She has graduated from one of the best schools of pet training, Jean Donaldson’s Academy for Dog Trainers and is currently an APDT member.

JoAnne has her own kind of online dog training school where she offers her courses in a video format. Her videos are very effective as she keeps them short and on point.

She doesn’t stop with one method of teaching a command. She offers additional options because she knows that dogs respond differently to commands. Her courses are pretty limited, and it doesn’t seem that she will produce more.

Nevertheless, her resources may be all that you need if you’re looking for puppy training, smart tricks, and basic training for new shelter dogs. If you’re looking to fix behavioral issues and more advanced tactics, her courses won’t help you.

3.     Kikopup

Emily Larlham offers some highly effective training methods and several excellent video courses even though she doesn’t really have professional credentials. Anyway, we should be focusing on her effectiveness and not on her diplomas because she’s one of the most skilled dog trainers.

She has conducted her own research and studies on how to build a better relationship with a dog, how to deal with a dog’s behavioral problems, and how to effectively train more dogs at the same time.

Through her courses, she promises to teach anyone how to become a dog trainer online free, just like she did without the use of any certification. But if your dog is dealing with serious behavioral issues, she might not be able to help you much.

4.    Journey Dog Training

Kayla Fratt is a professional dog trainer and an Associate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant. She learned the basics of dog training when she was volunteering at a rescue where she trained thousands of dogs while trying to find them loving homes.

Right now, she offers free courses on her YouTube channel, her Facebook page, and her website, Her style of teaching through Facebook live sessions allows her to interact with her students and give them specific advice and training methods.

Kayla provides very good advice and training methods for dogs with behavior issues like anxiety and aggression. But if you’re looking for her advice on training your dog for a sports competition, it would be like asking to write an essay for the English class on a website that deals only with scientific essays.  

5.    Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

Zak George presents some great online dog training courses free. He works like a professional even though he doesn’t have a recognized certification. I’d call it true passion. He presents his courses on YouTube in a very easy-to-understand format.

He has already become a well-known figure on the Internet and teaches positive dog training methods which are incredibly effective.

His soft spot is working with dogs who present serious aggression problems. But who can blame him? Not many are able to deal with this behavioral issue.

Anyway, he’s the best if you’ve just gotten a puppy and you don’t know how to give him the proper training. His teachings are also beneficial for the long run – as your dog grows, he can teach you the basic obedience commands.

6.    Training Positive with Tab Shamsi

Tab Shamsi provides several great dog training online courses if you’re looking for basic obedience training, teaching tricks, dog sports, and puppy training. His methods are highly effective even though he doesn’t have any sort of certification to back him up. But sometimes, passion combined with the right resources is all that one needs to become an effective dog trainer.


From my personal experience of training my three beautiful dogs, these six courses are challenging yet effective. But this is just my perception; you’re free to try any one or more from these six courses.

Since every dog is unique in its own way, it’s better to search for the training methods and techniques that best fit your dog’s needs, problems, and personality. While it requires proper research, patience, and time, in the end, it will be truly worth it.


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