Top Amazing Places For Hunting In Russia

Russia is a phenomenally diverse country with plenty of fabulous places for distant travelling and hunting. In Russia, every hunter will most certainly enjoy both the nature and the chasing game. 

With the area of more than 17,000,000 square kilometres, Russia has a number of hunting lands where you can hunt many sorts of birds and animals, from pathless taiga to desolate plains. You might want to start in Kaliningrad region, central Europe, or go to the Far Eastern Republic of the Russian Federation which borders Mongolia and Manchuria. 

Russia is home for nearly all kinds of animals represented in European and North American faunas, thus every huntsman will find a bag of the game but most importantly get a memorable experience. Here are some of the most popular and incredible hunting areas with a short description of animals and hunting season time. The choice is yours! 


The variety of terrain combining hills in the west of the region and the lowlands in the East gave rise to the wealth of nature. Podmoskovye is the home to hares, foxes and fur-bearing animals, boars, moose, and wild birds. Here you can hunt in mixed forests for wild boar, hare, elk, roe deer and fox almost all year round. With the help of experienced rangers, even a beginner will quickly get his first trophy. Aces will brush up their skills at reading traces and pursuit and get awesome satisfaction. 

Hunting bases are equipped with accommodation and extensive grounds. The season on ducks, wood grouse, black grouse and woodcock is open in mid-April. Hare-hinting starts in September while October is a fox-foiling time. For an impressive bag you should come around winter: the highest probability to get a moose, boar or deer is from October to February.


The harsh Northern nature that created the cascades of picturesque lakes, an endless blanket of emerald forests, marvelous forest paths and high thresholds of the fast mountain streams gave the Karelian territory an abundant wildlife. If showing patience, perseverance and dexterity in the woods of Karelia you will be able to see a lot of game and get a rich trophy. 

Karelia is the land of lakes and excellent fishing. In fall and winter you can easily get here a grouse, hazel grouse and black grouse as well as effortlessly track the boar or wolverine. Once entering the forest and you can see a lot of interesting objects for observation and honed hunting skills. 


The merge of European and Siberian flora and fauna makes Ural a hunter’s paradise. You will admire ponds, lakes and rivers with stone placers among the forests covering the mountains with numerous mysterious caves. Hunting trophies obtained in the Urals are highly valued around the world. Your quarry is a marten, ermine, fox, wolf, moose and bear. A successful hunt will be for the eagle, sea eagle, mink and reindeer. Game hunted in the local woods will be the crown jewel of your trophy collection. 

It is not easy to chase and hunt the game in these places, so be prepared for harsh conditions. But for those who want a more comfortable hunting, the lands have tourist seats and hunting lodges. Hunting in the Urals is a really challenging adventure! 


Once having gone hunting on the Lake Baikal, you will find not only the plentiful kill but will forever fall in love with this unique place. 

Amazing nature, crystal clear lakeside air and more than thirty hectares of land are at your service. Here you will meet professional help of the seasoned locals who live a life of real huntsmen all year round.

During the summer, only water transport is available to get into remote abundant places surrounding Lake Baikal. In winter, the hunting season is impossible without snowmobiles, dogsleds or skis. You may hunt here all year round, but the most successful season is fall.

The top hunted animal in Baikal open spaces is surely a bear, “the king of taiga”. However, your hunting bag will be full with a badger, hare, fox, wolf, deer and sable. 


Kamchatka is the land of Hot Springs scattered around the wonders of living nature where you can get overfed with the summer foxes, bighorn sheep, moose and brown bears. Kamchatka Bear, weighing more than a ton can be trapped on berry meadows and in raspberry canes, among which doped with fragrant smells, the animal forgets about the danger. With the right approach and patience, a hunter will always find a worthy trophy here. 


Hunting in the Republic of Sakha, you will get unforgettable impressions from the vast pristine nature. Your meeting with the harsh local wildlife will turn you into a real hunter. Hunting here is very expensive since you can only move through water or on air. Your trophies will be geese, elk, reindeer, musk deer and bear. Wolf hunting is very popular as its population is too large and the locals regularly have to cull these animals. Come here for such fish as grayling, trout and broad whitefish. Hunting, like the life in Yakutia, is highly extreme, so you should carefully prepare your gear, firewood and food. Nevertheless, the hunting will be spectacular and sizable! 

It often happens that the hunter is not so delighted with the trophies themselves, but rather with the communication with nature, overcoming difficulties and pushing himself beyond the limits. Come to Russia for the incredible emotions and trophies and other hunters will look on you with admiring envy. Learn more about the uniqueness of these places on

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