Top 5 Games for Mobile Phones

The popularity of smartphones gave birth to entertainment, information, and infotainment options in various forms. All of them were utilizing the smartphone ecosystem to reap greater benefits. Among them, the primary category of entertainment and fun is mobile gaming. As a significantly large percentage of smartphone users are young people, it is reflecting in the surging popularity of mobile gaming as well. Remember how Pokémon GO and Candy Crush Saga captured the imagination of gamers in a quick span of time. The success story of these games was also displaying the size of the mobile gaming market that is spread across the globe.

Due to that reason, a large majority of the console games are stepping into the mobile gaming deck as they identified the potential of the market. Per the Global Games Market Report, the mobile gaming industry already crossed $46 billion, which is about 32% of the global gaming market, as of 2017. Leaving the business and market apart, almost everyone like mobile gaming and love to engage themselves in gaming during their off hours. Here is a list of top five mobile games for people who want to start gaming or in search of better games.

  1. Monument Valley 2

It is a single player indie puzzle game that is the sequel to the much successful Monument Valley, released in 2014. The game that was initially released on iOS platform in June 2017 was also made available on Android later. Developed by Ustwo Games, it works on a theme of two leading characters, a mother and her child, through different mazes filled with some impossible architectures. The game has 14 chapters, and the players should try to change the architecture to complete the puzzles.

  1. Iron Marines

It is a game developed by Ironhide and released in September 2017. The game received the appreciation of game critics and players alike. The game has a number of characteristics like highly detailed characters, very high quality of production, intuitive UI, better environmental design, and more. The tower defense game is set in the platform of the great “Kingdom Rush” of the developer, and the gamers have to face numerous enemies, tactics, adrenaline, and more to enjoy a real crazy gaming experience. The players have to fight with the invading alien army, and the game offers mission-based levels.

  1. Evolution Gaming Live Roulette

It is a highly engaging roulette gaming choice for the aspiring casino gamers. The online gaming comes with many variants to engage the gamers every time they visit the platform. The game from Evolution Gaming offers many innovations including Live Double Ball Roulette, Direct Game Launch from web links, text, or email, Mini Live Roulette, Immersive Roulette, and more. Many operators offer free spins on mobile casino platforms to give an advantage to the gamers while playing the roulette.

  1. Euclidean Lands

It is an interesting puzzle game, which people can rotate or flip boards and defeat the enemies based on the results of turn-based movements. The boards of the game remind the way how Rubik’s Cube work, and the game tests the brains of the players. The game is a visual treat and perfectly fits the screens of smartphones. With no extra animations or graphics, it offers excellent gameplay. Altogether, it is an efficient and creative way to spend the free time. However, the game only made the foray into the iTunes store and not made to Android.

  1. Cat Quest

It is an open-world RPG game with little kitty-cat advancing to quests. The action role-playing game is presented in sweet cartoon-type hues, and it is available on almost all the platforms including Android, iOS, Mac, PC, PS4, and more. The gameplay is set Felingard, an open world kingdom, and the gamers control a cat who quests for saving his abducted sister. For people who love the theme of Cats vs. Dragons real-time attacks, the game is their choice. It is a game every gamer can approach with a smile on their face.


The popularity of mobile gaming is largely due to the portable nature of smart devices. It becomes an ideal choice for fun and entertainment while traveling, not engaged with tasks or jobs, or away from family and friends. Mobile gaming is also one of the least costly option for people to relax, irrespective of age, sex, and more.

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