Top 25 Quit Smoking Items That Every Smoker Serious of Quitting Can Benefit From

Looking to quit smoking? Sometimes it can feel like you’ll need the National Guard to combat your cravings.

As everyone knows kicking the habit is a tall task, there are a few strategies and tools you can use to make the process less painful. That’s why we’ve put together the top 25 items you should consider if you’re looking to take quitting smoking seriously. Check them out below.

1. Black Buffalo

Easily one of the best tobacco alternatives out there, Black Buffalo ( is an absolute must if you’re looking to quit. Not only is it one of the more natural solutions, but it also is made with the intent of eventual full cessation. Check them out if you’re looking for a nice transitional product to use.

2.  Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Quit Smoking

A book that’s helped everyone from Ellen Degeneres to Ashton Kutcher quit smoking, Allen Carr’s Easy Way method has been lauded by millions for being successful. By putting you in the right mental state to quit, Carr’s book is a huge help if you’re looking to stop smoking permanently.

3. Nicotine Gum

A great backup in case a product like Black Buffalo isn’t around, nicotine gum can help take the edge off in emergencies.

4. Nicotine Patches

Similar to nicotine gum, the patches are an excellent solution in the event you have a craving but can’t get your fix (such as on an airplane).

5. New Running Shoes

Why do we recommend getting new running shoes so highly? Because a big part of quitting smoking is adopting a healthier lifestyle. Learning how to invest in that without overdoing it starts with the one exercise everyone can do — running.

6. New Workout Clothes

If you’re going to get healthier, it’s important to look the part. Take the opportunity to buy some new workout clothes for adapting to a new lifestyle. Exercise can be a great teacher in discipline, which is exactly what you need when you’re starting to quit.

7. A Gym Membership

Similar to our workout advice above, a gym membership can also help you find other groups of individuals who are either quitting smoking or looking for a big lifestyle change. Going at this with others can be a huge help, which is where a gym can be a significant help.

8. The QuitNow App

One of the most supportive communities for trying to quit, QuitNow tracks your progress, as well as puts you in touch with other people currently quitting. A great tool for support, as well as keeping tabs on your achievements, QuitNow is notoriously helpful in quitting smoking.

9. The Nike App

If fitness is something you’re aiming to take on, then the Nike App is a great community for getting in shape. Check them out if you’re looking for a smart support system of budding athletes.

10.              CBD

A great tobacco alternative, CBD can help naturally put you at ease whenever you’re having a nicotine craving. Whether it’s flower buds, gummies, or tinctures, there’s’ a CBD for everyone looking to quit smoking.

11.              The Stop Smoking Subreddit

Reddit is known for their supportive communities, and the “stop smoking” groups are no exception. An excellent additional voice for advice, these are people who have been through quitting and are dedicated to helping others as well.

12.              A New Book

How can a book help you quit? As a simple, portable object you can sink your internal voice into, it can be a great distraction whenever you get a pang.

13.              A Water Bottle

You’d be surprised at how much drinking water can help curb smoking. With a solid water bottle with you all day, take a sip of water anytime you get a craving, eventually flushing out your system and leaving you feeling refreshed.

14.              Kava Tea

Kava is a great backup to have for relaxation. Especially if you’re trying to curb alcohol along with smoking, kava is a great alternative choice.

15.              Regular Gum

For some, the oral fixation of smoking is a hard one to break. A classic technique is chewing regular gum, getting your mind off of the cigarette as well as getting some saliva circulating.

16.              A Nice Treat

If you’re going to be quitting smoking, treating yourself is a must. When you consider how much money you’ll already be saving by not buying cigarettes, knowing where else that money can go is a valuable lesson, hands down.

17.              Healthy Snacks

It’s easy to replace smoking with unhealthy eating, which is why before you quit, you should arm yourself with only healthy snacks. This will help you indulge a little bit when you want something to snack on to fill that void without going overboard.

18.              Comfort Foods

As much as healthy foods are a must, the same can be said for things that are a little more comforting. Providing a soothing solution that is a classic for relaxation, invest in a dish you haven’t had in a while, but absolutely love.

19.              A Yoga Mat

Learning to relax can be tough, which is why teaching yourself yoga can be an excellent alternative. Especially if you were an early morning smoker, replacing that routine with deep breathing and stretching will leave you feeling more relaxed than ever before.

20.              Laxatives

Although we hate to admit it, cigarettes can help us poop. Having some laxatives on hand in case you’re having trouble is nothing to be ashamed of, especially in your first week of quitting.

21.              An Expensive Shirt

How can an expensive shirt in aiding quitting? Just think of every shirt you’ve ruined with smoke, ash, or burning a hole in it. Now, wear something nice to remind yourself of those moments, and you’ll quickly realize how much more cigarettes really cost beyond the pack.

22.              Incense (or candles)

Incense or candles can help relax you at home without a cigarette, providing a soothing scent that engages your olfactory senses.

23.              Vacation Time

Taking a break while you’re trying to quit can be a great option if you’ve got the time. Not only will it help in breaking from routine, but you’ll also be in a place where you can truly relax, learning what that’s like away from smoking.

24.              Something To Build (like a puzzle)

A puzzle around the house can help distract you, providing a medium for escape if the cravings ever get so bad.

25.              A Streaming Service (like Netflix or Hulu)

It’s easy to dive into a new series, which is why binge-watching something can help break up when your normal smoke breaks would be. Plus, think of all the new stuff you’ll be able to catch up on with all that time saved from quitting smoking?

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