Top 10 Things you need to know about online dating

Surveys reveal upwards of 2/3 of American adults have explored dating sites, either to make friends or pursue a love interest. Some of the longer-established websites command worldwide memberships running into the millions. If you’ve wondered about how Internet dating might invigorate your own love life, here are 10 things you need to know about online dating (some good, some not so good!) 

Dating sites vary tremendously

Because online dating has become such a widespread phenomenon, there are sites catering to every possible taste. Prior to choosing a particular web resource to sign up to, spend some time shopping around so you are not disappointed with the service offered.

Your profile needs to stand out from the crowd

The sheer popularity of dating sites like this means you will always face competition in terms of trying to attract the attention of any particular site user. It is therefore important to choose your best profile photo and to write a captivating description of yourself.

Although it’s tempting to jump in feet-first, try playing it cool

With so much choice of attractive and available singles waiting to be contacted, literally at your fingertips, an important tip is to resist the urge to get in touch with the first person who catches your eye. You don’t want to appear too enthusiastic, so take some time before fully engaging.

Ensure your messages are snappy – and interesting

The online environment is one where the attention span of the average site user can be short, to say the least. Because you are vying for the attention of other singles in the face of so many other site users when you reach out to another person, keep your messages succinct and thoroughly entertaining.

Honesty is always the best policy

A golden rule is to be honest and aboveboard during your communications. Never be tempted to tell tall tales.  Always keep in mind the fact you may well meet up with this person in the real world sometime, where untruths will eventually be exposed.

Daters can be fickle

Never be too disappointed if a particular online connection doesn’t work out, or the person at the other end of your messages appears enthusiastic only to vanish without trace for no apparent reason. Keep in mind a lot of Internet daters are fickle creatures, so you’ll need to develop a thick skin.  It’s easy enough to move on to someone else.

Not everyone is looking for an actual relationship

You might meet someone online whom you feel a real affinity towards, and whose amorous chat leads you to believe this might progress to a real relationship. But some people who use dating sites are only really after one thing. You might think you are falling for them, but they are only considering sleeping with you then moving on.

You have every chance of an international connection

Dating sites take advantage of the Internet, which is available in countries right across the world. There is every chance of connecting with someone who lives far afield. This can present logistical problems, but nothing is insurmountable.

Don’t solely rely on dating websites

Internet dating is not the be all and end all of establishing relationships. Always try to keep a balance between going online for this type of fun, and maintaining an active social life in the real world.

Beware of the troll!

Not everyone who has signed up to any website is an honest, decent individual. There will be trolls out there whose sole motivation is malice. The good news is you can always report antisocial activity to site administrators.

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