Top 10 Party Colleges In The United States

Let’s get ready to party as we explore colleges that are based in the United States. These colleges are rated by Fastweb for the year 2012 as the top ten party colleges in the United States. The list comes from a variety of public universities and does not include any private colleges in the United States. The top ten party colleges listed from ten to one are:

10. University of Texas located in Austin, TX

9. University of Florida located in Gainesville, FL

8. Florida State University located in Tallahassee, FL

7. Pennsylvania State University located in University Park, PA

6. West Virginia University located in Morgantown, WV

5. University of California located in Santa Barbara, CA

4. University of Iowa located in Iowa City, IA

3. University of Mississippi located in University, MS

2. University of Georgia located in Athens, GA

1. Ohio University located in Athens, OH

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Students may enjoy these party schools but parents shouldn’t have to worry that their students would necessarily fail to achieve a quality education as well. Students are still academically held for their performance and can experience even some harder exams then other colleges that are not on the top ten party list. These party colleges have some of the best academic facilities, as well as access to many different sororities and fraternity houses.

In the year 1804 Ohio University was established and currently to this day is considered to be also on the most beautiful campus list as well according to Fastweb.  Ohio University currently has an enrollment of over twenty-one thousand people and the campus is on 1,773 acres. Ohio University ironically was not the first in the top ten colleges in 2011, it was actually University of Georgia. Interesting enough these top two colleges share the same city name but are on opposite ends. Ohio University hosts well over thirty fraternities and sororities, including Greek life options as well and with the exception of students enrolled within a certain radius are mandated to complete six quarters of on campus living. Students will find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of clubs and organizations, which amounts to over 350.

The University of Georgia was established in 1785 with a student enrollment of over 26,000. The one thing that sets University of Georgia apart is its one of the first public, state supported college in the United States. Students that are interested in sports as well as enjoy celebrating one of the best sports teams on ESPN would really enjoy this college. This college has well over 600 student organizations and hosts over 60 Greek Chapters.

The University of Mississippi which rests on 2,500 acres was founded back in 1844. One of the things that would set this university apart would have to be its high cultural influence in the art scene, shopping, as well as plenty of restaurants for students to engage in. There is that cultural aspect that one would be influenced by the numerous activities this college has to offer. Amazingly this college boasts a 35 percent population of students involved with a fraternity or sorority. Students will enjoy shouting “Hotty Toddy!” from the stands as there watching their teams play.

University of Iowa boasts a beautiful campus that encompasses 1,880 acres and currently enrolls well over 21,000 students. The University of Iowa was founded in 1847 and students can enjoy the numerous 500 clubs and organizations available on this campus. This allows the students the ability to socialize and continue to enjoy the party lifestyle. Sports are one of the most major elements to the student lifestyle at this campus and many student partake in going to many games. Well your thinking sports might not be your cup of tea or you cannot find that special club or organization that makes you popular.  One can always attempt to become that 10 percent of members that goes Greek, out of nearly 40 sororities and fraternities available on the campus.  Here is one big warning for those whom smoke as this is not the ideal party campus for you as there is no smoking allowed anywhere on campus.

University of California is one of the newer public state institutions as it was founded in 1909. Although this campus features a measly 989 acres and is quite small there are over 18,000 enrolled students. Though one shouldn’t judge this college on size alone as it packs over 450 clubs and organizations. Located in beautiful Santa Barbara there is plenty of restaurants and night life that surrounds the campus. Students can opt in to enjoy the Greek community lifestyle and can navigate themselves around town with ease. There is plenty of concerts going on and lots of clubs for those students to enjoy when there not cracking open those heavy textbooks.

Those students who wish to enjoy the party life style, should consider these top ten colleges in the United States as there first choice. I would have to admit from the way these colleges sound, it makes me wish that I was there right now living that life. Education in the party life still is just as challenging if not more than any other university that a student would enroll in. These schools offer so much campus life and communities that can foster a lifetime of happy memories for you partiers.

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