Top 10 Mobile phone Brands

In his widely growing market of mobile phones, all the brands are busy to cover some significant role for generating a position in the market.

So, we are here presents the top ten mobile phone brands which serve the entire world with their highly responsive features and qualities. Here we will keep a look over the company origin, history, specialties and much more about the companies.

Let’s have a look over the top ten best mobile phone brands:

1.      Samsung

We all are must be familiar with the brand name Samsung. Samsung is a Korean company which was founded in 1938. The owner the company “Lee Byung-chull” wants to spread their company in every aspects of market. In 1983, Samsung has started designing mobile phone under the Samsung electronics unit. And from then and now, they are continually developing their quality, features, styles, and many more things. The increasing demand of mobile phone of better quality and features makes this company to hold the maximum market share in 2012. Samsung always tries for their customers to provide a great deal in mobile phone that’s why they are designing lot & lots of phone models with different qualities.

As for example, we can see the latest launch of Samsung that is ‘Samsung Galaxy S III’, the brand new phone which includes all the best features i.e. Android latest version, HD Camera, Large & highly responsive display, perfect interface, and many more features.

2.      Nokia

The second best and biggest mobile phone company is “Nokia”. This company was founded by Fredrik Idestam in 1965 in Finland. Nokia mainly deal in mobile phones. Nokia is the powerful company in mobile phone marketing with its revenue almost €38 billion.

Nokia design phones for all, as they provides phone in a cheap range as well as in high range too. If you are unable to buy a high range phone, even then you can use Nokia. Nokia especially runs over the platform of Symbian, java and Windows.

3.      Apple

Another great mobile phone company is ‘Apple’, which was founded by Steve Jobs in 1976 at California. You can say that the apple is the third largest brand which designs mobile phones after Samsung and Nokia. A revenue of $156 billion make it much powerful than any other company. We all know that apple is a well-known brand for its quality. It runs on “Apple iOS” platform.

Apple is not busy with mobile phones only; they are also designing lots of anther device such as, iPod, iPad, Mac Book, Apple TV and Software. And the all phones designed by Apple are called iPhones. Apple is not economical worthy; hence you need to spend lots money to by Apple.

4.      ZTE

The fourth best and powerful company with revenue $1081 million is ZTE. The ZTE is a china based company founded by Hou Weigui in 1985. ZTE has wide market especially in Australia, Germany, USA and Hong Kong. This company is trying hard to conquer the market of whole world, that’s why they are developing lots of phones with a regular interval in a cheap range. They provide the entire latest feature such that Android latest version, Best camera, perfect interface and many more features.

5.      LG

The fifth best mobile phone company is LG. LG is a Korean company founded in 1947 and seems as the second largest company of South Korea. You can also treat LG as the powerful company due to its revenue which is about $89 billion.  LG deals in Telecommunications, Electronics, Engineering and Chemicals.

LG always tries to provide all latest features in their phones. They always introduce new new phone models to keep their customer’s concentration. We all need the best phone in our range; So LG provides the best one.

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6.      Huawei

Huawei is another Telecommunication industry founded in 1988 by Ren Zhengfei. Huawei with more than $19 billion revenue tries to provide a latest quality in their phones. The interesting thing about this company is its cheap range with high quality. It always introduces a phone model which has all latest features but the range price is very much less as compared to another company phones.

7.      BlackBerry

The seventh company is BlackBerry known for its high responsive quality smartphones. The very first phone was released in the year 1999 and from then to now, it delivers hundreds of phone models to their customers. BlackBerry is a very reputed name in the mobile phone market. It runs only on its own platform called BlackBerry OS. There are many features in the blackberry phone which attracts you the most, like easy push mail option, BBM, and many more.

If you think that blackberry provides a cheap range phone then you are wrong here, it only provides smartphones, in short, you can say that the Blackberry phones were basically for business mans or the person who wants to spend money to get the blackberry brand.

8.      Motorola

Motorola is another company which deals in Mobile phones, smartphones, tablet computers, two way radio, networking system, cable TV system and Wireless Broadband networks. This company was founded in 1928. Motorola is an America based company and is very reputed in mobile phone companies list.

9.      Sony

Sony is a Japanese company founded in early 1946 by Masaru Ibuka. Earlier the telecommunication department of Sony designs mobile phones with collaboration of Ericsson. But few years back they got separated and Sony starts making phones by own. After separation Sony has especially concentrated on the needs of people about mobile phones. They launch their phone with high quality and with great features. Sony believes that if they provide a great collection of mobile phones then their customers will get a wide variety to choose according to their need. That’s the reason behind why they are launching so many phone after separating from Ericsson. Sony is powerful company in the mobile phone manufacturing industry.

10.  HTC

HTC is a Chinese company which offers brilliant quality and hence known for their quality. HTC was founded by Cher Wang in 1997. Initially this company designs only Windows Platform phones but since 2009 they are manufacturing Android phones too. HTC offers only smartphones as mobile phones. HTC is powerful name of the mobile market with revenue of $10 billion (approx.).

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