Top 10 Fastest Super Cars Ever Made

Bugatti Veyron: It’s an aero-engineering artwork on four wheels. A space frame that’s exclusively built by an aerospace company, a 16 Cylinder engine that gives an output of 1000 horsepower (3100 to be precise, 1/3rd of the engine’s power is dissipated as heat), the Veyron is nothing short of a masterpiece. It vrooms to 100kmph and back to 0 in under 4 seconds. The Veyron has a top speed of about 267 mph, the Grand sport version. And it’s only a few lucky people, 300 approximately, who will be able to own this completely hand- built machine at starting prices of around $1,800,000.

Lamborghini Aventador

This beauty takes nothing more than 3.0 seconds to reach speeds of 60 mph. It’s got a 12 cylinder power packed motor with twin turbochargers. With an astonishing 700 horsepower and a top speed of 220 mph, Lamborghini also offers you some killer glares with special treatment with its LED headlamps. Aventador is named after a bull that entered Sargossa’s Arena in 1993.  Aventador has been the fastest Lamborghini ever built. Apart from the others, the car’s also stealing the spotlight after being featured on EA Games’ Need For Speed -Most Wanted 2012 edition.


Hennessey Venom GT

This Lotus Elise look alike is priced at above $900,000, with an engine that pulls out about 1210 horsepower with 8 cylinders in line. Rumor has it, this little monster is said to cross speeds of over 270 mph and it’s the fastest ever. Seems the Veyron Super Sport got its closest competitor. Venom is still in its rounds of testing, so nothing yet can be confirmed of its production processes and availability.


Aston Martin One-77

This is a pure elemental beauty and sheer power, all cast into one sports car. It boasts of a 12 cylinder engine, 800 horsepower output . Its chassis is completely made of carbon fiber and the body is entirely hand crafted. This car’s production is limited to 77 units, which derives its name, the one-77. It’s crosses the speed with an impressive 220 mph and is priced heavily at $1,800,000, so that only real privileged people get to own this masterpiece.


McLaren F1

It comes fitted with a 12 cylinder BMW engine, 630 horsepower output and an amazing 240 mph top speed hit, which is almost unimaginable with the remaining of its specs. What actually works out for the car is, it’s wonderful aerodynamics and some weight management sessions with McLaren engineers. This was one of the first cars to sport a wing- inspired doors were the fastest of its times, too. Only 106 units of the car were manufactured, till 1998. The car had then got a price tag of about $997,000, which if you negotiate today, you may get it for around $1,500,000, that too from a guy who already used it.


Koenigsegg Agera

This monster is a V8, 5 liter engine housing a twin turbo gushing out a massive 1100 bhp out of its heart. It does a 0-60 under 2.9 seconds. With a base price of around $1,650,000, this car revs its way to a top speed of about 260 miles an hour. Theoretically, it’s supposed to cross 270’s, but the car has been tested only till 260. This car, along with the Venom GT, are the ones who will shun Veyron of its fame.


Koenigsegg CCX

Another speed demon from Koenigsegg, this one’s only four of its kind, in the whole world, that’s how exclusive it is. Two of them have been featured in the movie, Fast Five , a sequel of the Fast and the Furious. It does a 0-60 miles per hour in about 3.2 seconds, along with a top speed of about 250 mph, a V8 engine that gives out more than 810 horsepower. This car is fully hand crafted, made in Sweden, and comes at a base price of around $550,000.


Zenvo ST 1

Equipped with a twin turbocharged 7.0 liter  8 cylinder engine, the core of this monster delivers over a 1100 horsepower. It’s the first from Danish sports car company Zenvo’s shed. The company promises perfection at it’s peak, and even promises its engineers at your doorstep, to keep your car up to the mark. Also, the handmade Danish beauty is limited to a production of only 15 of its kind, priced at around $1,300,000.


Pagani Zonda Roadster

How could we ever forget this car in our list. The Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster is extremely limited edition, to only 5 of its kind ever made. It houses a 12 cylinder twin turbo charged engine from AMG, that produces 680 horsepower for the pull of 0-60 miles per hour in just 3.3 seconds. If you ever decide to buy yourself a beauty like this, it’s gonna cost you about $1,850,000.


SSC Ultimate Aero

Named for it’s extraordinary aerodynamics engineering, ultimate aero has been awarded the fastest supercar for the period March 2007-2010. It contains inside, a twin turbocharged 8 cylinder beast, with an aggressive output of 1185 horsepower. It boasted of a top speed of 240 miles an hour, with 860 NM of torque at 5800 RPM. Several body parts of the car were made with titanium, to limit it’s kerb weight. It comes at a hefty price tag of around $700,000.

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