Top 10 Companies That Made Themselves Count !


This Korean Giant manufactures everything from home appliances, IT equipment, smart phones, budget mobile phones and the list goes on. Samsung has been rated number 1 in the Information Technology business, as per its revenues in 2011. It’s the largest exporter of LED and LCD displays around the world. And to keep a note, Samsung is not only a mere electronics company, but now it also has its share in the construction business in India and several other countries. In Recent times, Samsung also attained huge success in the smart phone business and now the Korean electronics Giant has Apple Inc. as its closest rival.


Apple Inc.

There’s no chance you have never come across this name. Well, it’s part of your diet! J. Apple computer, Inc is a fortune 500 company, valued at around over $120 billion moolah. Apple products have been a benchmark for every other premium product in their respective categories. Apple’s visionary Co-founder, late Steve Jobs, started Apple computer in 1976 and brought it all this far. Apple was the first to bring in the portable music player, iPod in the market, and now it rules the mobile market with iPad and iPhone.


SONY Corporation

Sony is a Japanese electronics giant, part of the fortune 500 league, ranked 87Th. Sony is a pioneer in breakthrough BRAVIA® engine technology, used in various Sony devices including Smart phones and of course, television panels. Sony is also proficient in audio equipment and Sony’s audio devices like portable mp3 players and other sound devices like headphones, speakers have been in a demand for quite some time. Recently Sony ended its alliance with telecom company Ericsson in their joint venture Sony Ericsson and Sony bought Ericsson’s stake in the company. I must say Sony is doing pretty well without Ericsson and is setting trends in the smartphone industry as well.



LG corporation is the South Korean electronics company ranked second best of its kind after Samsung. LG is all the very same as Samsung, but extends its product range to a bit more than the Samsung. LG has been loosing its battle in terms of product marketing and the revenues of the company seem to be falling. Nevertheless,  LG is known for it’s excellent product life and better after sales experience. LG also launched some stunning 3D LED televisions this year, awarded with frameless and astonishingly thin design.


I know Intel doesn’t manufacture all those goods the above mentioned companies offer, but in its category, Intel is bound to be mentioned. Intel is the largest manufacturer of Circuit boards, after ARM, a company that manufactures processors for mobile devices. Intel is so advanced, computers using Intel processing units are used in NASA’s Space shuttles. Even the world’s fastest supercomputers, they work with a bunch of Intel Xeon processors together, able to make over 100 billion calculations in a fraction of a second. Intel rules the motherboards and processing unit market with around 87% share against the rivals like AMD, MSI and Qualcomm.



Sharp started for the first time in the market with some CRT televisions, but gradually Sharp moved away from the consumer goods segment. Sharp now manufactures industrial kind of stuff, like I discovered the signal decoding unit on my Dish antenna was from Sharp. Sharp still manufactures projectors, industrial printing and display solutions and is pretty good at those things. Sharp recently now started selling Smart phones but hardly did create any ripples in the market. Sharp is known to be the fourth largest company to manufacture displays after Sony, Samsung and LG.



Philips is best known for its televisions. Philips is a pure consumer electronics company, listed on the fortune 500 team. It employs around 150,000 people around 60 countries of the globe. Started in 1891 by Gerard Philip. In the olden era, Philips made radios and then expanded to what we see today.Philips also invented the stirling engine, a low power generator, at the time the company was going through bankruptcy.  Philips is today estimated  to a net worth of around $14 billion, but as an enterprise, Philips is of countless value because of its trust , quality and mode of business.



Toshiba was ranked among the top 5 Personal computer manufacturers in 2010. Toshiba is a consumer electronics company based in Japan. It was founded in 1939 Tanaka Hisashige. Toshiba wasn’t an electronics company when founded, was a mechanic/machinery company named Shibaura Engineering works, which was later changed to Tokyo Shibaura Denki, shortened to Toshiba in1978. Toshiba was the first to manufacture TAC computer, the radar and the microwave oven, MRI unit, and the most notable one, Toshiba was the first ever to create a laptop computer. Toshiba was also successful I inventing NAND-EEP ROM for computers.


Hewlett Packard (HP)

HP is a fortune 500 Information Technology company, based in California. HP was founded by two people William Hewlett and Dave Packard, in a garage. HP is now the world’s leading PC manufacturer, provided software and other IT solution for mid size and large businesses. The company is currently valued at over $40 billion and was ranked 9Th among the Fortune 500 companies in 2010.



Panasonic is a Japan based electronics company, valued at around ¥2.03 trillionPanasonic was earlier known by the name Matsushita Electrical Co., since it was founded in 1918 by   Konosuke Matsushita. The company used to distribute Hi-fidelity audio equipment along with a firm named Technics, which became a global hit. Now the company manufactures consumer electronics ranging from Air conditioners, Cookers, Televisions, Digital cameras and much more.

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