Top 10 Christian Songs of All Time

If you listen to Christian music, or are currently looking for some great Christian music to listen to, welcome to the right spot. Below is a list of the top 10 Christian songs and a little description of them to help you get to know whether any of these songs are for you.

From contemporary to folk to alternative, you’ll like the songs you see on the list. The descriptions are particularly pertaining to the lyrics and content of the songs, so you know the message that you’ll be listening to. Why did we do this instead of talk about the sound? Because that’s not what Christian music is about! When listening to Christian music, you’ll want to be sure that you’re listening to the message you want, so read through the following songs and descriptions and see if any of these songs have the right message for you!

1. Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns

Written by Mark Hall and Steven Curtis Chapman, Voice of Truth hit the number one spot on several charts. It uses Biblical stories, like that of David and Goliath, Peter walking on water, etc, and was featured in the trailer of 2006 movie Facing the Giants.

2. Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music by Larry Norman

Larry Norman gives his reason for making good Christian music in this great song. He also somewhat defends the styles of other music, claiming that “there’s nothing wrong with playing blues licks” and “I know what’s right, I know what’s wrong, I don’t confuse it”. This is a favorite of many, so be sure to check it out.

3. By Your Side by Tenth Avenue North

Tenth Avenue North delivers a great song not directly referencing religion but simply delivering what God would say. It’s a great song about love, support, and other themes of Christianity that Christians love to hear in music, rather than the Devil’s music that Larry Norman was singing about.

4. Sunshine by Jukebox Wagon

Jukebox Wagon has broken up since this song, but that doesn’t make the oldie any less of a goody. The Christian Folk band put together a fantastic and heartbreaking melody full of lyricism about not judging and making it through struggles of life. The chorus is sung from the perspective of Jesus, and the song is simply beautiful.

5. Beautiful One by Jeremy Camp

Jeremy Camp gives his praise to the beautiful one, God, in this piece. A favorite of several Christians who are simply feel grateful for the miracles of their lives, be sure to listen to this when up or down. It can also remind you of why you should be grateful when you’re not feeling so good about your life and the happenings in it.

6. Give Me Your Eyes by Brandon Heath

This is a great song by Brandon Heath asking God for his eyes so he can have God’s “love for humanity”. It’s an excellent song in times when you feel as though it’s difficult for you to forgive someone, or maybe seeing a tear in your nation, such as the political conflict that’s sweeping the U.S. over Romney vs. Obama for president.

7. How You Live by Point of Grace

Another song by Point of Grace about being grateful and marinating in the good in your life, this song is simply fantastic. Point of Grace gives a message to care for how you live and live like you love your life. “Kiss all your children and dance with your wife”. It made number 7 on the list because people simply need to hear it. Remind yourself to live like you’re thankful, instead of just being thankful on the Thanksgiving holiday.

8. Shout to The North by Chris Tomlin

A song of contemporary lyrics, Chris Tomlin simply calls for all Christians to shout up praise and thanks for Lord God.

9. Everything That Has Breath By Parachute Band

Another great song of praise by Parachute Band, telling everything that has breath to praise God for thanks.

10. Ba, Ba, Ba, Ba by The 77’s

This is a pretty awesome alternative Christian song by The 77’s, claiming belief through a life that can bring you down. This song is not so contemporary like the rest of the songs on this list, but it does deliver a Christian message of believing, having faith and having hope during dire times when it’s difficult to do all of the above.

Be sure to check out these songs. You can find them all on YouTube if you’d like to listen before you buy. Regardless, if you do buy before listening you can’t go wrong, because all of the songs are beautiful with equally beautiful Christian messages about our Lord Christ. Happy Listening!

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