Top 10 Bearded Actors

I love a man with a beard so it should come as no surprise that I love bearded actors. This was a surprisingly hard list to do for a few reasons. The biggest was probably the fact that most actors have worn a beard at one time or another so narrowing it down to ten was difficult. I tried to stick with bearded actors who are bearded most of the time. For that reason Leonardo DiCaprio, Jake Gyllenhaal, Johnny Depp and Jason Bateman didn’t make the cut even though they’ve all sported significantly awesome beards at one point or another – especially Bateman whose beard you can see above. I also didn’t include Joaquin Phoenix because, as far as I can tell, the epic beard he was sporting for a while was for a movie role. Or was perhaps part of an on camera mental breakdown. In either event, it wasn’t typical so it didn’t make the list. So now that that’s all been said, let’s dive into our list of the top 10 bearded actors in Hollywood.

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10: Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is one of the few men I think looks infinitely better without a beard yet he often seems to be sporting one all the same. Keanu has such gorgeous bone structure and the beard takes away from that. I’m also not a big fan of how Keanu’s beard grows. It looks patchy and messy and that’s just not often a good look on a guy. Lighter haired guys can sometimes pull off the patchy beard because it doesn’t look as noticeable but Keanu’s super dark hair really makes the patchiness look more dramatic which just isn’t a good look on the guy.

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09: Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck looks great with a beard and coming from me, that’s really saying a lot considering I’ve never found Ben Affleck attractive. Ben always had a baby face and the beard gives him a more mature, more distinguished look that really works for him. I never took Ben all that seriously but, as sad as this may be, the beard really changes that. I’m not sure why, but to me, the beard just makes Ben look more grown up and more respectable. Other guys start rocking a beard and it has the exact opposite effect. I really hope the beard sticks around or at least makes the occasional comeback. I’m a big fan.

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08: Jack Black

I don’t like Jack Black. I don’t like Jack Black at all. I find everything about him incredibly annoying – everything except that beard, of course. I’ve never found Jack attractive in any conceivable sense of the word but I thought he improved his looks by a mile when he started sporting that beard. Now I have to be fair to Jack. There have been times that I’ve loathed him a little less. His less over the top roles (Margot at the Wedding, for example) are surprisingly good. I may not like the guy but I have to give credit where credit is due. When he tries a more subtle approach at his craft, he really shows his skill.

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07: Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo almost didn’t make this list. It was between Mark and Robert Pattinson but I chose Mark and I stand by that decision. Robert often wears a beard, sure – perhaps even more often than Mark – but when Mark chooses to rock a beard, he just rocks the heck out of it. It’s worth noting though that I might be a little bias here. I love Mark Ruffalo in ways I can’t describe. While I like Rob as well, Mark is everything I fantasize about in a man. He’s good looking, talented and he isn’t afraid to stand up for what he feels is right. To me, there’s nothing sexier than a man with a brain and Mark is definitely that.

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06: Russell Brand

I can’t imagine Russell Brand without a beard. Russell’s beard just suits him so well. I know there are a whole lot of women out there who don’t really find Russell all that attractive but I am not one of those women. I think a big part of Russell’s appeal is his unwillingness to change to fit in with the Hollywood crowd and the beard is definitely a part of that. While more and more actors and musicians are starting to sport beards, Russell still stands out. His beard is part of his image and it’s a part of his image I love.

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05: Jeff Bridges

I think Jeff Bridges is a sexy beast. I’m sure there are ladies out there who would disagree with me but I couldn’t care less. There’s just something about him that I find ridiculously attractive and I absolutely could not do an article about bearded actors without including Jeff. I like the fact that Jeff lets the grey in his beard show. There are a lot of men in the entertainment industry that are far too vain for that. There is nothing typical about Jeff Bridges or his beard and that’s a big part of the reason I love him so much.

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04: Christian Bale

First, I adore Christian Bale. Does he have a few issues with his temper? Sure, but man can the guy act. I have never seen him in a movie I didn’t think he was absolutely incredible in. One of my favorite things about Bale is his complete lack of interest in playing the Hollywood game. Sure he does the big blockbuster films like Batman and Terminator but he does just as many lower budget flicks like my personal favorites, The Machinist, I’m Not There and The Fighter. When he showed up at the Academy Awards sporting a full bushy beard and longer locks, I fell in love with the man just a little bit more.

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03: Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt made it to number two on this list simply for the variety of beards he’s rocked over the years. While some of his bearded looks have left me scratching my head, for the most part I’d say Brad is one of the bearded actors who pulls off the look best. The beard Brad sported in the photo above is probably one of my least favorite beards Brad has worn but there have definitely been some real winners. Brad’s good pal, George Clooney also likes to wear a nice beard every now but he doesn’t wear one quite as often as Brad which is why Brad made the list and Mr. Clooney didn’t.

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02: Zach Galifianakis

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny Zach Galifianakis has one of the most recognizable beards in Hollywood. Personally, I go back and forth on Zach. Sometimes I think he’s fantastic. Other times I think he’s too over the top. However I feel about Zach on any given day though, I always have serious love for that beard. It’s wild and untamed, just like Zach is known to be. For that reason alone, I hope Zach never gets rid of it.

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01: Chuck Norris

You know what’s weird? The first draft of this article did not include a single mention of Chuck Norris. I’m not sure how I could conceive of an article about bearded actors without mentioning one of the most famous beards ever worn by an actor. This beard is the stuff of legend, much like Chuck himself. I may disagree with Chuck’s stance on pretty much everything but I just can’t argue with that beard. So yes, Chuck went from not being on the list at all to landing at the number one spot. I don’t think there was a better place on the list for him though.

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