Top 10 Affiliate Programs

Now a day, affiliate marketing became the best and the easiest way to earn money online. You can do this affiliate marketing by your own blog or website. You can also use social networking site for affiliate marketing.

Now, what is this affiliate marketing and how it works?

Affiliate marketing is a type of business in which you need to promote the products shown on affiliate programs. This kind of marketing can be done via blog, small websites or social networking sites. Affiliate programs will pay you commission if there is any action performed by third party via your affiliate link.

In short, it can be understood by the following example. If you will promote a product such that a mobile phone from the definite affiliate program, and if anyone buys that product via your promoted link, then you will get commission money for that sale of product given by your affiliate network.

The best part of this business is you will not have to pay a single penny for starting and earning money. You just need to promote that product as much you can to increase the chance of action via your affiliate link. The more action via your link, the more you will earn.

The biggest problem before starting this type of business is choosing a perfect affiliate programs. Here we are discussing some of the best affiliate programs available today.

Let’s have a look over each program and there offers:

1.      LinkShare

The best affiliate network is LinkShare. This network is the largest affiliate program which has more than ten million affiliate partnerships. It offers you more than 2500 affiliate programs. LinkShare is listed as the top affiliate network in the year 2012 by “blue book”.

2.      Commission Junction

Commission junction is listed as the second best affiliate network but mostly popular in North America. This affiliate network claims to be the best mediator between the merchants, the network, and the affiliates. Commission Junction is California based affiliate network which is owned by ValueClick. Company pays their affiliates on Pay per Action basic and ensures that affiliates would get their commission for each successful promotion.

3.      ShareAsale

The third best affiliate network in the list is ShareASale. This is a Chicago based company. ShareAsale is well known for its overall best performance in this field. This affiliate network has more than 2500 merchant programs.

4.      Amazon Associates

Another large affiliate network and listed at the fourth position in the list. As most of you knows that is the prestigious name for online shopping category. It also offers an affiliate program for any third party who wants to do affiliate business. Affiliates can promote products and earn commission on each sale. It has a wide range of product to choose what to promote. Pic any product from the program and promote, If any sale via your affiliate link then you will get immediate commission for that product.

5.      Google Affiliate Networks

The fifth best affiliate network is Google Affiliate Network. This network generally works on promoting products, websites, companies and many more. An affiliate must have an account on Google AdSense. When you register your blog or websites with this Google AdSense, you receive lots of ads for your blog or websites. Then if anyone clicks on those ads via your blog or website then you will get some commission for that click. In short, you can say that Google offers Pay per click or pay per action, which means the more click on ads (by any third party), the more you will earn.

But the term and criteria of Google AdSense is quite lengthy, so it may feel somehow uncomfortable to do with. Rather than this, Google AdSense is the no. 1 affiliate network which offers pay per action.

6.      ClixGalore

The sixth most usefull affiliate network is ClixGalore. Basically this is an Australian based network but also offers their program in United States, United Kingdom and Japan. ClixGalore run lots of programs which includes pay per action, pay per sale, pay per lead, pay per impression and pay per click. This clixGalore also run an another plan which include a referring programs. If you refer an affiliate to the ClixGalore then you will get some commission on their earnings too.


The seventh best affiliate netwrok system is It works on pay per action plan. PeerFly offers a great platform for affiliates to earn something extra for promotion. The interesting thing about PeerFly is it offers thousands of affiliate programs and accepts publishers from worldwide.

8.      ClickBank

The eighth best affiliate network is ClickBank. This affiliate network is widely known for its digital product such that software’s, e-book etc. Sometimes it offers 75% of commission on each sale. Affiliates will get their commission on weekly basis.

9.      MaxBounty

MaxBounty is another great affiliate network which offers great deals for their affiliates. This business was founded in 2004 on the philosophy of paying more to their affiliates. `This company has a good reputation in affiliate world and paid their affiliates on weekly basis. Peoples liked the service of MaxBounty in past several years.


The last but not the least affiliate network in the list is This network offers a pay per action plan. Not only this, you will get paid for lead, download, and sale via your affiliate links. It pays you even for referring other means if anyone joins this program from your referral link then you will pay for this.

These were the top 10 best affiliate network which pays you for promotion.

At the End:

Finally, we can say that these were the best affiliate’s network. You will get paid for each transaction made by customers. In short, you don’t have to suffer a lot for earning. You just need to do only one thing, promote, promote and promote. The more you will promote any product or any service, the more chance to earn.

But before starting this business, you make sure that you need to work hard to become a successful affiliate.

Overall, you can start your business by joining any of the mentioned networks.

And please share your each experience here.

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