Tips for Creating a Unique Kids Birthday Party

An upcoming kids birthday can bring excitement and anticipation – if you’re the kid- but it can also bring stress – if you’re the mom! Making a kids birthday party unique is easier than you think. Nobody needs a live unicorn at their kids’ next party, but kids are expecting more than just cake and ice cream and a video. Here are a few creative ideas using balloon accessories, costume trunks and DSiY activities to make your kids birthday parties fun and memorable.


Don’t just send an invitation, send each kid their invitations inside balloon boxes! A balloon box is a paper box with a helium-filled balloon tethered inside. Imagine the look on the kids’ faces when they find a brightly coloured box on their doorstep with their name on it. Of course, they’ll be curious about what’s inside and eagerly open them to find a helium balloon – and an invitation to your party.

Pro tip: buy an extra-large balloon box and add a few extras in addition to the balloon and invitation itself. Let your child pick out party favours and include them in the balloon gift boxes.

Find a variety of balloon gift boxes wholesale uk in a variety of exciting colours at Let your child pick his or her favourite colour… after all, it’s their party.


Parties are special, but adding costumes into the mix makes everything even more exciting. Kids love dressing up and imagining themselves as their favourite princesses, superheroes… or superhero princesses! Costumes turn an ordinary birthday into a truly special event that lets the imagination run wild. Here’s what you do:

  • Pick a theme for the party, princesses, superheroes, cowboys, ninjas, pirates, or sports stars
  • Stock up on wholesale accessories, hats, fancy dress costumes and place them in a trunk at the door
  • As kids arrive, surprise the kids with the costume trunk and invite each child to pick a costume that suits them

Pro tip: Set up a simple backdrop and have kids pose for photos in their costumes. Send photos to the parents.


Plan an arts and crafts project for the party, and have the children take home their creation. It’s an activity and parting gift in one fell swoop! There are endless possibilities, depending on your child’s age and interests: picture frame painting, jewellery making, candy moulds, tie-dyed shirts or pillowcases, fairy wings, DIY silly slime or a cooking lesson where the children bring home a treat for the whole family.

Wrap Up

Birthdays only come around once a year and every parent wants their kids birthday party to be extra special. Planning your kids birthday parties doesn’t have to be complicated. Your first step is to buy a bunch of balloon accessories wholesale, so you will always be ready for fun. Using wholesale balloon boxes to send an invitation is a unique way to build excitement for the party. Once the kids arrive, give them a chance to dig around a trunk of costume accessories and dress up to suit their mood and give the kids a hands-on activity to keep them busy. A unique birthday is easier than you think.


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