These are the Top 5 US Destinations for Families at Christmas

Come Christmas season and it is time for merriment, for gifting, for fun and frolic, and of course, spending quality time with family. Now, doing so at home may not be everyone’s first choice.

That is the reason, in this article; we have compiled the top 5 US destinations which you can visit with your family, come Christmas time. Once you get to these places, you will see for yourself the reason(s) for which we recommend these places so highly during Christmas!

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

This is an enchanting mountain resort in the state of Wyoming (Never knew such a state existed? Well, now you do!). The charm here is the expansive space available to you that come winter time, is literally Snow White! So if you’ve got skis as Christmas presents, this would be an ideal destination to try them out straightaway! Also, there’s a ton of winter treats available here, be it warm marshmallows, hot chocolate, and more.

So once here with your family, you will definitely cherish your time to the hilt!

McAdenville aka Christmas Town USA, North Carolina

This is a quaint little town just outside of Charlotte city, which takes on a whole new avatar come Christmas time, including a rechristening of its name from McAdenville to Christmas Town USA. With the entire town in the midst of Christmas festivities, enjoying Christmas here with your family is an experience you will truly relish.

Remember that Christmas lights actually get lit well in advance, usually on the last day of November. Therefore, you can land in Christmas Town USA well before Christmas day and still be privy to the vibrant, fun-filled atmosphere in town. Also, there’s free kettle corn and hot chocolate for visitors – at least the first 1,000 of them, if you still needed convincing to make McAdenville, aka Christmas Town USA your Christmas family destination in the USA!

Chicago, Illinois

Among major US cities, Chicago definitely makes for an excellent family destination during Christmas – there’s so much to see and experience, all over town! Yes, it does get biting cold, especially with the icy wind blowing (this is ‘Windy City’ remember?!) yet in an odd way, that has a charm of its own.

Once in Chicago, we highly recommend going out to markets like Christkindlmarket (German Christmas market) where you will find treats galore as well as a whole host of fun activities to indulge yourself in. Moreover, Chicago’s giant Christmas tree well and truly lives up to its larger-than-life reference, given its enormous stature. Finally, a stroll along the Magnificent Mile with family is just what you would want to do, to enjoy all the Christmas lights adorning the area!

Enjoy Christmas in the USA Visa-Free with the ESTA Visa Waiver Program

As an international traveler to the US from some select countries, you have the privilege of visiting for Christmas without having to worry about obtaining a visa in advance. Instead all you need is a US ESTA or Electronic System for Travel Authorization. In that regard, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection has put together a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about ESTA and the Visa Waiver Program which you are likely to find tremendously useful.

As an ESTA check we can confirm that the application requires a mere $14 payment.

There are some other conditions which you need to fulfill as part of this ESTA check process, which include:

  • You must belong to one of the VWP or Visa Program Waiver countries, whether as a citizen or an eligible national.
  • Your trip should be 3 months (more precisely 90 days) or less.
  • You should not hold a Visitor’s Visa already.
  • Your purpose of traveling to the United States should center either round pleasure or business.

If you know you fulfill all these conditions, and wish to travel to the USA for Christmas, then without further ado, go ahead and apply for your US ESTA.

Washington D.C.

What better way for a visitor spending Christmas in the US, than to do so in the nation’s capital? After all, Christmas has a distinctly unique flavor in Washington D.C. This is especially true due to the presence of the National Christmas Tree in the city, the only one of its kind in the country, located just south of the White House.

While in Washington D.C., we would recommend seeing the US Capitol Christmas tree and also visiting the city’s Downtown Holiday Market.

New York City

The Big Apple is certainly one of the BEST locations for enjoying Christmas with family in the US. Firstly, as an international traveler especially, getting (or already being!) here would be quite easy. Beyond that, it is really about the vibrant hues all around you – pretty much everywhere that you look, which makes New York City so special during Christmas.

The spots we especially recommend visiting include Central Park, Rockefeller Center, and Dyker Heights in Brooklyn for some truly fascinating holiday décor.


Clearly, the US has some magical places to visit during Christmas, with US ESTA making it especially easy for international visitors from select countries to come and experience the festivities firsthand.

Of course, don’t forget to ESTA check your eligibility before planning your trip!

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