The Top 5 Wedding Favour Themes

To show your appreciation for those who are celebrating your special day with you, wedding favours are a great way to say thank you to each one of your guests. For a memorable wedding bomboniere that your guests will appreciate, consider matching your wedding favours and party decorations to your overall wedding theme. Keep reading to find out the top five wedding favour themes.wedding_favours

Beach Wedding Bombonieres

A summer beach wedding theme is always popular and there are many beach-themed wedding bomboniere and party decorations to choose from. From nautical patterns to ocean blues and greens, you can find summery wedding favours that reflect your beach wedding day. For your relaxed and informal barefoot wedding on the sand, you may like to consider some personalised flip-flop thongs, or for a classic and upmarket yacht club wedding overlooking the ocean, you can offer your guests a beautiful coral-topped bottle stopper or photo holder. The best way to find the perfect beach wedding bomboniere is to choose something that reflects you as a couple.

Vintage-Themed Wedding Bombonieres

Vintage-themed weddings are very popular. The elegance and sophistication of a vintage-themed wedding can be visually stunning even if done in simple classic fashion. To complement your vintage-themed wedding, consider a wedding bomboniere in soft pastel colours and lace that offers old world charm. Beautiful beaded or baroque photo frames make great placement cards that any guest will be more than happy to take home as a memento. Soaps or bath salts wrapped in damask and filigree designs make beautiful table decorations and smell beautiful. For something quite unique, disposable replica vintage cameras are a popular gift any guest will love using to capture lasting images of your special day.

Nature-Themed Wedding Bombonieres

Wedding bomboniere and party decorations to reflect your nature-themed wedding can include butterflies, birds or cherry blossoms. The great thing about a nature them is that it can be seasonal to reflect the time of year you choose to get married. From a snowy winter wonderland wedding theme to a blooming, spring theme filled with new blossoms and new life, nature-themed party decorations and favours can be as simple or as extravagant as you like. You can even take an eco-friendly approach to your nature wedding by giving guests a potted plant or miniature herb garden to take home. Or you may like to reduce your carbon footprint and decorate with recycled paper and natural products.

Fairytale Wedding Bombonieres

For the princess out there who wants to let everyone know she is marrying her prince charming, go for a fairytale-themed wedding and choose wedding bomboniere and party decorations to create a magical and whimsical day. Choose something feminine and romantic to give to your guests, such as anything French inspired. Lavender-scented candy, tiara and crown place card holders, or silver Eiffel Tower paperweights not only make for memorable wedding favours, but also decorate a table beautifully. You may like to create a specific fairytale story, such as Cinderella or Alice in Wonderland, or you can simply create a magical fantasy fairytale wedding with your own unique storyline.

Floral Wedding Bombonieres

A floral wedding theme is usually filled with bright vibrant colours, incorporating a wide range of different flowers. When it comes to party decorations for this type of wedding theme think flowers, springtime, and nature. You can’t really go overboard with floral decorations. Whether you choose a multi-coloured palette or go for classic red and white, your wedding favours can reflect your chosen floral wedding theme. Begin with colourful glass vases, brocade boxes, or flowered candy, and from there, add any combination of pearls, crystals, or coloured beads to your floral items.

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