The Most Exotic Home Pet Breeds

When it comes to pets, most people get cats, dogs, parrots, or different kinds of rodents. However, some people want to stand out from the rest and show off with an exotic animal they own. If you decide to become a lucky owner of an unusual pet, it is worth carefully studying this question and assess how much you are ready for such a step. Every exotic breed has its peculiarities and features you should consider. Sometimes it can be hard to domesticate an animal and make it meet your requirements. Besides, one should pay attention to the most common diseases the chosen breed is prone to. It may happen that you will have to constantly monitor their diet and study dog food reviews or alike things to stay on guard. And, of course, if you have kids, you should make sure your potential family member will get along with children.

Fennec fox

It is a cute fluffy creature, playful and friendly. It quickly gets attached to the owner and does not show aggression. Its distinguishing feature is huge ears and round smart eyes.

In nature, this fox eats small animals, insects, leaves and roots and gets moisture from plants. If you decide to get such a pet, you can feed it like a cat or a dog with the addition of plant foods. It can be a challenge to teach the fox to use the litter box, so you will need a lot of patience.

This breed lives in the hot sands of Africa, so you can walk it only in warm weather. Despite the thick fur, the animal likes to bask in the sun, and it freezes and can get sick at temperatures below +20 degrees.

If you are going outside, you should keep it on a leash, in a cage or aviary. Unattended, the fox may decide to escape and dig a hole up to six meters. 

Bengal cat

The beautiful Bengal cat is a truly exotic pet. The wonderful coat pattern makes it look like a small leopard, but that’s where the resemblance ends. You don’t need to treat Bengal cats differently than other cats, but it is worth studying unbiased cat food reviews to provide your pet with a decent diet. Adult Bengal cats can weigh about 7-9 kilos with proper nutrition. The fur is of medium length, and it does not tangle and always looks noble and gorgeous. Be sure to install a scratching post for this exotic cat. In general, Bengal cats are surprisingly affectionate, friendly and playful. They are happy to make friends with people, other cats and dogs.


All these cute video clips on YouTube make people believe that racoons are suitable options as a home pet. Well, they are very friendly and love patting. Nonetheless, they are stubborn and capricious, so you should be ready for various challenges. You can try to train the animal, but you should do it tactfully. The thing is the racoons are very smart. So, if you shout at them, they can get offended and take revenge. And one more thing you should be aware of, this exotic home pet breed is very jealous.

The list of its peculiarities can include curiosity and courage because they can easily climb onto the curtain or decide to visit your neighbors. They like everything to be clean, so if they see water and something near it, they will wash it whether it is your socks or smartphone. If raccoons feel bored, they can become naughty. If you decide to get a raccoon, you should be ready to devote all your time to it since it requires attention like a small child.


Lorises are very smart and cute creatures, and they can figure out how to open the door of the cage. These lemurs are slow and do not like to move quickly. They perfectly adapt to new conditions, become attached to the owner and get along well with other animals. They are also curious, calm, neat and playful, but very touchy. Lorises are nocturnal animals. In the evening, they are active, hunt at night, and fall asleep with the first rays of the sun. They do not like bright light and prefer twilight.

Lemurs don’t tolerate drafts and cold, so you need to monitor the climate in the apartment if you decide to get such a pet. It is worth choosing a high cage for this animal since it likes to climb and make sure it is well locked so that your pet cannot open it. You need to feed the lemur in the late afternoon. They love treats like boiled rice, wheat porridge, boiled eggs, herbs, fruits, and vegetables.


In Hollywood cartoons, the skunk is usually the most unsympathetic character, but many people get them as a pet. They are more active at night, so if you do not want your pet to wake you up, do not leave the door to your room open. The skunk will find a way to entertain itself if you provide it with toys. These animals get along with children and do not show aggression towards other pets. You should walk the skunk on a leash and spend a lot of time with it because it loves to play and can even be taught to commands. By the way, skunks will neither destroy your furniture nor make a mess in your apartment.

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