The Best of the Ancient Aliens Meme

I have a confession. I’m not really much for memes. Some of them are decent enough but for the most part, I find them terribly overdone. They’re everywhere for a few weeks and then they disappear into internet oblivion, forgotten about almost entirely as soon as something new comes along. For me, the ancient aliens meme was an exception. It’s a little played out now, sure, but at its height, it was pretty amusing. I can’t really explain what it was about this particular meme that amused me so much although I do have a hunch. See, everything time something weird happens in my life – and an abnormal amount of weird stuff happens in my life – I’ve always attributed it to one of two things: aliens or magic. For that reason, this meme really played well for me. I can’t even tell you how many times this meme was posted to my Facebook wall for that exact reason.

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So what is the ancient aliens meme all about? Well, like most memes, the story behind it isn’t all that complicated. The meme began when someone took a screen grab of Giorgio A. Tsoukalos’ appearance on the History Channel’s pseudo-documentary series, Ancient Aliens. The combination of his strange facial expression, the hand gesture and the wild hair made this screen grab perfect for a little meme fun. The meme went viral in no time and before long, we were all laughing at Tsoukalos saying as the screen cap was tagged with all sorts of interesting phrases we liked to think Giorgio was saying. Usually when a new meme like this one hits the internet, I look around a little bit to try to figure out what the person was really saying or what was really taking place in the photo but I didn’t bother with this one. Why? Because nothing Giorgio was actually saying could be nearly as entertaining as what the internet was making him say. The version above is a little lame (I did it myself via memegenerator. Seriously, try it out – it’s too much fun) but there are plenty of far less lame ones out there. I’ve chosen thirty of my favorite entries in the ancient alien meme series and have included them below. All images are via The list is in no particular order. Enjoy!

ancient aliens meme 01

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 1

This could possibly be one of my favorites and I have no idea why. I really don’t understand why this one made me laugh as hard as it did but there were almost tears so I absolutely had to include it on this list. I suppose it’s really the fact that this one did it a little bit differently. There were so many variations of the “I’m not saying it was …” idea that seeing a fresh twist on it was a nice change.

ancient aliens meme 02

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 2

Seriously though, this is the best explanation I can come up with. I kid, I kid. I’m sure Mr. Tsoukalos is a very intelligent man who is very good at what he does but it’s just that with the hair and the weird facial expression, it’s a little hard to take him seriously. Sure someone has told him that … right? Let’s be fair though. Einstein was a pretty weird looking guy as well. Maybe that’s what Tsoukalos was going for?

ancient aliens meme 03

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 3

Now come on, internet – his hairdresser might not be an alien. He or she could be blind or have absolutely no training whatsoever in the hairdressing field. Or perhaps the theory I put forth above is correct. Maybe Mr. Tsoukalos is trying to appear more Einstein-like and decided to start with the hairstyle.

ancient aliens meme 04

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 4

I would not put it past the government. With so many government cover ups out there – the JFK assassination, the lunar landing, 911 and scores of others I can’t even begin to list (I believe at least one of those theories. Guess which one) – it isn’t hard to imagine the government could pull off covering up the end of the world. Okay, more specifically, it isn’t hard to believe there are actually people out there who believe the government could actually cover up the apocalypse.

ancient aliens meme 05

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 5

In my experience, this has always proven to be true. Nothing says you mean business like gesturing wildly with your hands, especially if you have an expression on your face that says you don’t even take yourself seriously.

ancient aliens meme 06

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 6

This is a fantastic question, really. I mean, ancient aliens built the pyramids, the Sphinx, the Statue of Liberty and the White House – all conclusive proof that aliens do in fact exist. Come on, people. We’re just talking about simple logic here!

ancient aliens meme 07

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 7

Republicans want to say Obama had nothing to do with getting Bin Laden. Democrats want to say Obama went into that compound himself and took the sucker out with his own two hands. The truth, of course, is that it was a highly trained team of Navy SEALS who were very good at their jobs that went in and took out one of the most wanted men in the world. Nah, just kidding. It was aliens.

ancient aliens meme 08

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 8

I think this pretty much sums up this guy’s entire life philosophy which really has to make things so much easier. Why bother to think about things and try to answer the tough questions when you can just blame everything on little green (or grey) men from another planet?

ancient aliens meme 10

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 9

It’s a proven fact. Every terrible movie I’ve ever seen that was based on a board game would’ve been infinitely better with the addition of aliens. Then again, I think every movie would be better with aliens … or zombies. Better yet? Zombie aliens. Someone get Hollywood on the phone. I just came up with the best movie idea ever.

ancient aliens meme 11

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 10

This one just isn’t fair. I want to go to Subway and get a foot long. There is a rumble in my tummy that can only be cured with a roast chicken sub with cheese, lettuce, onions, green peppers, Southwest sauce and a cup of olives on the side. Who wants to buy me one? The funds can be sent via PayPal. I’ll even take a picture of myself eating it. Doesn’t that sound great? Seriously – very hungry here. Stupid meme.

ancient aliens meme 12

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 11

I could not agree with Mr. Tsoukalos more on this one. The only logical explanation for women purposefully making their faces look like that is aliens. No other possibility makes sense.

ancient aliens meme 13

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 12

Uranus jokes are always funny. That is all.

ancient aliens meme 14

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 13

Angels or Aliens would be a great band name. I’m not musically inclined so feel free to use it.

ancient aliens meme 15

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 14

This one combines two of my favorite internet things – invisible items and the ancient aliens meme so I’m pretty happy with this photo. I prefer when it’s some sort of cute animal with an invisible something but this one still made me smile. It was just too perfect. He looks so happy to see that invisible cheeseburger. I bet it was delicious.

ancient aliens meme 16

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 15

Jerks. Uh, no pun intended?

ancient aliens meme 17

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 16

Yes, because the idea of the Illuminati is ridiculous, right? Right …

ancient aliens meme 19

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 17

This is, of course, a variation on one of the ancient alien memes we talked about a few moments ago but I still like it. I mean, after reading a bit about the guy, aliens really do seem to be about all he has in his wheelhouse.

ancient aliens meme 33

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 18

Could … this possibly be a Family Guy reference? I love Family Guy references, probably because I actually get them where as a lot of other references are lost on me. What can I say? I’m just not all that smart. Any ole who, this one feels like a reference to the episode where Peter does a bunch of meth which he then, apparently, discards in the garbage. At the end of the episode, Brian enters with his fur all sticking up and his eyes bright red and says, “There is some awesome stuff in the trash can.” I over explained that. Moving on.

ancient aliens meme 21

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 19

I like that his brain is bigger than his head. I also like that it kind of explains the hair.

ancient aliens meme 22

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 20

After seeing this one, I began using “aliens!” as an any situation exclamation. What a difference it has made in my life! I no longer swear like a sailor in public which means people are actually willing to go out in public with me again which is always nice. Of course, I do get odd looks when I spill my coffee and shout “aliens” at the top of my lungs but odd looks are just par for the course for me. I guess Tsoukalos and I have that in common.

ancient aliens meme 23

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 21

This … would actually explain a lot.

ancient aliens meme 24

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 22

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of this one but it’s one of the more popular variations so I thought it was worth including.

ancient aliens meme 25

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 23

Is the Dorito taco really a thing? I’ve never had a regular taco but I do intend to change that one day. I have, however, had Doritos and until I saw this one, I was pretty sure there was no possible way to make them better. I may have been wrong.

ancient aliens meme 26

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 24

We all would. Chances are a bunch of baked aliens wouldn’t feel up to taking over the world. They’d just be happy to indulge in the wide variety of junk food we human beings have come up with.

ancient aliens meme 27

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 25

Terrific. Terrific. That’s about all I have to say about this one.

ancient aliens meme 28

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 26

Seriously though – don’t text and drive.

ancient aliens meme 30

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 27

I want a masters in Alienology!

ancient aliens meme 31

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 28

Having spent far too much time wading through pages and pages (and pages and pages) of ancient alien memes on memegenerator, I feel quite confident saying a more appropriate caption has never been paired with this screen shot. It just works on every conceivable level without using any of the tired old jokes that are already so played out with this meme. Love it.

ancient aliens meme 29

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 29

Of course, ‘boobs’ works too.

ancient aliens meme 32

The Best of the Ancient Alien Meme # 30

I’m not so sure I agree with this one. If I’d been probed, well, even just once, I don’t think I’d look nearly as relaxed as this guy but hey – that’s just me.

What memes are you absolutely in love with? Let me know in the comments section below. I can always use a new meme to waste a little time with.

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