The 7 Newest Modern Day Jobs

The labor market has undergone major transformation in the last decade, thanks to the fact that we are living in the digital age, and that means opportunities for those who are creative. This time round, newer jobs are finding their way into the labor market, and people are actually earning a living out of these jobs. And just in case you’re not sure what these jobs are, this piece of information can give you clues, starting with the most controversial of all –gambling.

modern day jobs

  1. Drop-shipping

The internet age has made it possible for people to drop-ship. Basically, this means selling products that you don’t own and getting a cut of the price in which those products are sold at. There are a few bloggers who have successfully done this and made a fortune out of it. They simply promote products, take orders, and pass it to the manufacturer or distributors of the products which they promote. This way, they are able to earn when the product is ordered and delivered to the intended destination.

  1. Blogging

Blogging has evolved ever since platforms like came into existence. People have made a fortune out of blogging on things they love to do. Blogging is now a career, and especially if one blogs on things that people want to read about. For example, if you are a travel blogger, you tend to show people where they need to go, eat out and so on. You earn by selling ad spaces or promoting products/services.

  1. Gambling or online casino playing

Since people realized that they could play online slots at the best slots casino and still get paid handsomely for the wins they make, the subject of internet gambling has received praise and criticism alike. Love or hate it, internet casinos are here to stay. In fact, the industry is yet to leverage on revolutionary technologies like 3D and Virtual Reality to attract even more players through apps like All Slots casino. Thus gambling is a job now and will continue to pay people who understand what it is.

  1. Social media manager

Social media is everything to marketers who care about an audience. Social media is where PR is done conveniently. It is also where the selling takes place these days. In the last decade, companies have built their reputation on Facebook, Twitter and many more. These social platforms provide a way to connect with clients, and thus the job of a social media manager has to be a very important one.

  1. App designer

As funny as that sounds, it is still a real job that people are paid to do. Others even design their own apps and then monetize them with ads so as to earn revenue. The most successful apps have since been sold for a fortune to companies which saw opportunities in these apps. If it were not for app developers, the gaming industry would be literally dead in the age of mobile devices. App designers are the reason why we have All Slots casino app.

  1. Uber driver

This startup was founded in 2009, and has since grown to achieve an asset worth of $62 billion. In the year 2015, the platform doubled the number of drivers using it in the US. The company keeps unveiling new services across major cities in the world.

  1. YouTube content creator

YouTube, which is the biggest video-sharing network on the web, has made people filthy rich. V-logging is now a career that people can pursue for good money. In fact, we have enough real-world examples of people who earn a decent income out of videos which they post on YouTube.

These new jobs have been created due to increasing demand which has since characterized the labor market, thanks to technological advancements that have happened in the last decade. The world is now a better place with these kinds of jobs.

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