The 3 biggest NASCAR races

NASCAR is an exciting all-American sport. It has everything one could wish for; fast cars and exciting moments. No wonder it keeps on getting more and more viewers each year.

Nascar has many different races that are all very exciting to watch. Options like YellaWood 500 and many others will get the viewers’ adrenaline pumping immediately from the beginning. Still, if you are interested in starting to watch NASCAR properly; you will most likely want to know about all the most exciting races. Here are the most significant three!

Daytona 500 

Daytona 500 is easily one of the most important races in NASCAR. Just like the race’s name suggests, it takes place in Daytona Beach in Florida. The track is 500 miles long, or 805 kilometers, and it’s held annually.


The very first Daytona 500 race took place in 1959, which makes it over 60 years old. It has held an important spot in the whole world of Nascar, and it still carries the largest purse.

Coca-cola 600 

California has many fun things, and one of the important Nascar races is certainly one of them. Coca-Cola 600 was previously known as World 600, which tells a lot about its importance. As you can guess, the track is 600 miles long, and it was held for the very first time in 1960. 


Coca-Cola 600 takes place in Charlotte Motor Speedway. It happens on a Sunday during the Memorial day weekend. The Coca-Cola 600 has the longest track in the whole of Nascar, which makes it very exciting.

Nascar Championship Race

Last but not least we obviously need to mention the NASCAR Cup Series Championship Race. This has been held annually since 1988, and it happens in Phoenix Raceway in Arizona. The distance is 312 miles, which also means that there are 312 laps. In other words, the track is only one mile long. This makes the race even faster and more exciting than any other race.

Even the smaller races are full of exciting moments

These three are easily the biggest and most important NASCAR races in the world. This still doesn’t mean that other possibilities wouldn’t be fun to watch. In fact, if you are interested in NASCAR, you can pretty much choose any race to watch for the first time. You can quickly see why this sport has so many fans in and outside of the United States.

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