90 Beautiful Summer Nail Arts Designs

Nail art is one of the most unique ways of expressing one’s style and creativity. Fashion is indeed a form of escapism, where everything is a canvas, from nails, to hair to skin. When choosing the right nail polish, it is important to pick lustrous colors to make a bold statement. Blending bright with dull colors creates balance that is suitable for formal and informal occasions. Having fun is essential in the creation of different designs and shapes for nail art. the goal is to stretch the limits of one’s creativity by blending colors, mixing products and even incorporating other elements such as rings in the process. these adorn the nail polish. For instance, rings and pearls are essential in elevating the look while stripes creating alluring patterns. Think of your nails as a canvas and create contours that lift your mood. The design of the nail used is integral in determining the types of patterns and embellishments used for the art work. For instance, French manicured nails demand subtlety while stiletto nails call for dramatic designs. To pull off any look, one needs knowledge of the types of manicures involved. Nail art is a phenomenal way of expressing one’s preferences.

  1. Diamond black
    Stiletto nails are the perfect pallet for experimental designs. Take for example this piece with the diamond effect, how beautiful!

summer nail arts0001

2. Golden dream

Blending different colors in the form of spots is an ingenious way of creating a cute look. Adding a midi ring to it is complimentary.

summer nail arts0011

3. spackles

French manicured nails can be elevated with a simple splash of glitter. Posing with pearls adds a touch of class.

summer nail arts0021

4. Mixed colors

Matte colors were fashion’s blessing in disguise to the nail art industry. Just look at how beautiful these mixed colors look!

summer nail arts0031

5. Pink juice

Hot pink is so spicy on one’s nails that even glitter doesn’t beat it. Think of blending it with different patterns when you manicure.

summer nail arts0041

6. Blue flora

The floral print is so versatile it can move from fabric to fingernail. Dark colors for flowers blend perfectly with light ones.

summer nail arts0051

7. Bluwhite hue

The ombre effect allows the wearer to adorn their nails with more than one color. Add some shimmer with glitter.

summer nail arts0061

8. Magic

Stripes that mimic the zebra print can be achieved effortlessly by choosing the right brand and meticulously applying the color.

summer nail arts0071

9. Magic flow

Bland polish can be elevated with simple strokes of the brush for unique designs. This look breathes life into French manicures.

summer nail arts0081

10. Kalan loves

Let your inner child come out to play by showing how artistic you can get with lots of colors in your hand.

summer nail arts0091

11. Bad girl

Glitter, stripes and hot pint, the perfect cocktail for a unique, French manicure design. The more the shimmer, the more the fun.

summer nail arts0101

12. Sexy blu

Have the galaxy at your fingernails with ombre nails, which can be achieved by selecting different hues of blue splashed with white.

summer nail arts0111

13. Sassay Saurus

Feeling a little adventurous with color blocking? Try recreating color combinations with inspirations from fruit. Like this watermelon design here.

summer nail arts0121

14. Crazy love

Pink is beautiful and bright. It’s difficult to choose any other color to compliment it but grey works miracles on that frontier.

summer nail arts0131

15. Purple flower

Test your artistic skills by incorporating flowers at the corner of every nail. These elevate your nail art.

summer nail arts0141

16. Hat top black

Stripes of blue and black against a white background exude skills in geometric patterns. These look stunning!

summer nail arts0151

18. Classy shine

Aaargh! Unleash your Captain Crook spirit with a little glitter for shimmer and a few anchors for a dashing look.

summer nail arts0161

19. Sunflower

The world isn’t all sunshine and roses, but we can slap a few sunflowers on our nails and we’re good to go, aren’t we?

summer nail arts0171

20. Beauty Queen

The crown is such a glorious adornment to perfectly manicured nails. It serves such a great contrast to the white.

summer nail arts0181

21. Sassy mixed

Geometric lines give nails that tribal pattern feel when paired with the shimmering effect of glitter. This looks so warm!

summer nail arts0191

22. hibiscus stripes

Blue and some stripes, perfect! The only thing that won’t make you blue all day. Simplistic beauty at its best.

summer nail arts0201

23. Blue Ibiza

Sometimes you want to keep it simple. Why not try this shade of blue and elevate it with some glitter?

summer nail arts0211

24. Sexy fine

Using different types of nail lacquer is essential in creating a diversified look. Take for example these nails here, brilliant!

summer nail arts0221

25. Sexy drop

Focusing one’s artistic talent on the bed of the nail can bear sweet fruits if the design isn’t ill conceived.

summer nail arts0231

26. Leopard black

Black and white create a classic monochromatic effect suitable for formal and informal occasions, like these here. They look chic!

summer nail arts0241

27. Super green

Lighter shades of green such as this one, are difficult to pull off. However, keep it simple to prevent a disaster.

summer nail arts0251

28. Blue forest

The marble effect is a fantastic choice for nail art because it looks stunning. Just look at these nails! Gorgeous!

summer nail arts0261

29. Tri-blue

Another design that focusses on the nail bed and incorporates geometric patterns! This design is unique and simple to recreate.

summer nail arts0271

30. Pinky small

Violet, pink and white, such a perfect combination for an overdose of cuteness. The glitter beneath the gloss is perfection.

summer nail arts0281

31. Shiny purple

Royal purple adds a touch of finesse and class to one’s manicure. It is suitable for formal and informal occasions.

summer nail arts0291

32. Mixed glaze

Give me some glitter, stripes and hearts, I’ll give you a masterpiece. This look is so effortlessly chic its to die for.

summer nail arts0301

33. Anna’s beauty

Professing your love for ice cream? Express it on your fingernails by blending colors that complement one another while standing out.

summer nail arts0311

34. Classic art

Roses and swirls are a perfect combination on your nail canvas. Every swirl effortlessly creates a unique pattern.

summer nail arts0321

35. Multi-perfect

Trying to blend luminous colors with matte ones? Simply opt for green, pink and blue for the former and dark ones for the latter.

summer nail arts0331

36. Crazy mix

Can’t choose which polish to leave out of the manicure? Simple. Just paint every nail with its own color.

summer nail arts0341

37. Rainbow

You can have all the bright colors on each nail to show your free-spirited side or display any other message you intend.

summer nail arts0351

38. Sexy grey

This color works wonders for those trying to keep it simple, especially when their everyday looks demand formality in dressing.

summer nail arts0361

39. Saurus flower

Complicated patterns need subtle colors to allow the design to shine without making it look busy. A great choice is baby blue.

summer nail arts0371

40. Pauline

Dark blue tones coupled with golden embellishments that speak of the ocean are ideal for beach and sea life lovers.

summer nail arts0381

41. Line beauty

Patterns that mimic drops of water are alluring when the choice of color is blue. Adding glitter is essential for style.

summer nail arts0391

42. Purple love

For a simple look, add a complicated floral pattern to the polished nails. The colors will add a pop to the look.

summer nail arts0401

43. Passion

This look is such a warm one. It mimics the flowers that bloom in spring and ice crystals that fall in winter.

summer nail arts0411

44. Denim sweet

Thinking about a simplistic design for any occasion? Use white, blue and gold for an effortlessly stylish look complemented by jewelry.

summer nail arts0421

45. Linda’s shine

Subtlety can be as alluring as any boisterous design. Use warm colors such as purple, blue and pink.

summer nail arts0431

46. Classic mix

The Tribal print is an essential element in making a bold fashion statement with one’s nails. Be sure to use lots of neon colors.

summer nail arts0441

47. Golf blue

Glitter and glam have never been this easy to pull off. Its ombre effect that mixes turquoise and blue.

summer nail arts0451

48. Pink grace

Pink, white and silver live in perfect harmony when blended on nails. Take for instance this combination that lets the pink shine.

summer nail arts0461

49. Octo-red

Embellishments can be anything from jewelry to patterns on nails which offer a breath of fresh air. This is stunning.

summer nail arts0471

50. Beauty classic

Step into the world of polka dots and bow-ties with this fantastic, playful mix. Such a grand combination.

summer nail arts0481

51. Club blue

Romantic colors are essential for the creation of a light touch and beautiful effect to your manicure. Take this for example.

summer nail arts0491

52. Parallel waves

Neon wins again with this geometric pattern. How beautiful is this combination? It is so simple to recreate and pull off.

summer nail arts0501

53. Crystal white

Pretty little insects like ladybugs are so cute when imprinted on nails. Just look at how stunning this is.

summer nail arts0511

54. Whitblue

Let’s talk ombre! Whenever you want two colors to marry and don’t know how to do it, go ombre.

summer nail arts0521

55. Lacque art

Polka dots and roses win again. Simply choose a single nail to have the rose design and splash dots on the others.

summer nail arts0531

56. Floral blue

The classic floral print is a gorgeous design for dramatic nails. it tells of a daring personality that is not afraid to experiment.

summer nail arts0541

57. Deep black

Matte black is accentuated with a dash of animal print to that epic finish. This look is ideal for casual and formal occasions.

summer nail arts0551

58. K-magic

Thinking of a girl’s night out and want to keep it pink? Try polka dots and a dash of drama with the footprints.

summer nail arts0561

59. Purple blue

Undecided on which colors should take on the entire nail? It’s alright, et each share a canvas. Gorgeous!

summer nail arts0571

60. Hidden treasure

Be a little adventurous with the colors and splash some grey on it. Add some polka to it too.

summer nail arts0581

61. Elegance

Classic stripes for a classy lass. This look is ideal for people who are reserved and want their nails to stun.

summer nail arts0591

62. Stripe Me

Such a brilliant way to add pop to a neutral color. See how much of a difference the purple glitter adds to the blue?

summer nail arts0601

62. Presentation

Tux inspired nails can be achieved with simplistic designs that incorporate white and black. Look at how cute this is!

summer nail arts0611

63. Creative blue

Go minimalist but still make a statement with this shimmering navy blue. Adorn it with jewelry for memorability.

summer nail arts0621

64. Sexy lush

The Bohemian fever is a classic fashion statement. Try out the style by incorporating dream catchers into your nail art.

summer nail arts0631

65. Dotted flower

Love pineapples? Well, polka dots needn’t be so boring when those are around. Create one with some orange and green, it’s so much fun!

summer nail arts0641

66. Orange art

Peachy looks on nail art are so cute and hypnotizing. Choose a subtle hue of this color for an effortless creation.

summer nail arts0651

67. Boutique white

Ever thought of arrows as art for your nails? The perfect colors should be dull and bright for neutralization.

summer nail arts0661

68. Dream shade

Ombre doesn’t have be to bold to be relevant. It can be subtle too. Notice how subtle the pink is.

summer nail arts0671

69. Coastal art

Palm trees at the tip of your fingers sounds like the ultimate dream, right? Nothing says vacation quite like that design.

summer nail arts0681

70. China mix

Peacock feathers, glitter and midi rings make the perfect elements for adorning your nails. Think of bright colors like purple.

summer nail arts0691

71. Coastal pink

  1. Coastal pink

Pink palm trees make you think of cocktails at the beach. This is such an ingenious design, perfect for informal occasions.

summer nail arts0701

72. Glossy blue

A rich, navy blue adorned with bits from the sea, like star fish and stripes from the captain’s boat. How gorgeous!

summer nail arts0711

73. Deep orange

Who knew slices of orange would make the perfect print for nail art? This matte color is to die for!

summer nail arts0721

74. Kenya

Tropical fruit beast served nailed! When you think of simplistic designs, think melon. Such an easy color combination.

summer nail arts0731

75. KT-design

Simply yellow with a dash of stripes. This casual look is easy to do at home with a manicure kit and a little patience.

summer nail arts0741

76. Crazy red

Elevate that boring red polish with a little floral design and some polka dots. You’ll be thankful you got inspired.

summer nail arts0751

77. Natural black

The perfect formal and casual look. It blends so brilliantly with the white tips that it’s flawless. Such a masterpiece!

summer nail arts0761

78. Kute lines

Ahoy! Inspiration from sea life, particularly boats, can be translated onto nails effortless with simplistic designs like this.

summer nail arts0771

79. The wild

Unleash your wild spirit with this gorgeous design that blends bright colors like ink and yellow. Who knew those could go together?

summer nail arts0781

80. Everything

Layering your colors is not only fun, its brilliant for a stunning look. Take this for example, how gorgeous!

summer nail arts0791

81. Aquarium

Adore fish? Why not have one of the characters from Finding Nemo on your nail art idea list?

summer nail arts0801

82. Click Beauty

Floral patterns go so well with dark shades like maroon and white. Don’t be shy! Give it a try!

summer nail arts0811


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