Summer Decorating Ideas For Your Home

Summer is here at last! And it only makes sense that the feeling of summer is everywhere, starting from your home. This may not really make sense to a lot of people, but there are definitely a couple of tricks here and there that you can do to give your home decor a sense of summer. If you have no idea where to start, then look no further. In this article, we’re going to go over details that you can play around with to have a summer theme without going over the top while still being able to stay classy.



Picking out the right furniture for your home is absolutely crucial. It plays a huge role in giving your home that dimension of character. So when it comes to the summertime feels, it’s only natural that we pay attention to adding a couple of touches to the furniture so that it cheers it up a little. It also really helps if you get down to a bit of research to discover what the latest trends are and to see what are the Modern Furniture Picks for Summer 2019 in order to really be able to find the right settings and options for your home this summer. You can either find separate items or choose to give a complete makeover and get a whole brand new set for one of the rooms in your house!

  • THE MINIMAL LOOK: This summer, keeping the furniture minimal is really in. Your outdoor furniture should be comfortable, but very simple. An outdoor sofa set along with a simple glass coffee table made out of bamboo is the way to go.
  • PILLOWS: For both indoor and outdoor seating furniture, you’ll see how easy it is to brighten up the mood by throwing in a couple of pillows that have a pop of color or bright and fun patterns on them.
  • HAMMOCKs & SWINGS: Something as simple as a hammock or a swing in your backyard could make all the difference in setting the summer tone in your garden.


There’s nothing more uplifting than having good lighting in your home. To give your house that summery feel, there are a couple of things you can do to manipulate the lighting.


  • DRAPES: Instead of having heavy curtains, be sure to have light translucent drapes so that they can let in just enough natural light.
  • LAMPS: Scattering lamps in every corner of the house will give off the warm lighting that gives the effect of sunset all through the night. Make sure that your lampshades have bright or white colors on them so that the effect is just right.
  • STRING LIGHTS: Your backyard would just be incomplete without a couple of string lights strewn about above you. At night these give off a festive touch and help you to enjoy the cool summer breeze in a joyful way.
  • CANDLES: Candles will always be a staple in any household. But especially in the summer, they add an extra touch of warmth, class and comfort all in one. You can even get candles that are put in a shell shaped vessels to go for a beachy feel either for your home or in your backyard.




The best thing to do in the summer is to give the home a little makeover by coming up with a certain summer theme and sticking to it throughout the household. A great option would be a nautical or garden theme. You can implement this by having a uniform color scattered in different items such as tablecloths, throws on the couches, lamps, centerpieces and pillows as well as towels. If you’re going to go for a nautical theme, you can get an antique anchor or boat steering wheel and put it up on the wall and surround it with family photos for instance.



Plants always give your house a more homely feel regardless of what the season is, but they especially lend a more summery feel to everything, especially when all kinds of flowers are in bloom in the summer. This is something that can be implemented both indoors and outdoors. You can have hanging gardens in both your backyard and your patio. As for the indoors, be sure to have fresh flowers put in every couple of days; you’ll be amazed at how uplifting it will be for your mood. You can even get very realistic plastic plants that are smaller in size to place in your bathrooms, or check out a couple of cactus plants that can last for ages in any kind of weather. Look into having a couple of herbal plants put in your kitchen to give it that fresh, alluring smell as well as summery look.


To lend a desert inspired look to the decor, you can go for the Morrocan look. This is yet another look that never goes out of style and screams summer. It will certainly remind you of the sandy beaches that you may not be able to visit when you are longing for! You can have small pillow covers with their intricate and colorful designs, and there are small carpets available as well that will give the room that extra pop of summery colors.


If you’re not able to go to the beach this summer, then don’t fret, just bring the beach to you! There are a couple of touches that you can go for that will transform your home and have you feeling as if you are by the sand and the sea with the breeze in your hair! Get a couple of camp stools and place them in your backyard by a small side table so that you have a spot to place your summer cocktail! You can also invest in a couple of origami lanterns and hang them across your backyard as well. Tiki torch anchors will add that classy and cool touch to really make you feel like you’re sitting at the beach and give your backyard a great touch.


There are so many things that you can do within the decor of your house to transform it into a summer wonderland without getting too stressed. You just need to keep a couple of vital points in mind- be sure to have enough lighting and arrange it in a way that it gives off a sense of warmth throughout the household. Have a theme that reminds you of summer and use summer inspired colors throughout your home, as well as adding a couple of summer inspired centerpieces that will really catch anyone’s attention, and lastly, turn your backyard into your own private summer spot where you and your family and loved ones can gather and enjoy the breeze.

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