Strange Superstitions from Around the World

Everybody has an overly superstitious friend. They won’t walk under ladders, and you might not even see them on the 13th of a month if it falls on Friday. However, some countries take these superstitions to new levels; especially when they are considering gambling on casino sites like Novibet. They will go above and beyond to ensure that all the luck in the world is on their side before placing a bet. Does it work? It must do if they continue to follow these weird methods.


Everybody has a favourite colour, but the Chinese take this love of a specific colour to a new level with their dedication to red. The colour is considered a lucky colour in the country, especially when they are in the casino. Players would wear red underwear, red socks; any clothing that you can think of in that shade of colour. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, as long as it’s red you’re good to gamble. It’s hard to believe red can bring that much good luck; just ask Manchester United fans.


Not to be outdone by their Asian rivals, Thailand have also found a weird superstition to call their own, and it revolves wearing male genitalia styled medallions around their neck. Very strange. The accessory is called a ‘Palad Khik’, which directly translates as ‘honourable surrogate pe*is.’ Not only do they believe that this will boost their chances of getting good luck, but they also think that it will help attract women to them. Not only do they think that it attracts women to them, but they believe that it makes them irresistible to the opposite sex. I’m not so sure about that myself.

South Africa

South Africans believe voodoo or ‘multi-magic’ will ensure good luck for them. Amazingly, they also believe that smoking the dried brains of vultures will give them the powers to correctly predict the outcomes of future events such as match results in football fixtures and lottery numbers. Because of this trend, the popularity of doing this has resulted in vultures being faced with the prospect of being labelled as extinct in the African country. I guess that means that nobody will be lucky in South Africa in the not so distant future then.


Many of us like to get dressed up smart and want to look the part when we enter a casino. However, in India, there is some method in the madness for following this pre-night out plan. This is because gamblers in the country are incredibly superstitious when it comes to their grooming habits. The punters in India believe that it is unlucky to shave on a Tuesday, to wash their hair on a Thursday and to cut their nails on either Saturdays or Tuesdays. That would only leave a few remaining days that are allowed to go out to the casino.

Next time you’re heading to the casino, and you’re stuck on a losing streak maybe it may be worth using one of these superstitions to see if they can turn your luck around?

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