Standard Size vs Travel Size Yoga Mat: What’s the Difference

Yoga mats come in a variety of sizes, materials, and shades. There are mats for hot yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, acro yoga, and so on. Just like your favorite sneakers and yoga pants, the equipment differs in style and purpose. What we use for indoor yoga is not recommended for outdoor practices, and vice versa. What we use for yoga studio classes, is not appropriate for travelling.

If you’re engaged in a consistent yoga practice, you need to find the mat, which will meet your requirements and lifestyle the best. Usually, choosing the appropriate material and print doesn’t cause any problems for customers. But when it comes to a size a mat should have, a lot of yogis can’t decide what is better to buy. So, if you have similar problems with finding your own mat, keep reading. We have a lot of interesting information about the reasons why travel size yoga mats are not recommended for everyday practices, and what to choose if you both travel a lot and exercise in the studio. Additionally to this, you will get some real examples from best yoga mats 2017 for travelling along with the average prices for them.

So, let’s get started.

Yoga Mats: Standard Size vs Travel Size

Let’s begin with the standard size. A standard mat typically comes in 68-72-inch size. This model is suitable for those, who are quite short as well as those who have an average height. If you’re a little bit taller, look for a 74-inch model. How to measure them? The best way to measure a mat is to test it in a store. Just lay down on it and check whether hands, head, and legs fit the mat all time while lying in a relaxed position on the back.

A travel yoga mat is a shorter and lighter version of a standard model. It is designed specifically to be taken with you while travelling. Travel models also differentiate in shapes and sizes. At the moment, one of the most popular traveling models is of the size of a water bottle when folded. It comes with the attached straps, which help to fold a mat as compact as possible. But don’t think that it is an all-purpose model. Travel models are not recommended for regular sessions as they are not so sustainable and comfortable as standard-sized models. They are not recommended even for those with a very sensitive back or very sensitive wrists. But it is definitely good to have a travel model if you practice regularly even while going abroad or just travelling throughout the country.

And now, let’s look at some real example. Which travel mats were popular in 2017?

  • Ultralight Travel Mat by Yogo (65$);
  • Manduka Superlight Travel Yoga and Pilates (42$);
  • Gaiam Foldable (25$);
  • Clever Yoga Travel Mat (47$);
  • ZuraYoga Nonslip Travel Mat (24$).

Now, you know how to choose your own mat, depending on the lifestyle and the type of yoga, you’re practising at the moment. Just go and buy it.


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