Solid Wood Furnitures – Creating A Rustic Touch At Home

When you hear “rustic,” you’ve got to think the countryside, cottages, fences, simplicity, and warmth. In order to add a rustic feel to your house, you can do two things: add a brick or wooden elements to the place, but that’s not all. You need to get as authentic as possible with your furniture because that’s what a rustic atmosphere is all about. In other words, you’ve got to think “solid wood.” Why? Because, unlike engineered wood, solid wood is the closest you can get to having a cut-up tree in your house. It’s the real deal. Plus, it is more versatile than you could ever imagine.

●   Solid Wood Doors

A house’s door tells a lot about the house itself; like a first impression. That’s why, despite the many ways there are to incorporate wood into your house’s interior for a more rustic feel, we’ve chosen this point to cover first.

Doors made out of solid wood are a great way to bring out the rural aesthetic in a space because of the natural wood patterns and color variations they contain. In the market, you’ll find that the most popular types of wood used are: Cherry, mahogany, and maple. However, you can feel free to choose according to your preference.  Also, keep in mind that these doors are heavier, more secure, more fire-resistant, and more lasting than other types of doors. So, technically, you’ll be saving money with a purchase like that.

●   Wooden Bed Frames

Imagine going to a small, family-run ski lodge and walking past a crackling fireplace in the lobby. You book a room and take your keys, then head upstairs. What’s the first thing you’d expect to see? A log bed, right? A room like that wouldn’t feel complete without a headboard made by tying up tree logs or the swirly patterns on a bed’s thick, sturdy legs.

 Likewise, you can’t pull off a complete rustic vibe without using solid wood for your own bed frames. Don’t forget that each type of wood has its personality. According to Log Furniture Place, with solid wood furniture you can freely choose between aspen, Barnwood, black walnut & cedar, hickory, and weathered wood, and you’ll always end up with something unique. So, when deciding on a bed, you don’t need to bother yourself with choosing a certain unique design. Just pick a type of wood that you feel matches your personality, and leave the element of individuality for the wood itself.

●   Dining Tables

We don’t need to tell you how beautiful a dark wooden cutting board with cheese slices, some fruits and a loaf of bread would look when placed on a light slab of solid wood that looks like it just came out of a medieval fantasy novel.

 If you’re looking for a classic rural look, we’d advise you to go with red oak because of its orange-reddish tones that provide an overflowing sense of warmth. For a more stylish-yet-simple look, though, you could try out hard maple, which is not only durable but also elegant. Due to the fact that solid wood lasts for long, dining tables like these often turn into an heirloom. So, when picking one, make sure you go for a size that fits such an object. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find yourself dining with your great-grandchildren, one day on a solid wood table

●   Outdoor Swings

If you happen to have a yard, don’t hesitate to place a wooden swing there. As we said, a rustic ambiance is all about nature. That’s why you’ll never be disappointed if you decide to place a log swing with a frame or a porch swing out there.

An item like that can accentuate a beautiful interior and take your house to the next level. Plus, it is the perfect way to relax after a long day; maybe with a cup of tea or a cold beer? Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, our journey has to come to an end here, but on the bright side, yours doesn’t. While we’ve covered the main aspects of decorating with solid wood, there’s still a lot to discover. So, we urge you to get creative with your designs and ideas. As long as you don’t take your eyes off of the main foundations of a rustic interior design; authenticity, simplicity, and nature, you’ll be fine. For a final tip, if you can make an accessory or a piece of décor yourself, don’t think twice; start working on it immediately. You cannot go wrong with handmade.

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