Quintessential Beauty Tips For Women This Monsoon

The monsoons are here with all its might and so are the numerous skin care problems that it brings with itself. No matter how much you love the rain drops there is no escaping the havoc that humidity can create on your skin, hair, and makeup. Also, the incessant rains affect your choice of clothes as you keep wondering what to wear to brighten up your mood when the skies turn a dull grey. Don’t you find yourself wishing if you could make yourself waterproof for the season? While that is definitely not possible, you can take other routes to ensure that you maintain the same healthy glow and fashionista status that you have always had. Read on to know the top skin, hair, makeup, and fashion tips that will help to make you monsoon ready.


Get the natural glow on your skin

The skin needs some extra love and care for the monsoon as the humidity makes the dust particles easily settle on your skin. This naturally damages the toned and soft look that your skin has. Just some adjustments in your daily skincare routine can ensure you have the same natural glow that you have always been proud of.

In the words of the famous beauty guru, Shahnaz Husain, a flower based toner works best for the monsoons if you have a dry skin. The ones with oily skin can go for a mint-based toner. You can keep cotton pads soaked in rose water in your fridge and wipe your face several times in the day with it. If your busy schedule does not leave time for home based toners like rose water, make sure you buy a toner that is free from alcohol. Do not go for too much bleaching and facials during this season but set up regular salon appointments for pedicure and manicure. The nails accumulate a lot of dirt during this season and not getting them cleaned properly can lead to skin infections.

Maintain the lusciousness of your locks

Your hair seems to have its own mood swings for the monsoons with all the frizz, dullness, and tangles that seem pretty much untamable. Make sure to keep an anti-frizz serum handy for all the bad hair days when your hair seems too manageable. For all the ladies out there with beautiful curly hair, straightening might seem like a solution to the unmanageable hair but doing that in the monsoon will only add to the frizz. Instead of putting on heat to the hair, apply serum, conditioner, or hair cream that can keep the hair nourished and moisturized. Use a leave-in conditioner regardless of the texture of your hair. Braid your hair before going to bed to make sure that you do not wake up with frizz in the morning.

You cannot shampoo your hair everyday as the humid weather makes the hair difficult to dry, more so if you have long hair. Go for a dry-shampoo as that will help to ensure that you scalp does not get sticky or itchy. Make sure not to tie your hair when it is wet as damp scalp is like a hotbed for the growth of bacteria.


Make sure that your makeup is done right

Makeup during the monsoons can be a tricky affair as a heavy downpour can wreak havoc with your newly made up look. You can rely on waterproof makeup but there are several other things to keep in mind as well. The rule of the thumb for monsoon look is avoiding heavy makeup at all costs. Instead of going for foundations as your base, try using tinted moisturizers or face powders. You will get the same smooth effect but your skin will not look cake-y. However, do not lather on as much face powder as you can because even that will get washed off in the rains. Use face powder only to get rid of the greasiness of the face.

The natural look is in for the monsoons so if you are applying a blush, make sure you use just a little amount of it. For the eye shadow, go for subtle shades like pink, brown, beige, and the likes. Use powder eye shadow instead of cream to make sure it stays longer. Avoid lip gloss as it will get sticky when wet and instead opt for matte lip colors. Go for darker shades as it stays for a longer time in spite of the rains.

The fab fashion tips for the monsoons

Do not let the rain dampen your fashion choices. Regardless of whether you choose to wear jumpsuit shorts or dresses, go for light fabrics like silk, chiffon, and cotton. Fabrics like this dry out quickly and are also comfortable in the humid weather. Keep the color story as bright as possible with neon shades like bright pink, red, orange, and even the florescent colors. Ditch the long and flowing outfits and pick up short dresses, mid-length cigarette pants, and skirts for the season. This is the season for colorful crocs so get as many pairs to match up with your outfits as possible. Give your leather boots some break for this season when water puddles can be a common occurrence.

Now that you are armed with all the beauty tips for the monsoons, make sure that you put your most fashionable self forward. Welcome the monsoons in style with these handy ideas.


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