The Pros and Cons of Dating Online

Many years ago, people could not even imagine that the world would change so drastically. The popularization of mobile phones and the Internet has basically changed the way we see the world. Distances are no longer an obstacle—you can call or message whomever and whenever you want to. And, obviously, these novelties likewise transformed the dating scene. People had changed their approach to relationships and love. Or should we better say, the Internet has changed the way people approach other people… Let’s find out! Here are six advantages and drawbacks of online dating.

Advantage #1

You spend less time looking for a partner. Of course, it takes a lot of time to find a decent partner for dating. Seeking them in bars, clubs, on the street or anywhere else, there’s a high chance that you won’t like each other or won’t feel the spark from the very beginning. In the meanwhile, dating sites and applications allow you to browse through numerous profiles with photos and have several conversations simultaneously, which comes in handy if you’re a very busy person. Unfortunately, quantity does not always mean quality (never, in fact). Think about it before texting the tenth girl in a row.

Disadvantage #1

People see online dating as the only way to meet soulmates. It’s not much of a problem with online dating itself; it’s more of its harsh influence. We no longer meet by accident or approach people on the street, which means that more and more of us become socially detached. Yes, dating sites and social networks are quite convenient if you want to meet people. But remember that it’s not the only option you have!

Advantage #2

International dating is now a thing. Back in the 19th century, you would have to wait not less than a month to get a letter from your beloved one from another continent. Nowadays, your significant other instantly gets a message even if you are ten thousand miles apart. Actually, international and interracial couples become more and more widespread in the modern world—and, in most cases, online dating is responsible for this miracle. It also means that you have a perfect opportunity to explore new cultures and learn something about yourself in this way. In the end, distances do not matter much when love’s involved.

Disadvantage #2

The dating scene had become a great field for scammers and criminals. We wouldn’t agree if someone said that dating scam takes place only on the Internet. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is as old as the universe itself. Nonetheless, it’s much simpler to deceive someone online, basically because you are not able to check if the person you are communicating with actually has good intents. People often use disguises to swindle money out of inattentive users. It does not mean that you should stay away from online dating. Choose proper dating services and pay attention to whom you talk to! You can find some decent girls here:

Advantage #3

Online dating is a great opportunity for shy and asocial people. We are not talking about sociophobes and sociopaths. These guys need something else than dating applications to get used to basic human communication. Shy people have a variety of ways to communicate online without having to see their counterparts, which encourages them to get acquainted and have great conversations. Many ridiculously shy people managed to overcome their nervousness and recognize their own inner beauty thanks to social networks and online dating. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Disadvantage #3

People get accustomed to meeting for sex only. Promiscuity is nothing new to this world. Men and women all over the world seek ways to satisfy their sexual hunger. The problem is—for some of us, dating applications (especially location-based ones) limit the entire “love and relationships” thing to just having random sexual encounters. It indeed devaluates human relationships in their core. Moreover, one-night stands are rather dangerous for a number of understandable reasons. We don’t mind you having summer flings or romantic nights but making it a habit is very bad idea.

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