The security and privacy of your personal information is taken very seriously by those of us at Lists World, and we would like to reassure all of our visitors that we will never perform any act that would violate your trust. This Privacy Policy statement is intended to provide complete and full disclosure concerning the way information is collected while you visit our website and how that information may be put to use. We invite you to read about all of our standard information gathering practices, and then exercise your right to make privacy decisions concerning your own personal information.

We Provide a Valuable Service

Our first order of business is giving you, our very important readers, the information that you would like to know. The staff of Lists World is composed of a team of very meticulous researchers and writers who are focused on supplying visitors to our website with lists of accurate information regarding a wide range of topics that include such areas of interest as Entertainment, Food & Health, People, Lifestyle, Travel, Tech, and just plain Fun. In order for our team to give you the kind of information you want, we rely on statistical information to guide us throughout our research and development processes.

We Collect Info to Assist us in our Work

  • Basic Info On Each Visitor:

The process of selecting which topics to research and what articles you’d like to read is the most vital part of our website’s continued development and success. The webmaster that develops a website must depend on certain general information when evaluating the performance of any page, such as the number of times your IP address visits each page, when and for how long. This basic information is tabulated by the web server.

  • Financial Info Concerning Purchases:

At any time that a purchase is made on our website and a financial transaction ensues, all personal information that is gathered during the purchase process is used specifically for processing that transaction and will never be made available to any other party, with the following exceptions: personal information that is required in order to process the transaction, and in the event that disclosure is required by law. Customers who register an account on our website will need to re-enter credit card information each time a purchase is initiated, as we do not keep any of your financial data on record.

  • Info from Surveys:

Occasionally our website will post various surveys that we ask our readers to respond to with your opinions and other information that will help us decide how to better our services and continue to improve the quality of our website.

  • Info in Email Messages:

Our readers at Lists World may send us questions in emails that contain personal information. Our administration does not share any of this information with third parties and only uses such knowledge in order to provide accurate responses to your email messages.

What We Do With Your Information

All of the basic information that is gathered from our web server logs, survey responses and transaction information are used to compile statistics that allow us to analyze our website’s performance. We collect demographics and other general categorical information including the age and gender of our readers, their educational background, their type of employment, their hobbies and other areas of interest and input all of this general information into reporting tools like Google Analytics. This info is gathered anonymously and used to create reports concerning search trends. Non-identifying information like this may be shared with third parties (like Google Analytics) but any identifying personal information is kept completely confidential.

Certain Exceptions to the Ban on Information Sharing

As previously described within this Privacy Policy statement, Lists World does not share the personal information of our readers for any reasons not already specified unless you are first given the option of declining your permission and prohibiting disclosure. However, there exist several very specific exceptions to our general ban on third party information sharing in the event that such disclosure is deemed necessary, including the following circumstances:

  • In conjunction with the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and any legal requests for information.
  • For the provision of the highest quality services on our website.
  • In order to prosecute any violators of our legal access terms.
  • For the protection of all those who interact with Lists World.


An Explanation of “Cookies”

Cookies are simply data files that are used to keep track of basic information. Cookies can be used to temporarily store data when you visit a website, like a Shopping Cart cookie that logs your selections as you navigate between pages. This type of cookie is closed when you close your browser.


Another, more long term cookie is one that lets you choose whether to store your log-in information after you’ve established an account on a particular website so you can be automatically logged back in whenever you return to the site.


Your access to free information on our website and across the World Wide Web is funded by advertising revenue. The kinds of advertisements that are placed on our pages and on any website by Google and other third-party advertising companies are determined by reports generated from the information obtained through cookies.

Double-Click Cookies and DART Cookies help advertisers decide which specific ads will match your interests based on which topics you have searched and which web pages you have visited, rather than bombard you with random advertising. Cookies enable Google and its partner companies to provide you with selected advertisements that may better suit your needs and interests. You can opt out here

Accepting Cookies is Always YOUR CHOICE

Not everyone appreciates the convenience of customized advertising, or wishes to have the ease of automatic account log-in. You may choose to opt out of cookies whenever you want by going to the Google Ads Preferences Manager . If you would like to learn more about the way interest-based advertising works you can go to .

Data Security and the Protection of Your Privacy

Lists World is committed to protecting the privacy of our readers and everyone who interacts with our website. We retain our right to amend our Privacy Policy as it becomes necessary but pledge to do so without any infringement of security.