Popular Female Tattoo Designs for the Lower Body and Legs

Why Are Leg and Thigh Female Tattoos so Popular?

Women have been getting inked for centuries, despite a common misconception that body art was solely the domain of men until recently. It’s probably no surprise. Tattooing is one of the oldest art forms and a woman’s body is a beautiful canvas on which an artist can work. Ukrainian ladies, along with single females from Russia, are embracing the recent surge in popularity across Eastern Europe for female tattoos, using their shapely legs and thighs as a canvas from which to display amazing imagery. For many men looking for love with an Eastern European woman, the potential of finding an inked lady is an added attraction, and who can blame them?

Where to Place a Sexy Female Tattoo?

In reality, a female tattoo is incredibly sexy no matter where it’s on the body, but some parts of the female anatomy are seen as sexier than others by the women who are into this form of body art, and the men who date them. This is because some parts of a woman’s body are more intimate than others, so showing your husband a small tattoo on the upper thigh is much more personal than showing him a cool arm sleeve. Other intimate places women get inked include the neck, hips, breasts, stomach, and lower back. If you are thinking of getting inked, you need to remember that depending on where you do that will depend on how painful it is. It’s worth asking your tattoo artist about pain levels before you make a final decision about just where your next picture should go.

What to Think About When Looking for Female Tattoo Ideas

Your pain threshold isn’t the only thing to think about when looking for tattoo ideas for women. You also need to think about where the picture will go and if it will suit your body type. Many artists, for example, say that women with thin, long legs should not choose their shins because they are too narrow for most images. They compare choosing an image with picking out a wardrobe. You wouldn’t choose clothes that didn’t suit you, so why choose a tattoo that doesn’t work with your body type?

You should take choosing your tattoo design seriously because removing if you don’t like it is expensive and painful, plus it doesn’t always work as well as people might hope. Think about the message you are sending with any imagery — don’t pick anything criminal, for example, or which might cause offense. If you want to make a statement that might be controversial, pick an image that you understand but might not be immediately obvious to a person in the street seeing it for the first time. An added benefit of this is you might want to use a controversial image when you are young but regret it when you are older and more settled, with a husband and children for example.

If you are looking for designs for leg or thigh tattoos for females, you could go down a traditional route, choosing a snake design for example, which could look amazing winding its way up your leg. Or you could choose a more modern design, one that is abstract and encourages people to take a second look just to figure out what it is. Whatever you choose, make sure the size of the image isn’t too big or too small for the leg or thigh area it is going to cover. Either of these will end up looking odd and you’ll probably end up dissatisfied.

If you are looking for ideas for smaller female tattoos, you might want to consider placing these on an ankle or shoulder. Here, heart tattoos would look great, and they are especially sexy because they are small and sweet.

Whatever design you go for, you’ll need to decide if you want a colored picture, one with black ink, or even white ink, which is a growing trend and allows you to have a trendy piece of body art that only people literally close to you will see. A lot of female thigh tattoos have designs which lend themselves to bright colors (flowers, for example) and really make a statement.

Finally, before you go under the needle, make sure you prepare your skin correctly. A professional artist will advise you on just what you need to do, but it might involve exfoliating before the procedure or not wearing any moisturizer that morning.

Creative Female Tattoo Ideas

Our photo gallery of brides with beautiful tattoos is full of inspiration for those looking for leg tattoos. Below, are just a few of these to start the creative thoughts flowing.

  • 3D pictures look fantastic and make people look again as the characters and patterns seem to jump out of the skin or look carved into the flesh.

  • Trees can set off a long, slender, leg by showing branches weaving up the calf and up to the thigh.

  • Vine tattoos can cover a leg in beautiful flowers and leaves; these work especially well with color.

  • Flowers hold such variety (there is an image for every flower after all) and can make for amazingly vibrant images that can’t help but catch a man’s eye.

  • Dragons make a bold choice, one that looks good with black ink but even better in vibrant blues and greens, especially if the design is pulled from an ancient Chinese tradition.

  • Biomechanical tattoos are less traditional when it comes to designs, drawing on the modern world and turning a leg or thigh into a piece of machinery (think about the Terminator!).

  • Tribal motives are much more traditional and, like flowers, offer a huge variety of designs because they can be adapted to suit each women’s personal tastes and body shape.

  • Animals can go from cute and cuddly and cartoonish (think cats, dogs, and the like) to ones designed to scare people — just a little (think tigers, panthers, claws, and teeth).

  • Lines and pieces of writing can get a message across. Often, these mean a lot to the person and are always a conversation piece. Make sure it is spelled correctly though.

Whatever tattoo design you choose, and wherever you choose to put it, including your legs or thighs, make sure you choose a design that works for you. Even before you go to see a trustworthy artist, spend time online looking up ideas for female tattoos. Look for those, which will inspire you to come up with something that means a lot to you and which you’ll be proud to wear on your skin for the rest of your life and proud to show off as one of the amazing single ladies from Russia who hope to meet good men from Western countries.

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