Places for Romantic Dating in Kiev

Sometimes it is necessary to add a bit romance to your relationships regardless of how long you know each other. You might want to celebrate an anniversary or just spend time together, and a cozy romantic place is what you need. Kiev is a wonderful city, which boasts of many romantic places for your special moments.

For your attention, the list of traditional places and extraordinary options for romantic dating in Kiev is introduced.

Parks and Botanical Gardens

The perfect place for a romantic date in late spring or summer is a park. Kiev is famous for its greenery and offers a number of parks and gardens to plunge into the nature. Such places as Kiev National Botanical Garden and Mariyinsky Park are great for the first date. By the way, recently an aroma garden section was introduced in the Botanical Garden located near the Druzhby Narodiv Metro Station. Why not to visit this place together and enjoy the variety of flower and herbal odors including rosemary, thyme, lavender, basil and lemon. Another Botanical Garden named after Grushko offers the fragrant experiences to its visitors until the early winter.

Picturesque Streets of Kiev

The city is beautiful in any season, therefore, you should appreciate its beauty. When you are on a date, the time stops and you can quietly stroll along the streets of Podil district or promenade on the Obolon quay. A variety of food vendors will offer your some coffee or other beverages and snacks for your comfort. Enjoy each other and the views of the magnificent Kiev.

Date in silence

A good option to have a rest from the workaday life and to spend time with your soulmate is to visit a museum. You have an opportunity to learn new things and stay together in a quiet and charming place. After the museum, you may have some coffee in a café, enjoying the relaxing conversation and sharing the impressions of your activity.

Air balloon ride

This option will suit those, who prefer active and impressive amusement together. Air balloon is often used for romantic dates and serious proposals, because it is nowhere to run. Just kidding, however, a balloon ride will definitely rev your emotions and give you impressions for several weeks.

Date in jazz

Jazz lounge is a perfect place to have a rest and enjoy the music with your sweetheart. You will not be disturbed with loud basses and drums, and will chat in the lovely sounds of jazz. Kiev offers several jazz locations for your perfect night.

Date in restaurant

It is simple but it works. There is a variety of restaurants in Kiev, offering dishes of different cuisines including Arabian, Chinese, Indian, Japanese and many others. It is always interesting to taste something new, so a romantic date in a restaurant is a good option. Moreover, you can make this experience even more romantic if your date will be in a restaurant with a rooftop terrace. You will enjoy the beautiful drinks and dishes watching the splendid views of the romantic city of Kiev.

So, enjoy and think what to choose in order to implement your ideas of romantic date.

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