Optical Illusions Making You Look Better

High-quality and designer made clothing with perfect hair and makeup might improve your looks, but in some cases, all that might not be enough if you want to achieve the best look you can get. Sometimes, you need to use some optical illusions as well, which can either be a few additional brushes for your makeup or a little bit different cut of your clothing.

If you want to know how you can improve your looks easily and quickly, bellow I present you the top 5 optical tricks which do work and which do make every woman look better instantly.


Larger eyes – smaller face.

What should you do to open them up? Do try to use as less makeup for your under lashes as possible, especially if you used to use black eyeliner as well. Such makeup actually makes eyes look even smaller; therefore, you won’t achieve the desired look at all. Make sure that the lashes (even the smallest) get longer, darker and with more volume and soon you will enjoy huge anime-looking eyes.

On the other hand, you can also try to use the monochromic effect – use the same range of colors, but different shades of eye shadow. Hide dark circles with specialized masking tool too. And you can also work a bit on the inner eye corners and places under eyebrows too. Use reflecting ivory-colored shadows there to catch more light and make your eyes look wide awake.

Cheekbones and chin accent.

Bronze powder or blush that delicately accentuates your cheekbones and chin creates and gives a clearer outline of the face and thereby make it look more structured, and narrower. Moreover, if you use makeup products with some pigments on a jaw, you will decrease it visually, and hide a double chin as well. So it pays off to accentuate your cheekbones and especially a chin because it can lose a few pounds of your face just like that.


First of all hair on one side. It gives the face playfulness and softness, reduce round cheeks. Moreover, if you match it with an angled Bob, you will mask facial roundness even more, because this hairstyle makes your face and neck look thinner and longer instantly.

On the other hand, be careful with Bangs! Sharp lines and, for example, straight and thick Bangs, shortens the face, gives it a square look. But bags which are shorter in the middle and longer on sides, makes a face look smaller than it is as well. So, if you want to decrease it visually – you know how to cut your hair!



We spend a lot of money for clothes, cosmetics, hair salon, but as how often do you think about the way you stand, which, in fact, does not cost anything? A little curve on your back, forward leaning body visually creates a bigger posture view than it should be. In this case, even if you are very thin but walk slouchy, you might look bigger than you really are. The same thing works in an opposite way. One study, which wanted to demonstrate the importance of good posture, found that women who were more heavier, but were standing straight had a better and more positive reaction to people and strangers. People saw them slimmer than they were, while some girls, who were thin, but stood there incorrectly, look healthier and not so appealing.

So – logic here is pretty simple. All you sometimes need to improve and a chance is the way you stand and sit – that might magically improve not only your looks but the way you feel about yourself as well. Trust us! Moreover, it is even better for your health as well, because your back won’t have to deal with so much weight as well.

Hair length.

Chin seeking hair draws attention to this part of the face – are you satisfied with it? If you want to decrease the face visually, grow longer hair or shorten them. Long hair stretches face while short – reduces. By the way, one-length hair close to the face adds volume. Meanwhile, different lengths of hair hairstyles (think Jennifer Aniston), makes face smaller as well.

Sun-colored skin.

Tiny body imperfections can be masked with clothes, but do not forget fake tanning products as well: it visually hides the cellulite, highlighted veins, brown spots and all those skin defects which spoil the smooth body look. This is also important when you want to look slim! Of course, invest in great quality products as well for the best result (these Saks Fifth Avenue coupons might be handy in this case), because poorer quality body tan might actually ruin the look.

Overall, more brownish body optically “weighs” less than white. So even if you don’t have any skin problems to hide, but you are going to show off your skin a bit more, try getting a fake tan (solariums are not offered!). If you have a Beyonce-type female figure and graceful legs, uncover them: the more skin you show, the more lighter your body will look.

Do not underestimate the eyebrows!

Sometimes, all you need to work with is your eyebrows! How many times have you see a woman dressed in most expensive clothing but still looking weirdly not stylish? Take notice how her eyebrows are shaped and colored and you might get all the answer. Well-groomed, beautiful arch-like eyebrows frame your eyes and emphasize it as well. Also, professionally done eyebrows provides more clarity on your face, attract more visual interest and might even make it look smaller. Moreover, eyebrows are one of the most visually eye-enhancing features, which can do much work improving your looks.

It is worth mentioning, that you should not underestimate the color of your eyebrows as well. Some specialists agree that the best eyebrows shade is two tones darker than your hair color, but in some cases, and especially if you are more like a fashionista, contrasting colored eyebrows might be pretty good looking as well. Imagine platinum blonde girl with perfectly shaped brown eyebrows and you will understand. Here we would also like to emphasize, that you should try to visit a specialist who will find the best solution in this case. Well, at least you are a professional yourself and can deal with it easily. But in this case, everything told here won’t be news for you.


Ponytail effect.

Knew it or not, but this classical and always perfect hairstyle can do many miracles as well. If you wear your hair like that, your face will look more oval, no matter what shape your face is for real. Only, ponytail hair accentuates your face’s bone structure. For a perfect ponytail, try to wear it as high as you can but don’t forget to gently ruffle the tip of your head as well. This way you face will surely look a lot longer and slimmer – and that is something all what a girl could want!

Wear high heels with pointy toes.

Yes, in some cases even specific styled high-heals can do miracle making you look taller and slimmer. This time it is heels with pointy toes which optically creates a more longer leg look, therefore, entire you looks slim and tall like. Let’s not forget that with these heels your legs are going to look slim and sexy in both skirts and skinny jeans. Also, it is recommended to pick shoe that has a tapered toe and at least a 2-inch stiletto.

In an opposite way, square-toe styles with a thick, chunky heel give the appearance of a shorter, bulky leg, so if you are shorter and a bit curvier girl, reconsider if you want to invest in this type of shoes. Here all what we can add is the simple rule of not going overboard – there are some shoes with pretty long pointy toes, but choosing them you might be risking of looking a bit like a character from all Arabic fairytale. Choose a bit long, put pointy toes and thank us later for the tip!

Choose one hue.

It can either be a legendary black (which has a reputation for making people look slimmer) or every other color on a wheel – it just has to be all in one color. The secret behind this is pretty simple – tops and bottoms in the same color create a straight vertical line. This is the line you should be looking all the time, because this line is making you look thinner and taller without any additional other tricks!

On the opposite way, stark contrasts between your upper and lower body draw eyes to your middle and makes you look wider, therefore, if you really want to look slim and talk, start dressing in one hue and you might find your style for long. However, don’t go absolutely monochromatic and add a few different colored pieces not to be head to toe the same. A purse, shoes or other accessories should be in a different color so you will look not only thin and tall, but stylish as well!

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