No Time for Meal Preps? Here are 3 Solutions for That

We all like watching the likes of Martha Stewart and Ramsay Gordon in the kitchen. Hey, we can all benefit from some cooking tips given by the most decorated chefs. But then again, how often do we practice what we see, or at least from what we learned when growing up? We are living in a culture where showing results matters a lot. This is why you’ll see most people signing in workout out classes and are very punctual at it. But can the same be applied in our kitchens?

Almost everything in life revolves around the principles of discipline. We all have different abilities and shortcomings, but discipline helps us to look beyond any kind of flaw. On this note, we are living in an age where we need to be conscious of what we eat. Nevertheless, the majority don’t have the time to prepare their meals at home, yet energy you put into preparing a meal is one of the greatest steps you can take towards improving your diet and nutrition. This is not to forget that what you are is definitely what you eat. So, are you struggling with lack of enough time to make your own healthy meals? Well, it can lead you into making unhealthy food choices against your will. It can jeopardize your fitness goals and shatter your ambition of adopting healthy lifestyle choices for the remaining part of the year or longer. But worry not because below are 3 solutions (to common problems) for those of you who have no time for meal preps.

1. Overwhelmed By Work? 

Our lives have indeed gotten busier than ever before as we all try to meet crazy deadlines and working extra shifts to save up for that dream house. But most of us have neglected ourselves in the process and the effects can be seen in those fine lines, added weight, and regular visits to the doc. The amount of time wasted in food joints is not equivalent to that of meal prepping, but the time you’d travel home for a decent meal could lead to the loss of your job. However, the matter of convenience is still a huge thing and that is the most common reasons we rely on fast food joints.

The Solution: Fast food no junk

Find a joint that offers healthy diets near your office at an affordable prices. You’ll only have to create 30 minutes or so per day to visit the nearby diner and have your lunch each day. The caveat about this is that fast foods are mostly junk and if you’re committed to a healthy diet routine, it may not be the best way to go. Also, workplaces vary and there’s no guarantee that a good fast food restaurant will always be across the street.

2. Good Food Gone Bad?

Sometimes you prepare a meal in the evening that you manage to, only for it to go bad before you get the chance to eat it. This is a disappointing scenario, especially after considering the trouble and the time you had to put in for grocery shopping, not forgetting the trouble you might have heard checking out recipes on YouTube. Maybe it got roasted up when cooking or you managed to get through, packed it in a dish, and carried it to work, only to find it ‘smelling food poison’ before you managed to get a few minutes for “lunch”. These are just a few scenarios that may discourage a majority from preparing home-cooked meals. What’s more, there are not so many recipes for individual servings, not forgetting that cooking for one can be an expensive and overwhelming affair.

The Solution: Cook for 1 or 2 and freeze, or call it up

Now, unless you are a food activist and are completely rationing to feed the masses, this solution is worth trying out. However, you’ll need to find a recipe that freezes well. For the working individual, it also means that you’ll have to be in an office where there’s a refrigerator and a microwave warmer in the kitchen. In case your time shortage is critical and related resources are limited, you’d want to check online for reviews of the top-rated frozen prepared meal delivery companies that are reputable and can help out near you. The best thing about frozen meals is that they can be custom-prepared just the way you like, containing the ingredients you need. You can even get keto diet meals delivered right at the doorstep of your home or office. Some of these meal delivery companies have even options for restricted-diet individuals such as diabetics.

3. Meal Prepping Can Be Repetitive And Boring

Believe it or not, even babies get tired of the same old breast milk, or at least that’s what they say at some point in their lives! No one wants to eat cannoli bread and chicken broth for breakfast, lunch, and supper for six days in a row! Food consciousness is putting a thought in whatever you eat and, there will not be any if this is the case.

The Solution: Batch Cook or Get a Maid Service

While it may seem unrealistic to prep 10 different meals on the weekends you are supposed to go hiking, you may find it easier picking two different breakfast options, and four lunch or dinner varieties for the coming days. Unlike eating the same meal for the whole weak, batch cooking different prepped meals may provide you with a variety of healthy meal options that you’ll alternate within the week. If you lack the preservation means or any single minute you spend in the kitchen adds ruin in your life, you’re better off hiring a full-time cook or maid already.

During a busy day, it would take you so much time at the grocery store just getting a few supplies and not to forget the traffic to and fro. In essence, food prepping will save you valuable time and resources, things you would lose while dining out. Meal preps allow you to prep just the right quantity while at the same time helping you to be on top of the quantity and quality of food you put in your body. We hope that the above solutions will help you to make sound health decisions.

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