100 Unique Neck Tattoo Designs To Ink With

Just like a nice piece of accessory worn around the neck,  unique neck tattoo designs exude a lot of personality. The designs usually chosen for this part of the body are those which are striking and convey a strong message. Inking a tattoo in the neck requires a lasting commitment from the person who will wear it.  The neck is a visible part of the body. Such an exposed tattoo will affect how other people will look at the wearer.

Aside from that having a neck tattoo will also affect one’s personal style, especially if he or she is fond of wearing neck accessories such as necklaces, choker, scarf, and others. The design may clash with the accessory or might cover the tattoo. However,  unique neck tattoo designs will already pass up as an exceptional neck accessory so there is probably no need to have accessories to be worn around the neck if one already has a neck tattoo.

However, having one is not for the faint of heart. Inking tattoo at the neck is painful as it is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Despite this, more and more people prefer to be tattooed in this part of their body. It makes them stand out more from the crowd. Even if you cannot see their faces, looking at their neck tattoo will let you learn more about a particular person. And if they have one of these unique neck tattoo designs, one can tell that they are surely one-of-a-kind.

neck tattoo designs (1)

  1. Anchor’s Away

Feeling the sailor’s vibe? Try this anchor neck tattoo design. Most people associate anchor with the sea and aside from that, it is also a symbol for stability and strength.

neck tattoo designs (1)

2. Define yourself

Why not try to ink that one word that you always had in mind? Play up this design with different lengths and styles of lines to make it more eye-catching.


neck tattoo designs (1)

3. Fly away

This beautiful pattern of birds in flight is indeed eye-catching, drawing someone’s attention from the nape, going to the ears, and, finally, towards the face.

neck tattoo designs (2)

4. Roman numerals

If words are not your thing, then, perhaps, numbers will do the trick for you. With an infinite number of possible combinations of Roman numbers, you will surely find a unique one that tickles your fancy.

neck tattoo designs (2)

5. Mythical creatures

Mythical creatures have this air of mysticism around them and if you like to exude the same mysterious flair, you better try this one.

neck tattoo designs (3)

6. Sweet dreams

Who says dream catcher only works if you place it above the head as you sleep? A permanent one inked at the neck will also give you sweet dreams, just as well. This particular design will look good for the ladies who love wearing backless or low-back outfits.

neck tattoo designs (3)

7. Butterflies on the loose

Butterflies are perceived as gentle and vibrant creatures so if you want your tattoo to have a softer vibe, you can try these little butterflies with their fluttering wings.

neck tattoo designs (4)

8. Crowning glory

Not all people wear their crowns in the head, some wear it on their necks, too. If you want a piece of royalty etched into your skin, a crown tattoo is your best bet.

neck tattoo designs (4)

9. Take a bow

At a first glance, a ribbon or a bow tattoo may look feminine but it is actually an awareness symbol. Depending on its color, a ribbon tattoo may stand for an advocacy. The ribbon might be your go-to design if you believe in the same advocacy it represents.

neck tattoo designs (5)

10. Sexy curves

Soft lines and curves flatter a womanly figure. This design composed of lines with varying degree of thickness, length and emphasis not only draws attention to the wearer, but it is also a good conversation starter.

neck tattoo designs (5)

11. A butterfly in all its glory

A tattoo need not be black all the time. With a butterfly tattoo like this, you can have all the colors that you want.

neck tattoo designs (6)

12. Swirling around

One can easily play with lines and curves when it comes to tattoo designs. This one has a minimalist vibe to it that makes it more prominent.

neck tattoo designs (6)

13. Birds in flight

This design showcases a range of distance from where the group of birds came from showing depth and movement.

neck tattoo designs (7)

14. A rose by any other name

Another reason to use color is by using rose as a neck tattoo design. Inked on one side of the neck, the design mimics that of a rose choker.

neck tattoo designs (8)

15. A rose by any other name II

Another rose tattoo design behind the neck but this one has a softer, more feminine vibe. Pulling up the hair this way will make the rose tattoo more attractive.

neck tattoo designs (9)

16. A butterfly with all its might

Butterflies can be a representation of a lot of things and in most cases, it reflects femininity. This particular design shows a butterfly with its wings fully spread; flying against the wind. A good match for a woman who is always up for a challenge.

neck tattoo designs (10)

17. 3D Spider

At first glance, it looks like a spider is crawling at this man’s neck. If you are looking for neck tattoo design that can easily grab attention, this three-dimensional spider, complete with the shadow, is the best choice for you.

18. Lace and Bow

Nothing is more feminine than this ribboned lace which also looks like it is a part of the clothes the model is wearing.

neck tattoo designs (12)

19. Another butterfly in flight

Butterfly designs are so versatile that it can be combined with other elements and will still look good. This neck tattoo design features a butterfly along with some characters from an Asian writing system.

neck tattoo designs (13)

20. More butterflies

Again, we marvel at the wonders and versatility of a butterfly design. Combine it with your name and you have your very own, personalized, unique neck tattoo design.

neck tattoo designs (14)

21. Anchor with a rope

A variation of the popular anchor neck tattoo design, an anchor tied with a rope exudes strength and security.

neck tattoo designs (15)

22. The nautical star

If you love the sea and wants another object to stand for it, try the nautical star. The five-pointed star also symbolizes the path towards the right direction. So if you have found yours or still in search of a direction in life, this one will inspire you.

neck tattoo designs (16)

23. Daddy’s little girl

Even if you are already old enough for a tattoo, you will always be daddy’s little girl. And an even better way of declaring that is by permanently inking it on the neck where everyone else can see it.

neck tattoo designs (17)

24. Wise owl

Another colorful, extreme close-up image of the head of an owl looks like a scarf worn around the neck.

neck tattoo designs (18)

25. The Om

Want something on your body that can start a deep, philosophical conversation? This om symbol is sure to fuel a cerebral discourse.

neck tattoo designs (19)

26. A flower in bloom

Flowers are also among the most popular tattoo design because of its flexibility when it comes to color combination. This one here features a warm palette that it almost looks like the sun at the first glance.

neck tattoo designs (20)

27. Your personal motto

Because of the space it provides, the nape is also a nice area to state the things you uphold just like this one here that reminds the reader to ‘stay gold’.

neck tattoo designs (21)

28. A bunch of flowers

Want a piece of nature on your neck? This design features little flowers still attached to the branch of a tree. A simple design but has quite a few design elements, one might find it difficult to find clothes that will work well with this tattoo.

neck tattoo designs (22)

29. Furry friends

Express your love for the feline through this creative visualization of the grinning cat, with its body and tail depicted by lines with varying sizes and thickness.

neck tattoo designs (23)

30. At the cross

Easily recognizable and customizable, a cross tattoo is also a popular design of choice. The cross tattoo shown in the image above is a little way down below the nape, probably, for the tattoo to still remain visible, if the wearer wants to wear her hair low.

neck tattoo designs (24)

31. Cross and wings

A cross with angel wings behind it may be a representation of the Christian faith or those who are attuned to their belief of the angels as the creation of God.


32. Eagle’s eyes II

The body of the eagle was interestingly drawn to blend with the hair of the wearer as it if was a part of it.

neck tattoo designs (26)

33. A lace scarf

Made to look like a scarf made from lace draped around the nape of the wearer, this tattoo easily resembles the real thing.

neck tattoo designs (27)

34. Fluttering feather

A nice little feather drawn upright but slightly leaning, running from the nape towards the upper back, accentuates the length of the neck.

neck tattoo designs (28)

35. A rose with its thorns

This image of a single rose with thorns and leaves. The ear covers some of the leaves which makes the image more intriguing.

neck tattoo designs (29)

36. Your name

There is no need for an introduction if you have your name inked on your neck. Don’t be surprised, though, if random strangers call you by your first name.

neck tattoo designs (30)

37. I’ve got the music in me

If you are into music, this unique neck tattoo design is for you. With the movement of the musical notes, it seems as if there’s music playing every time people see you.

neck tattoo designs (31)

38. Another cross tattoo

Cross is also a versatile tattoo design as it can be adorned with different elements and colors to make it more uniqe and interesting.


neck tattoo designs (32)

39. A feather with a tribal vibe

A simple feather tattoo becomes more appealing with the addition of some native American elements.

neck tattoo designs (33)

40. Dainty flowers

Oozing with so much girly vibes, these small and colorful flowers will add pizzazz to a monochromatic outfit.

Tattoos for men

41. Swallow me down

This tattoo looks as if a swallow landed on someone’s shoulders reading what’s inked on his skin.

neck tattoo designs (35)

42. The boy who wouldn’t grow up

If Peter Pan is your childhood hero and has been dreaming of visiting Neverland one day, you will surely love to have this classic image of him fishing while sitting on the moon inked on your neck.

neck tattoo designs (36)

43. Art imitating life or life imitating art?

Small talk or hot debate, this unique tattoo design is a nice conversation piece.

neck tattoo designs (37)

44. The panda is out

If you are looking for an animal design that represents strength, tranquility, balance, and serenity, the panda is your best match.

neck tattoo designs (38)

45. Peace, man!

The peace symbol, depicted by a circle divided into three parts, is also among the most popular tattoo designs. By wearing this symbol, you are telling the world that you are a peace-loving person.

neck tattoo designs (39)

46. An angel got my back

Expressing the things you believe in and permanently inking it on a part of your body reinforces its meaning. So, when you say that your angel is always with you, he sure is.

neck tattoo designs (40)

47. A thorny rose

Standing upright, complete with a branch full of thorns and a few leaves on the bottom, it looks as if the rose pierced the lady’s nape.

neck tattoo designs (41)

48. The twins of the zodiac

Surprisingly, these two small flowers here is another representation of the zodiac sign, Gemini. For its’ nice, intricate design, choose this one if you are a true-blooded Gemini, or even if you’re not.

neck tattoo designs (42)

49. Star-spangled nape

A cluster of three stars running down the nape makes you a star, in your own rights.

neck tattoo designs (43)

50. The universe in your neck

With this design composed of stars shining from the nape down to the lower back, you are more than what this world can handle.

neck tattoo designs (44)

51. Sugar skull

The rose, coupled with a banner that says ‘crazy’, made this sugar skull sweeter.

neck tattoo designs (45)

51. Reach for the sky

This neck tattoo of a single bird flying towards the sky will show that you are flying on your own way to reach your dreams.

neck tattoo designs (46)

52. Enter the dragon

In Chinese culture, the dragon symbolizes power and is known as the master of all elements in nature. Having a dragon tattoo is like saying, ‘Don’t mess with me’.

neck tattoo designs (47)

53. Describe yourself in one word

If there is one word that will describe you as a person, why not choose it as your own unique neck tattoo design?

neck tattoo designs (48)

54. The contrast

Individually, the skull and the rose are a universally popular tattoo design but even when combined, they are still popular for the contrasting ideas they stand for–life and death, beauty and decay. Then, there is the buttefly, symbolizing transformation, to bridge the connection.

neck tattoo designs (49)

55. The snake

This unique neck tattoo tells a story of a snake entwined in a sword pierced through the skin of the man or the person wearing the tattoo, complete with few drops of blood.

neck tattoo designs (50)

56. The lotus

The lotus flower has a dramatic story. It starts life from the bottom of a muddy body of water and then springs up and blossoms above the surface of the water. It represents something deep, and someone spiritually attuned will find an attachment to this tattoo design.

Neck Tattoos for women

57. Paw prints

This neck tattoo looks as if a small puppy has made his way towards the ear of this lady, leaving paw prints on the side of her neck.

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  • Repeated image

neck tattoo designs (53)

58. Tiger’s roar

Tiger represents ferocity, power, and strength, at the same time, it is also known as a symbol for vengeance and shrewdness.

neck tattoo designs (54)

59. Naughty or nice

A nice play on the angel-devil tattoo design, this neck tattoo shows that a human has two sides–the good and the bad.

neck tattoo designs (55)

60. Feathers or earrings?

Another feather tattoo on the neck which can be mistaken as an ear accessory.

neck tattoo designs (56)

61. Need I say more?

Inking quotation or simple phrases in the neck works double purpose. It helps deliver what you want to say, and at the same time, works as a nice neck tattoo design.

neck tattoo designs (57)

62. The big cat

The panther holds a special spot in the world of tattoo because of its sleek black color and its assertive posture.

neck tattoo designs (58)

63. The skull, the rose, and the wings

This skull and rose tattoo design has gained a different meaning with the addition of the angel’s wings, as it now depicts life, death, and ascencion into the spiritual life.

neck tattoo designs (59)

64. Wanna see my peacock?

Peacock is a magnificently colorful bird  in real life so it should always be depicted as such, most especially when  used as a tattoo design.

neck tattoo designs (60)

65. A rose from the heart

This particular rose tattoo design is different from the previous ones as it is bigger, occupying the space from the man’s chest up to the side of his neck. Nonetheless, this rose is a stark contrast to man’s masculinity.

neck tattoo designs (61)

Repeated image

neck tattoo designs (62)

66. A skull and a gun

A creative rendering of a skull firing a gun from inside the body of this man make this a unique neck tattoo design.

neck tattoo designs (63)

67. Butterfly and the fairy dust

Infuse your butterfly tattoo with magic using this fairy dust. The color combination works well against the pale skin of the lady wearing the tattoo.

neck tattoo designs (64)

68. The girl with a dragonfly tattoo

This unique neck tattoo design is three-dimensional, therefore, looking as if a real dragonfly just landed on the lady’s neck.


neck tattoo designs (65)

69. A little bird 

This little bird is perfect for those who are looking for a small but nice looking and unique neck tattoo design. The bird’s head and body may be tilted in a different angle to make it more unique.

neck tattoo designs (66)

70. Crawling crawlies

People can’t help but notice that you have a spider crawling on your neck. Good thing it is only a tattoo.


71. Fly high, little bird

To say that the bird is a popular neck tattoo design is an understatement. A different meaning springs from its every action and people can definitely relate so they make it as a permanent reminder of who they are or who they want to be.

Tribal Tattoo Designs On Neck

72. Wearing your heart on your neck

The heart is also popular in the world of tattoo and you can make it as a unique tattoo design by incorporating other design elements such as lines and shapes.

neck tattoo designs (69)

73. Find meaning in the abstract

If this one does not scream unique neck tattoo design, we do not know what else will.

neck tattoo designs (70)

74. Blessings and wings

You have earned your wings and that is a blessing, in itself. Combining the two elements in a unique neck tattoo design is a great way of expressing gratitude for all the life’s blessings.

neck tattoo designs (71)

Repeated image

neck tattoo designs (72)

75. Where’s the kitty cat?

A cat lover is someone who will wear this as a tattoo. The piercing eyes of the cat represent wisdom and intellect so do not be surprised if this cat here seems to be asking a question.

neck tattoo designs (73)

76. The butterfly choker

With this unique neck tattoo design, you do not have to wear any neck accessories at all.

neck tattoo designs (74)

Repeated image

neck tattoo designs (75)

77. Geometric patterns

If you are looking for easy yet intricately unique neck tattoo designs, using geometric lines and patterns will do the job for you.

neck tattoo designs (76)

78. Where to?

If you are looking for the right direction, then, this one is a nice tattoo design idea if you want to find out if you are, indeed, headed towards the right path.

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