Men vs Women: How We See Relationships

A harmonious and healthy relationship between a man and a woman is the main condition of their mutual happiness. Unfortunately, many couples often face misunderstandings in seemingly simple issues, which sometimes can lead to serious disagreement or even break-ups.

The answer to this problem lies in different ways men and women see things. Let’s shed light at some of those.

Expectations from relationships

Men and women have different priorities in relationships. First of all, it’s not a secret that both men’s and women’s choice of a potential partner is based on good looks. And only after they start dating, other qualities come under review.  A woman needs stability and confidence in the future. She needs a reliable and strong companion for life. For their part, men don’t plunge into relationships with thoughts of marriage with this exact person. On initial stages, they just want to have fun and enjoy being in relationships.

Expression of the emotions

Women’s inner world is like an ocean of emotions that beat over the edge. For them, the spiritual aspect prevails over the physical. Regarding the expression of feelings, women have no equal. They’ll gladly talk for hours about their state of mind. And women expect their men to behave in the same way. When this does not happen, they start to take offense. Women mistakenly believe that men are averse to emotions, that they are guided by rationalism and generally have no sympathy. But the fact that they don’t show much emotion does not mean they don’t feel anything. By their nature, men must be strong and confident. Therefore, they simply can’t afford an excessive display of feelings.

A conflict-solving strategy

Probably, everyone heard a theory that when a conflict arises between lovers, men usually try to avoid it, while to women it is critical to discuss it. It is not necessarily so, at least not always. Men and women are not very different in handling the conflict. Both need to learn to negotiate and solve their issues without getting personal. The problem here is that no one wants to find a compromise because it can affect their rights.

Attitude towards sex

A healthy sexual relationship is important to both men and women. But men see sex as a satisfaction of natural needs, while women are more inclined to associate it with love. In general, women’s need for sex arises along with deep feelings. That’s why they are less likely to involve in a one-night stand. Primarily, women experience emotions and fantasies and only after that proceed to sexual relationships. Men, on the contrary, immediately have sexual desires, after which comes the need for feelings and love.

Understanding the gender differences in perception of various life issues is important to learn co-existing and compromising. The impulsive behavior can be harmful to the romantic relationships. Before saying or doing something, both men and women need to stop for a moment and take a deep breath. We need to start respecting each other’s views and principles if we want to build a happy life together.

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