Max Polyakov’s Point Of View On How To Train A Dog Before Competitions

Max Polyakov’s Secret Tips For Dog-Owners

Being a dog is as hard as being a human. Animals have their own levels of growth and development. And we, people, only have to help them to go in a right way while passing those periods. Dogs are special pets which can perform the tightest connections with their owners. But a master has to be responsible and understand that his pet needs much attention. Max Polyakov has a colorful training background with his dog Firefly. He confirms that the teaching process may be hard but you will admit that it was worth trying. Those educational lessons will help your pet to make right decisions and act according to general rules. Moreover, a well-tamed dog will participate in tournaments without stresses and fear. Firefly becomes a member of competitions and feels confident in human’s environment.

Effective Training Rules

Max Polyakov is sure that training is a real art. You have to be ready to dedicate your efforts and time to this process. He was really patient and managed to make Firefly an obedient doggie. Now he’s confident that his little friend will know how to survive in any environment. He shares the main tips which will make you a good coach for your pet:

  • The first thing Max Polyakov did was a visit to a dog health consultant. He checked the conditions of Firefly and now takes it to a doctor regularly.
  • Setting a timetable is needed for a disciplined training. Choose proper hours and a clear spot for your lessons.
  • Let a pet learn simple commands and then add more complicated tasks.
  • Treat it with encouraging words and tasty food.
  • Never be violent towards your dog. Max Polyakov is sure that his relationships with Firefly wouldn’t be so friendly if he yelled at it during sessions. Build a trustful and calm connection between you and your dog.
  • Read specialized books.

Max Polyakov recommends adding some sports activities if you want to participate in contests. Show your dog how to jump, run, and cope with obstacles. Use a ball, tunnels, trials, boards, water platforms, and other things and constructions which will help to keep your dog active. If you train it well, maybe one day your pet manages to beat Max Polyakov’s Firefly results.

Final Words

Max Polyakov insists that not all the sports types will fit your dog. Try some activities and notice if your pet copes with them or likes them. You should also ask for an advice of a veterinarian. He will check the statement of health and body of your dog and decides which sport is preferable for it. Act according to the suggestions of a famous dog trainer and your pet will be as successful as his Firefly is.

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