How To Master The Scandinavian Fashion Style

A Nordic style is timeless and it has adopted the anti-cool minimalist approach. Scandinavian fashion brands refrain from flashy logos and too expensive ad campaigns, they focus on simple design, comfort, and ethical quality.

Women of Scandinavia have mastered the art of dressing comfortably while still looking stunning. However, they weren’t born with an infallible feeling for fashion and it isn’t easy to look both chic and cozy, but Scandi women know the trick!

If you are inspired by the Scandinavian style and want to blend in with the Scandinavian women’s style, see these tips.

Scandinavian Fashion: What Does It Look Like?

Chic styling, smart details, elegant accessories, high-quality fabrics – all these words characterize the Nordic style. Scandinavian women stick to the rule “less is more” and it concerns not only fashion but also their life. There are several pillars of the Scandinavian fashion.

Black Is A New Black

Scandi women are fans of a black color as it is solid, elegant and flattering. The black color reflects the minimalism, delicacy, and ease of the Nordic style. Annually, they invest money in several black things:

  • A little black dress is a must-have for any woman. It is stylish and it is a perfect item for layering. Besides, if you add statement accessories, a LBD becomes the option for evenings out.
  • Black pants are a practical option each time the weather gets colder. Usually, they are made of a high-quality material: wool, denim, suede, leather, they have a stylish cut and flatter the figure.
  • Black tights are one of the ways to look chic when it is sunny or when a snow storm hits. They top off any outfit and allow you to look gorgeous and feel cozy.

Sophisticated Blouses

The Scandinavian style insists on practicality, so women don’t go for statement tees and sweaters, which can’t be mixed and matched with everything. Instead of it, they opt sophisticated blouses, with which they may create many outfits. For instance, it may be low-cut silk tops, chiffon blouses, which allow layering and combining.


The temperature drop is common in Scandinavia. So, coats are a necessity, which can be extremely stylish. Thus, Swedes go for black, pink, subtle brown, navy blue colors. Blue became extremely popular on the runways of Scandinavia this year. The fabric of the coat is usually different, it may be wool, cashmere, suede.

If it is attainable, the Scandi woman adds layers as they not only help to feel comfortable, yet they create a sophisticated look. Several layers add a touch of flair both to a casual and festive outfit. Go for a cardigan over a silk blouse, a white tee (an eternal trend!) under a dress or consider blazer with long sleeve crop top outfits.

Stylish Footwear

Footwear is important for Scandi women as practicality, comfort and flair are the combination each woman strives for. So, Converse All Star sneakers should be an indispensable part of a perfect outfit. White ones are the most popular sneakers among the youth. They are worn with dresses, skirts, jeans, pants, and shorts. Another option is ankle boots, they are usually leather or suede. Thereby, they suit any clothes, protect from cold and rain and give comfort.

On top of that, Oxfords and loafers are a great casual choice. They allow you to get creative while staying sleek.


Women of Scandinavia like to mix and match wardrobe essentials. These stylish women rock the following essentials each season:

  • A white tee never goes out of style.
  • Versatile jeans: skinny, loose, flared give comfort and style.
  • Black pumps look amazing with everything.
  • Flats are comfy and chic.
  • A leather jacket is perfect for layering and it is an eternal trend!
  • A suede or leather tote bag provides comfort and makes the look complete.


Anybody, who wants to achieve a laid-back, yet trendy look, should pay attention to details. A monochrome outfit may be transformed into the outfit, suitable for a full working day and for the party with friends just by adding appropriate accessories, for instance, thor’s hammer pendant. Though Scandi women prefer a black color palette, they like making accents. These details may be versatile: a statement necklace, earrings, the belt, or the scarf of a bold hue.

Outfit Ideas

Scandi women are known for their effortless, casual style. They play around with basics like no one else in the world. They manage to look stylish without overdoing it. Here are Scandinavian outfit ideas.

  1. Casual Yet Chic

You may look feminine wearing flats. Go for a leather mini skirt, white sneakers, a plain white tee and a jacket, which helps you to endure whatever the weather throws at you. Top off the look with stylish sunglasses and you are ready for a stroll or for a party with friends.

  1. The Fusion Of Textures

Who is the Scandi woman? She is daring, self-confident and cool! Even in the rain, you may look like the million of dollars! Rock the basics: a white tee and jeans combine with mesh socks and brown shoes for an alluring contrast. Throw a brown cardigan over the tee and make the look polished by adding a black leather bag.

  1. Dark Hues

The Scandinavian style is about dark hues and high-quality fabrics. For a complicated ensemble, mix up dark hues: a dark gray wool coat, a blanket scarf of a pale gray color. Besides, if you pair them with white sneakers and a black oversized bag, you’ll get a more polished look.

  1. Simplicity Is The Key

How to look effortlessly elegant? The Scandi woman knows how! White sneakers, light gray pants, a white cotton tee and a snow-white cardigan make up a trendy look! Sunglasses and a black bag top off the outfit.

  1. Back To The Past

New, fresh twists in a street style fashion always look alluring. Get inspired by the fashion of the past years and go for denim wide-leg pants, sneakers, a white turtleneck. To make the look special, make golden chains and a wide black belt a zest of your outfit.

  1. A Pop Of Color

A statement bag and shoes are the staple items in the wardrobe. If you want to stand out, add some color to your look: red shoes and a red bag will make up a perfect ensemble with a checkered dress and a pale blue coat.

  1. Dark Layers

Layering is everything the Scandinavian woman needs. A total black outfit always looks stylish regardless the weather and the occasion. Show off your taste of style through combining textures. Ankle boots, tights, a pleated skirt, a cashmere sweater and a coat create a complicated look: both casual and formal.

  1. Chic And Neat

Different shades of a blue color prevail on the runways, so consider it if you want to be trendy. A navy blue dress, worn atop a light blue blouse and open-toe heels make up a modest, yet an attractive look.

  1. A Laid-Back Look

The combination of colors: black, brown, white is classic in the Scandinavian minimalist style. Black loafers, black pants, a black bag and a brown sweater, worn atop a plain white blouse create a perfect urban look!

Thus, the Scandinavian style is about feeling comfortable and being a cool woman! Get inspired and style your life and wardrobe the Scandinavian way!

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