Main Problems during College Studies and Ways to Solve Them!

Going to college is a beautiful thing. It is one of the best experiences in life, and a source of wonderful memories to cherish for a lifetime. Like in every other phase of life, there are ups and downs of being a college student. There are good times and tough times.

It is like starting a new lease of life, a life of self-reliance and self-discovery. Leaving all the comfort of home to fend for oneself. This helps in shaping the perspective of life in the long run. It is a very enlightening this stage of life, but some students enter it unprepared and are prone to be overwhelmed.

It doesn’t have to be the same story for you, with these tips in mind, you can scale through;

Time Management

One of the major struggles encountered in college involves academics. Students take a large number of units and want to find time for different other areas of life. Students struggle to find time for social life, work, family and other things. All these factors impede at the time of the student and can get the student overwhelmed. A student without proper knowledge would find it hard to manage his or her time. The next thing they know is that they are drowning in schoolwork. In the long run, a student is not able to achieve anything at this pace.

To improve your time management skills, you can take several steps. Set and know the limits. It is important to set limits to different aspects of life on campus and stick to this limit. Setting a schedule can help set these limits. Having everything planned out and following through will ensure the best experience.


Tuition fees, cost of living, rent, transport, and many other demands for money. It is very easy for the student to run into debts in this situation. Many students have quit college because they couldn’t afford the expenses. In a lot of cases, students graduate, with a pile of debts to pay.

The possibility of getting a student loan is high. But, a student who can’t manage loans and repayment would find himself on a hook. To be out of debts and maximize free time, it is advisable to take up jobs – lucrative jobs. The thing about lucrative jobs is that they require a proper set of skills. You need to have the skills to be able to earn well.

Gig economy is taking shape in the world, and you can make money without leaving the room. One of the most lucrative ways to make money on the side is to become a freelance writer. This way you can apply skills that you learn in college right away. There are various writing services that work with freelancers around the world. If you need also academic help with your college assignments, essays, dissertations, etc., such services have “write my essay for me” option that can help to submit your tasks according to all requirements and deadlines. With proper planning, it is possible to make money as freelancer, and still ace exams and tests.

Finding New Friends

Connections matter; the inner circle determines how far one can go in life. The inner circle consists of the closest friends and getting the right set of friends is not that easy.

There are several ways to make friends in college. Remember, you don’t have to change to find new friends. Be yourself, and the friends will come. Being involved in the various activities of interest can speed up the process.


This is common among freshmen, as it is the first time they are away from home. They get to miss home, and this feeling strikes really hard.

The modern means of communication are here to come to the rescue. Students can always call home and have people from home visit. It is important to consider that a student can adapt to the new life in no time. There are many ways to deal with homesickness and by the sophomore years most students adapt to their new environment.


This is really not a problem at its core, but too much of everything is not exactly good. Freedom feels good and can often overwhelm an individual. A lot of students take advantage of this freedom by going on an excessive partying spree. This is where one can get exposed to drugs and alcohol, and the excess of these can be of their undoing.

Parties are great, but it is important to be responsible about it. Thinking before drinking is the best way to avoid creating problems for oneself. Following college party tips will also help you make it through with minimal health risks.

College is a great place to be. If you are looking to enter anytime soon, be mindful of your actions and enjoy the experience. There is no reason to fret, you got this.

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