100 Artistic Lower Back Tattoos Ideas For Girls

Lower back tattoos are fun and special because they attract attention towards a sexy area of a woman’s body — their bottoms. The practice of placing a tattoo on this area gained popularity in the early 2000s, spearheaded by celebrities like Britney Spears and Pamela Anderson. Its popularity is also partnered with the increasing demand for low-rise jeans and crop tops. This completely changed the stigma against women who were viewed as violent if they bore tattoos. Lower back tattoos began to be appreciated as they were often seen erotic.

Listed below are a hundred examples of lower back tattoos for women for you to draw inspiration from. Each tattoo speaks of different things so be sure to get one that reflects you, as it is going to be permanent.

  1. This is a tattoo of crossed angel wings. It implies that you are kind but at the same time, you’re secluded. The fact that it is shaped like a heart adds another layer of detail. It is very feminine.

lower back tattoos (1)

2. A colorful tattoo of a bird says that you are young and carefree. This also greatly shows off the skills of the tattoo artist — the details and the application of color are obviously products of talent.

lower back tattoos (1)

3. A lotus flower with details that look like tendrils is another great idea. The bold outlines make the tattoo pop out of the skin. The details of the shadows make the flower three-dimensional and more realistic.

lower back tattoos (2)

4. A gray-scale flower is definitely attractive. Maximizing one single color and creating a very defined image out of it is amazing.

lower back tattoos (3)

5.  Nothing compares to a harsh reminder that nothing lasts forever, so you might as well enjoy something while it lasts. Quotes or popular sayings make great tattoo ideas, too. For as long as it is something you’ll always believe in, there are no problems with having it permanently etched on your skin.

lower back tattoos (4)

6. Having someone’s initials permanently etched unto your skin isn’t exactly a great idea, but unless it’s someone you’re sure of, then it is fine. The pistols and the heart definitely gives off a “Guns n Roses” vibe. The intricate details on the pistols are stunning.

lower back tattoos (5)

7. Here is a tattoo of three elements: a tribal print, peacock feathers, and a flower. Who says you should limit yourself to a single tattoo, when your personality is represented by three? It is acceptable to have multiple tattoos. Just remember that they must complement each other, or at least not look weird altogether.

lower back tattoos (6)

8. This is a galaxy-themed tattoo. The different shades of blue and the stars reminds the viewer of outerspace and celestial bodies.

lower back tattoos (7)

9. Here is a flower that appears to be blown off into the wind, and then the petals transition into birds. It is very creative because it incorporates two elements into one.

lower back tattoos (8)

10. Another flower tattoo with swirly details at the side. The bright color selection gives off a youthful and feminine vibe.

lower back tattoos (9)

11. This is a tattoo which displays the union of the strongest forces known to mankind: good and evil.

lower back tattoos (10)

12. Here is a tattoo of a bashful angel. It speaks of shyness and kindness. The bold letters underneath also add a great detail.

lower back tattoos (11)

13. A very colorful tattoo of a bird. This definitely shows the amount of time and effort invested into this tattoo.

lower back tattoos (12)

14. You can never go wrong with a grayscale tattoo of roses. It is classic and beautiful.

lower back tattoos (13)

15. An owl is known as a timeless symbol of wisdom. Having it as a tattoo implies that you are wise, and the feathers of the bird is also a beautiful detail.

lower back tattoos (14)

16. This tribal tattoo is very bold and definitely hard to miss!

lower back tattoos (15)

17. Stars are classic elements in tattoo design.


18. Adding curves and symmetry to your butterfly design definitely gives it elegance.

lower back tattoos (17)

19. A tattoo about love never goes out of style. Love is timeless and lives through the generations.

lower back tattoos (18)

20. A fierce tattoo of a mythical creature is also cool.

lower back tattoos (19)

21. A tattoo that traces your spine is a great design. It is also sexy because it attracts the attention towards the length of your torso.

lower back tattoos (20)

22. A tattoo with bugs and flowers is very adorable. It gives off the impression of being youthful.

lower back tattoos (21)

23. Getting a cancer zodiac sign tattoo is very personal. Adding tongues of fire around it is also a good idea.

lower back tattoos (22)

24. This aquatic tattoo of a mermaid, an anchor, and some seahorses clearly speaks of one’s love for the ocean and all the creatures within.

lower back tattoos (23)

25. This tattoo is probably a personal design. It aptly brings attention to the lower back area.

lower back tattoos (24)

26. This lower back tattoo of a flower is very feminine because of its colors.

lower back tattoos (25)

27. This intricate tattoo of a peacock is very beautiful. The colors complement each other and the detail is clean.

lower back tattoos (26)

28. This is a minimalist tattoo of a bird. As always, birds are symbols of freedom and the ability to go wherever one pleases without being held back.

lower back tattoos (27)

29. This bold outline of a heart and all the surrounding details is also a great idea because all of the elements of the tattoo are situated at the lowest area of the back, therefore easily visible.

lower back tattoos (28)

30. This tattoo of a lace intertwined gives the illusion of the woman having her back corseted into that hourglass shape. It is very creative and sexy.

31. This is a simple tattoo of a butterfly and some flowers. The colors were limited to two, which is neat.

lower back tattoos (30)

32. This is a very patriotic tattoo because it incorporates the key colors and elements of the American flag into the insect.

lower back tattoos (31)

33. This is a simple tattoo of a star. The minimal details made it look classy.

lower back tattoos (32)

34. Here is another minimalistic yet elegant tattoo design.

lower back tattoos (33)

35. This is a tattoo of a vibrant dragonfly. It is strategically placed along the side.

lower back tattoos (34)

36. This is a very realistic tattoo of a group of butterflies. The variations in their sizes and wing positions added a nice detail to the tattoo.

lower back tattoos (35)

37. This botanical tattoo is very colorful and sends off a youthful impression.

lower back tattoos (36)

38. This tattoo of birds that directly mirror each other obviously takes skill. It’s very impressive that they look exactly like the direct opposite.

lower back tattoos (37)

39. You can never go wrong with a personalized tattoo.

lower back tattoos (38)

40. Here is another traditional floral tattoo at the lower back. There are numerous ways to customize this as something that’s personal and yours. You can add variation to the tendrils and you can manipulate your color selection.

lower back tattoos (39)

41. Here is another floral design. The scattered petals along the tendrils definitely added variation and originality.

lower back tattoos (40)

42. This bright-colored tattoo has graceful curved designs that represent a multitude of things. The most astounding detail about this is how the tattoo appears to be in motion at first glance.

lower back tattoos (41)

43. This is another flower tattoo that is located both at the upper and lower back. This is definitely a nice accessory at the instance that one is wearing a backless dress.

lower back tattoos (42)

44. This detailed tattoo is fun and creative because it attempts to give the illusion that the scorpion is legitimately piercing the skin.

lower back tattoos (43)

45. This is a butterfly tattoo surrounded by tribal prints that morph into leaf vines. There are so many elements incorporated into one.

lower back tattoos (44)

46. This is a very simple tattoo composed of tribal print. It is elegant in its own way.

lower back tattoos (45)

47. This is a fun tattoo of a huge bow and some scattered stars. The bright color selection gives it a youthful finish.

lower back tattoos (46)

48. This is a tattoo of stars drawn out in different styles. It expresses uniformity because the thought of stars is the same, but there’s also variation in the way each star is delivered. It definitely shows off creativity.

lower back tattoos (47)

49. This tattoo of a quill in the process of writing a sentence is a great concept. It is very unique.

lower back tattoos (48)

50. This tattoo is a of cultural symbolism. It depicts icons from the Indian culture.

lower back tattoos (49)

51. This is a tattoo of a unicorn at the upper area with droplets along the spine and a butterfly at the lower back with some tribal prints. There are so many elements mixed into one and it’s very creative.

lower back tattoos (50)

52. This is another flower with some bold tendrils emerging from it. This tattoo speaks strongly of freshness and growth.

lower back tattoos (51)

53. This tattoo of stars and swirls looks beautiful because of the details and the creative use of negative space to highlight the stars.

lower back tattoos (52)

54. This is a very personal tattoo. The text can always be customized to what you desire. The patriotic butterflies at the side also give a nice touch.

lower back tattoos (53)

55. This tattoo looks like a fusion of leaves, beach waves, and octopus tentacles to form a symmetrical pair of wings.

lower back tattoos (54)

56. Here is a minimalist and bold tattoo of a winged insect. The consistency in using geometrical shapes throughout the tattoo is cool.

lower back tattoos (55)

57. This is a tattoo of an anchor with a heart-shaped loop and some flourishes at the side. The heart and the pink ink is very feminine and sweet. Anchors can be used as reminders to stay grounded all the time.

lower back tattoos (56)

58. This is a tattoo of flowers which appear to be roses but the middle part resembles a Venus flytrap. The leaves and stems are only outlined, which emphasizes the bold shade of the flowers. The red droplets of what appears to be blood added a gothic feel to the tattoo.

lower back tattoos (57)

59. This small tattoo of a winged insect with flared details at the side is so feminine.

lower back tattoos (58)

60. Here is another variation of the peacock tattoo listed earlier. The colorful feathers that run down by the waist is attractive.

lower back tattoos (59)

61. This minimalistic tattoo of veins or reversed tree roots looks awesome. Trees are often symbols of growth and life. Having them inverted could also make it appear like they are deer antlers. I guess the only person who can tell what this tattoo really is is the woman in the photo. In the meantime, we must know that tattoos are art, and art is always open to interpretation.

lower back tattoos (60)

62. This mixture of botanical elements with tribal print is very unique.

lower back tattoos (61)

63. This is a tattoo of a dove with a heart on its chest. It is carrying a stem of a plant. It is simple and it looks very sweet.

lower back tattoos (62)

64. This tattoo of a bunny surrounded by bold prints is very sexy. The bunny is very similar to the logo of Playboy, a very popular men’s magazine. This then implies that the bunny tattoo might be of sexual nature. The tribal patterns and symbols are bold and complements the bunny tattoo.

lower back tattoos (63)

65. This is a detailed tattoo of an angel or a cherub. It looks sweet and gives off the vibe of innocence.


66. This tattoo of a sexy cat is definitely alluring. It may serve as a representation of yourself. The minimalist tattoo also appears very clean and very feminine.

lower back tattoos (65)

67. This tattoo used an Old English font style and incorporated more symbols within the design. The result looks very bold.

lower back tattoos (66)

68. You can also place a quote or a phrase in script font. It may serve as a constant reminder to you about something that’s very important. Just make sure that the text doesn’t have any grammatical errors, or else you’ll have to live with it for the rest of your life!

lower back tattoos (67)

69. The lower back tattoo illustrates three roses and a heart-shaped vial with flames coming out of it. Her whole back is covered with tattoos, but the one she placed at her lower back is fitting to be placed there because it is attractive and sexy.

lower back tattoos (68)

70. This is a tattoo of a butterfly among what appears to be sea foam. There are also flowers in the tattoo. It is definitely a very feminine tattoo.

lower back tattoos (72)

71. Here is another tattoo of a flower surrounded by tribal print. This is creative because it is a fusion of two contrasting elements: a flower is very soft whereas tribal prints represent toughness.

lower back tattoos (74)

72. This tattoo made use of dots too create details and shadows. The end result made the tattoo look grainy, which is an unusual texture that you should definitely try out.

lower back tattoos (75)

73. This is a very edgy tattoo because of the harsh lines. There are also symbols for angles and there are wings for angels, as well as a bold arrow pointing upwards. Obviously, a cryptic tattoo like this one can only  be interpreted by its owner due to its very private nature.

lower back tattoos (76)

74. This tattoo illustrates a very majestic pegasus, a mythical creature which is a winged stallion and the son of Poseidon.

lower back tattoos (77)

75. This tattoo is a huge detailed rose, decorated by leaves, stars, and tendrils. The colors in it complement each other. The mixture of details also reflect the personality of the wearer — taking such a bold tattoo requires a strong spirit.

lower back tattoos (78)

76. This is a very elaborate tattoo of a blossoming lotus, with two smaller flowers at the sides. It is very attractive because it is feminine.

lower back tattoos (79)

77. This is a patterned tattoo of what appears to be flower petals and feathers. The symmetry and details are astounding! This definitely required talent. The colorful feathers at the middle must be peacock feathers. The multiple patterns incorporated into this intricate design definitely reminds one of a mandala.

lower back tattoos (80)

Those are just a few of tattoo examples you can draw inspiration from. Since tattoos are going to be permanent on your skin, remember to exercise caution and to be sure of what you want. It can be anything — symbols, patterns, animals, or meaningful text. You have the power over the size and the details of your tattoo. Everything is up to you. Just remember that the most important thing is that the tattoo makes you happy.

Another important thing to note when getting lower back tattoos is the tattoo artist and tattoo parlor. Since the process of getting a tattoo involves wounding your skin, it is very important that you get it from the experts who are licensed to do so. The environment and the materials to be used must be clean so as to avoid infection. It is also better to get a seasoned tattoo artist rather than a newbie or a hobbyist because the experts are less likely to commit mistakes such as uneven lines or digging too much into the skin. Your wellbeing and safety should always be the utmost priority.

The last thing to remember, especially if it is your first time getting a tattoo, is how that day is going to be special. It is going to be memorable which is why you should consider bringing a companion with you to share the moment with. You may bring your friends or loved ones with you. They could also serve as sources of moral support. The sound of the needle etching into your skin and the pain may get overwhelming. Additionally, detailed tattoos take hours to make, so you might get bored. Having someone to accompany you will basically make the ordeal better. Talking to a friend while getting a tattoo can take your mind off of the pain and could make the time fly faster, which is great.

Overall, lower back tattoos are special forms of art that requires preparation. The day you get one is a special day, and it would be great to share it with special people.

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