Learning to Blow Dry Your Hair Will Change your Life, Here’s Why

Life skills that you can add to your résumé: punctuality? check! Organized? check! Team player? Check! Great at blow drying? Okay, maybe not… However that’s not to dispute the fact that blow-drying your hair is not an incredibly valuable life skin for a woman to possess. As a matter of fact, we’re definitely not exaggerating when we say that becoming a great blow-drying extraordinaire can change your life. Here’s how..

1. You Can Possess Sleek, Shiny, Mermaidy Locks

Do you ever see those women with hair so shiny and well conditioned that you scowl at them with a sense of fury and disgust. How do they achieve such luscious locks? It must be some form of witchcraft or black magic voodoo, right? Well no, not exactly. More than likely it isn’t witchcraft, it’s effective and careful blow-drying.
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2. Minimal Tools Can Help You Achieve Perfection

When you are blow-drying your hair – whether to achieve sleek, straight locks or great big bouncing curls, all you really need is a brush, your blow-dryer, a hair brush and some heat protection spray and you’re good to go! That means that there is nothing minimum hassle and minimum expense involved in getting that “just left the salon” look.

3. You Can Straighten Your Hair in No Time!

Before you straighten your hair (or even if you don’t possess straightening irons and you are just going to blow-dry your hair), blow-drying with a large paddle brush and a funnel to concentrate the heat of your blow-dryer on a specific section of hair can help you to work out kinks in your hair and to straighten it well.


Simply use clips to separate sections from your hair and work your magic on it, one small section at a time. Prior to doing so, spritz your hair with some heat protection spray  (to prevent damage and wiry split ends from the heat) and after blow-drying, apply a small amount of serum to ensure your hair will be looking sleek and shiny – so that you too can become one of those women that you envy and hate, and your hair will be so sleek that the moonlight will be bouncing off its reflection.

4. The Styling Options are Endless!


Whether you want to blow-dry your hair so that you have chic, sleek, sophisticated straight locks, or you want to use your blow-dryer to inject a little volume, oomph and va-va-voom to your hair, you have the option to do either.

5. Sweep Your Hair From Your Eyes in a Sassy Fashion

If you have bangs or a fringe then perhaps you are looking for a little variety in the styling of your hair. Have you ever noticed those gals who have their hair effortlessly swept back from their face and it just sort of stays that way somehow? Now, as an expert blow-dryer extraordinaire you too can achieve that effortless look.

You can start by sectioning the hair so that you can concentrate on specific areas at a time. Use clips to separate your hair into small, manageable sections.

5. Flick Out Your Bangs

For maximum volume (and maximum oomph!), use a thermal brush to work your magic while sweeping your hair away from your face. A thermal brush will conduct more heat than your average hairbrush and therefore it will inject maximum volume when used in partnership with your hairdryer.

Flicking out your bangs is simple. You can go from having bangs that stick to the sides of your head flatter than pancakes, to high glam flicks in no time. To do so, all you need to do is:


  1. To begin, concentrate on one side of your hair first before approaching the other. Ensure that the nozzle is attached to your blow dryer in order to better concentrate the hot air on the section of hair you are drying.
  2. Roll the brush away from your face, sweeping your hair to one side while using the blow-dryer. Consider the angle that you are using the brush, since this will impact the way that the hair will look swept away from your face.
  3. Repeat time and again until the hair is dry and set in place. Allow the hair the opportunity to cool down before you release your brush each time. If you want the effects of the blow-dry to last, cooling the hair down is important as it allows it to set in place.

6. You Can Create Big Barrel Hollywood Curls

Isn’t it the truth that those who are born with curly hair always dream of having a  sleek, polka straight look, and those with polka straight locks long for volume and waves. Fortunately, with blow-drying, all styles are easily achievable. Large, glamorous, Hollywood style curls can be achieved without the use of curling irons, curlers or any complex tools. All you need is your blow-dryer, nozzle for concentration, and a brush!

7. You Can Use Blow Drying to Add Extra Shine

Just like rinsing your hair with cold water after washing adds shine, so to does adding a quick burst of cold air with your blow-dryer. Simply give your hair a quick blast when you’re done styling. This also helps to set your ‘do in place.


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