90 Arresting Kimono Outfits For Girls To Try

Aside from scarves, women also love to wear kimonos. Kimonos, on the other hand, are very easy to wear and they can be matched with any outfit with ease. Today, there are lots of ways to style your kimonos. From which, we have compiled 90 arresting kimono outfits for girls to try.

Either way, if you love wearing a kimono then keep reading this content and find out how to style your kimono.

Adorable Kimono Boho Style Outfit

This kimono outfit never goes out of fashion. In fact, it can turn you into a head turner, chic, and gorgeous lady.

kimono outfits0001

Bohemian Kimono Outfit

The most exciting part of this kimono outfit is that you can pair it with existing accessories inside your closet. You can also use a wooden jewelry while wearing this bohemian outfit.

kimono outfits0011

Floral Kimon Outfit

This outfit will give you a younger and fresher look that will make your partner fall in love with you over and over again.

kimono outfits0021

Kimono Outfit for Summer

Fall in love with this simple yet stunning outfit inspiration with black jeans and a white blazer.

kimono outfits0031

Printed Kimon & Sexy Shorts

If you’re looking for a sexy and romantic way to wear your kimono and sexy shorts then this outfit is for you.

kimono outfits0041

Lace Kimono Outfit

You can take your simple summer outfit to a higher level with this arresting kimono outfit inspiration.

kimono outfits0051

Sexy Floral Kimon Outfit

Wear a simple dress and a long kimono for a boho-chic look as well as outfit.

kimono outfits0061

Silk Robe Outfit

This comfy, practical, and chic kimono outfit will instantly improve your overall look.

kimono outfits0071

Tie-dyed Kimono and Denim Shorts

This beautiful kimono outfit can give you a casual feel and it will keep you comfortable al throughout the day.

kimono outfits0081

3/4 Sleeves Floral Kimon Beachwear

Want to upgrade your usual beach outfit? If so, having this outfit is a great idea.

kimono outfits0091

Kimono-style Jacket

Searching for a polished way to wear a kimono-style jacket. Look no further, because this kimono outfit is worth considering.

kimono outfits0101

Sweet Kimono Chic Outfit

This kimono outfit looks very stylish. Actually, in just a blink you’ll have a fashionable look with this outfit.

kimono outfits0111

Romper Kimono

This kimono outfit will look stylish and cute on everyone.

kimono outfits0121

Bohemian Style Clothing

Another boho chic kimono outfit that is perfect for ladies who don’t have any idea on how to transform their cardigans to a head turner outfit.

kimono outfits0131

Fashionable Summer Kimono Outfit

Take a look at this fashionable summer kimono outfit that can be worn during casual occasions.

kimono outfits0141

Loose Shawl Kimono

Have a look at this simple but eye-catching kimono outfit inspiration.

kimono outfits0151

Tokyo Style Fashion Outfit

A unique kimono outfit that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Street Style at Tokyo Fashion Week

Long Kimono

Want to have a sexy look without revealing too much of your skin? If yes, then this arresting kimono outfit is something worth getting.

kimono outfits0171

Floral Kimono 

There are lots of reasons why should you consider wearing this flora kimono outfit. Because aside from being stylish, it will also give you a decent appearance.

kimono outfits0191

Kimono Outfit For Beach

With this outfit, you will be able to style your cardigans or kimonos with ease. Plus, it is a perfect outfit when going to the beach.

kimono outfits0201

White Floral Kimono

This romantic kimono outfit can offer you a delicate and attractive look.

kimono outfits0211

Skinny Shoes and Floral Kimono

If you love wearing a pair of skinny shoes as well as a floral kimono, then you should try this trendy kimono outfit.

kimono outfits0221

Crochet Kimono Style

Rock your summer style with this arresting kimono outfit inspiration.

kimono outfits0231

Negin Mirsalehi Kimono Outfit

Looking for a casual and summer outfit? Why don’t you give this Negin Mirsalehi’s kimono outfit a try?

kimono outfits0251

Coachella and Boho Chic Outfit

Dress to impress with this Coachella and boho chic kimono outfit.

kimono outfits0261

Leggings and Kimono

Some girls rarely wear their leggings because the feel like they are too revealing and too tight. If you are one of them, then get your leggings from your wardrobe because this outfit is for you.

kimono outfits0271

Kimono Outfit for Spring

When it comes to casual attire, this kimono outfit is worth trying for.

kimono outfits0281

Summer Kimono Fashion

Searching for a summer outfit that will not only give you a comfortable feeling but also a stunning look? Then this kimono outfit is for you.

kimono outfits0291

Boho Chic Summer Kimono Outfit

A summer kimono outfit that will definitely show your curves and make you look slimmer.

kimono outfits0301

Street Style Kimono Outfit

If you will attend a street party but haven’t decided what outfit to wear, then this kimono outfit is a good choice.

kimono outfits0311

Stylish Kimono

If you want to add a layer to your sexy outfit, then placing a stylish kimono on top of it is a good idea.

kimono outfits0321

Flare Jeans & Kimono Outfit

Ar you already sick of wearing fitted jeans? If so, then trying this flare jeans and kimono outfit is a good idea.

kimono outfits0331

Tops w/ Flared Jeans

Keep your attire simple yet stunning with this kimono outfit.

kimono outfits0341

Kimono with Shorts

Kimonos that are paired with shorts looks classic. So what are you waiting for? Grab your shorts and kimono and give this outfit a try.

kimono outfits0351

Classy Boho Chic Outfit

Need some outfit inspiration? Then this pretty and polished kimono outfit is for you.

kimono outfits0361

Chic Kimono Outfit

Do you want to wear your kimono in a more professional way? Then this chic kimono outfit is the answer to your problem.

kimono outfits0371

Kimonos and Skirt

This kimono outfit paired with a skirt will highlight your curves in a decent way.

kimono outfits0381

Fancy Kimono Outfit

This outfit inspiration proves that dresses and kimonos are great combinations.

kimono outfits0391

Kimonos and Jeans

This outfit can give you a casual, beautiful, and most importantly a comfortable look and feel.

kimono outfits0411

Distressed Jeans and Flair Kimono

Love wearing jeans and kimonos? If so, then including this outfit in your list a good idea.

kimono outfits0421

Kimono Style Outfit

This fashionable see-through kimono outfit will give you an alluring and sexy look. Also, this outfit is very popular during the summer.

kimono outfits0431

Black Dress w/ Kimono

It is a great way to wear a simple and plain black dress.

kimono outfits0441

Printed Kimono with Shorts

Another sexy and cool way to rock the kimono trend.

kimono outfits0451

Kimono with Pants

With this kimono outfit, you will definitely believe that chubby is the new sesy.

kimono outfits0461

Kimono with Long Dress

Pair your long kimono with a long dress for a more stunning and gorgeous look.

kimono outfits0471

Fall Music Festival Outfit

This kimono outfit can give you a cute yet elegant appearance.

kimono outfits0491

Kimono and Ripped Jeans

Step up your look with this blue ripped skinny jeans and black floral kimono outfit.

kimono outfits0501

Bohemian Style Kimono Outfit 

Another bohemian style kimono outfit that can give you a natural and fierce look.

kimono outfits0511

Simple Kimono Outfit

Create a simple and easy look with this kimono outfit that is paired with blue fitted jeans.

kimono outfits0521

Tie Dye and Lace Kimono Outfit

You will definitely have a whole new look with this amazing kimono outfit.

kimono outfits0531

Kimono and Crop Top

Looking for a casual outfit but want to make it elegant. Then, this kimono outfit that is paired with a crop top and colored jeans is worth considering.

kimono outfits0541

Casual Boho Outfit

If you will attend a casual event, then you may possibly want to try this outfit.

kimono outfits0551

Kimono over Short Shorts

If you want your kimono to be the centerpiece of your attire, then this outfit is the best option.

kimono outfits0571

Eye-catching Kimono Outfit

A simple but a very-catching kimono that every girl out there should try.

kimono outfits0581

Japanese Floral Kimono

Make your day fresh, elegant, and comfortable with this floral kimono outfit.

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Lonk Kimono Outfit

Going for a vacation and looking for a nice and comfy outfit? Then this long kimono outfit is the one that you are looking for.

kimono outfits0601

Black Lace Kimono Outfit

A very stylish and bohemina inspired kimono outfit.

kimono outfits0611

Maxi Kimono Over a White T-shirt and Green Pants

A simple kimono outfit for a normal day.

kimono outfits0621

Jessica Alba’s Kimono Outfit

A perfect summer outfit idea that will make you stand out from the crowd.

kimono outfits0631

Kimono Outfit With Jeans

Another stylish kimono outfit paired with faded blue and ripped jeans. This outfit is ideal for ladies who love wearing kimonos and ripped jeans.

kimono outfits0641

Casual Spring Kimono Outfit

A refreshing outfit idea that can give you a casual and stunning look.

kimono outfits0651

Trendy Summer Kimono Outfit

If you want to have a sexy but not too revealing summer outfit, then this one is worth trying for.

kimono outfits0661

Kimono Over A Long Sleeve Dress

If you are wearing a long sleeve dress, try placing a kimono on top of it for a more fashionable look.

kimono outfits0671

Classy Kimono Outfit

If you prefer to wear a simple white t-shirt, jeans, and kimono, then you give this classy kimono outfit a try.

kimono outfits0701

Flower Print Kimono

Looking for an all-black outfit? Then this one is for you. Actually, this outfit can offer you a head turner and as well as comfortable look.

kimono outfits0711

Short Style Kimono

A chic and stylish kimono outfit that is ideal for ladies who are always looking for an easy to make OOTD (outfit of the day).

kimono outfits0721

Kimono w/ Lace Short

This inviting kimono outfit is perfect for ladies who want a feminine and fluttering look.

kimono outfits0741

Kimono with Ombre Shorts

A cute kimono outfit that will keep you looking chic. Also, it will upgrade your style to a whole different level.

kimono outfits0751

Long Floral Kimono

This long floral kiimono outfit will look more elegant when paired with a white short and white palin shirt.

kimono outfits0761

Cool Kimono Outfit

Make your denim shorts as well as floral tee more stunning with this cool kimono outfit.

kimono outfits0771

Long Kimono Over A Pair of Boots and Fitted Jeans

Looking for a trendy and unique kimono outfit? Worry no more, because this one is for you.

kimono outfits0781

Hot Kimono Outfit

Want to show the world how sexy you are? There is no doubt, this kimono outfit is for you.

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Kimono over a Short Denim Shorts

This kimono over a short denim shorts attire is one of the most popular and best summer outfits today.

kimono outfits0811

Formal Kimono Outfit

Transform your formal attire to a whole different look with this kimono outfit inspiration.

kimono outfits0821

Very Sexy Kimono Outfit

Make your denim shorts more dressy and fashionable by wearing a kimono and fitted (sexy) shirt.

kimono outfits0831


Kimonos are very stylish and can be incorporated into any of your existing outfits with ease. Kimonos, on the other hand, are created to be comfortable and can be customized.

Either way, if you are planning to experiment with your fashion style or want to try a new outfit. Now is the right time. Grab your kimono, choose an outfit inspiration, and start optimizing your look.

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