Is Hiring a Professional Cleaner Worth It?

We live in an age of outsourcing these days, with just about any minor task being able to be done for us with the swipe of a finger or the dial of a cell phone. One of the earliest types of work to get outsourced was domestic work around the home. Cleaning, mostly, as most people would rather enjoy their lives by relaxing as opposed to making sure their home is spic and span. Of course, as time has gone on it is no longer solely the aristocrats and diplomats that have access to cleaning services. The average Joe can afford someone to come by twice a week, that’s just one of the great things about modern society. The thing is, is it worth it for Average Joe to shell out the cash to get his pad cleaned?

Let’s go over some of the main benefits right now:

Keep Allergies At Bay

Lots of people have allergies to common things like dander, dust, and other miscellaneous debris. If you’re allergic to any of these things then you’re no stranger to that feeling of eyes welling up with tears while your throat hacks and wheezes until you’ve managed to get away from whatever was causing the issue. Most people are reluctant to really clean & dust their home because there’s a good chance they’ll have an allergic attack, but if they don’t do that deep clean then eventually the allergens will be too much to bear. With a cleaning service, there’s no risk to yourself whatsoever.

Professional Clean

You only clean out of necessity, these people clean for a living. They know all of the best techniques and products as well as hopefully having something resembling pride in their work. They’ve seen a lot and cleaned a lot, they know what hiding spots dirt & dust like to frequent. Cleaners in places like New York City understand exactly what kind of detritus will come by in the Big Apple, more so than you might even if you’ve lived there for some time. Expect where you live to factor into their level of clean, you can expect cleaning services NYC to be a pinch above somewhere where things move a lot slower with less variety. The bottom line is, metropolitan cleaners provide a metropolitan standard of cleanliness. Not to mention, they know exactly what to use to clean special surfaces like hardwood, laminate, or granite. They can’t risk ruining any part of your home, they lose their paycheck, so expect meticulous work.

Hours Of Saved Time

Cleaning takes time, plain and simple. Time you could spend better working on your career, spending time with friends and family, or just lounging around the house. There’s a huge premium on time because it can’t be bought. Think about it this way, if a genie offered to free up hours of your time over the course of a week for a small fee, would you take the deal? This is one of the biggest draws to a maid service in my opinion.

Hiring a cleaning service might leave you with a bit less spare cash at the end of the month, but you’re buying a lot more than just clean. In the end, you’re buying convenience, comfort, and peace of mind knowing that your home is truly in the best possible condition it can be.


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