Irvine Movers from Movers Best Conquer Clients Hearts

Sometimes it’s enough to change a place of living in order to start a new page in your life. If you are one of those go-getters moving from or to Irvine, California, take care of the quality moving services beforehand. People helping you to relocate play a great role because the smoothness of their work enhances your confidence, whereas incompetent actions might make you feel anxious and confused.

Movers Best in Irvine

Orange County is a territory where Movers Best company works. They have the branch team of Irvine Movers who have gained the trust of local inhabitants and the fame as careful polite professionals who are recommended to friends.

They offer great solutions for residential and commercial relocations. Irvine movers from Movers Best will assist you, if you are planning:

  • a local move
  • an interstate relocation
  • a cross-country move

The company will provide you:

  • optional packing or unpacking
  • optional assembly and disassembly
  • storage containers of various sizes and materials for different needs
  • free packing materials
  • own comfortable trucks

Yelp Testimonials

As you know, testimonials serve as the best advertising and are able both to prove the high standards of services and tarnish the company’s reputation. As Movers Best is a Yelp moving company and has been rated by the popular website, clients can easily find other experienced customers reviews of the moving service and draw your own conclusions.

In fact, we have already looked through real people reviews of Movers Best on and want to share our findings with you. So, what do clients say? See the list:

  • 5-stars quality service
  • highly recommended
  • polite movers
  • careful with furniture
  • experienced and skilled professionals
  • amazing, professional , organized , friendly, courteous guys
  • efficient job

Guidelines for a Smooth Move

A good relocating service will take care of every tiny detail of the move. Nevertheless, you should know some key life hacks when arranging a move. Here are 11 tips for you. Following them will make your move more pleasant.

  1. Cut openings in cardboard boxes in order to make handles. Use a clerical knife for this purpose. It is much more convenient to transfer boxes in this way!
  2. Improvised self-made handles for boxes can be made from scotch tape.
  3. Handles of boxes in the lockers should be screwed in, then they will survive during the move.
  4. Wrap lockers with cling film. In this case the drawers will not slide out during the transfer.
  5. A good idea is to take pictures of connections for equipment. Pics in your smartphone will remind you which wire is where to connect.
  6. You need to take pictures of counters or at least record the indicators. This measure will help avoid paying money for others.
  7. Lay out crews from the furniture in separate bags, so as not to confuse anything. Do not forget to sign them!
  8. Make notes on boxes for what room which box is intended. You can do this with stickers of different colors.
  9. Pack your clothes together with hangers. Garbage bags can be used as casings. Carry out the closet with the clothes inside.
  10. Dishes and other fragile items must be wrapped in paper or towels before packing.
  11. Great idea is to shift the plates with plastic plates so as not to break them while relocating.


Moving is a symbolic step into a new life. Do not let a stressful situation take over you. Hire professionals to help you. Follow useful tips. Move to your successful future with confidence!

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