Internet dating: how to find love online

If you’re relatively new to Internet dating, you might have mixed feelings about committing to a particular site. Perhaps you’ve listened to rumors about matching sites being some sort of last resort for people unable to connect in the more traditional dating outlets of singles bars or clubs? You might have heard stories about users with fake profiles? As with anything in life, there will always be a minority of unscrupulous individuals, but these are more than outweighed by the positives. If you do intend to search for love online , here are the key aspects to be aware of.

Focus on your niche

While dating sites like TenderMeets will certainly introduce you to a diverse cross-section of potential partners, it’s important to think about the type of person you’re hoping to connect with. There are so many types of matching resource out there, so if you’re secretly hoping to hook up with someone for a long-lasting relationship, you’ll only be disappointed if you reach out to singles on a site catering for no-strings-attached encounters. Remember, there are websites for every possible subject, age-gaps partnerships to same-sex encounters, New York Yankees fans to scuba diving enthusiasts! So take your time deciding which outlet to commit to.

Build a strong profile

Dating sites are immensely popular, which is why you need to ensure your profile makes an instant impression. Forget jokey selfies which supposedly show off your ‘fun’ side, and concentrate on uploading an image taken at an HD setting. Never forget to smile, as you don’t want your prospective dates’ first sighting of you resembling a police mugshot. Your description should focus on presenting an interesting and exciting snapshot of your character and passions, encouraging would-be suitors to get in touch.

Be discerning in your searches

Because dating websites are so popular, there’s no need to rush into getting familiar with the first person you come across who apparently ticks your boxes. With so many singles uploading their details to databases, you have the opportunity to browse through these at your leisure, taking your time to assess the most suitable candidates in terms of the hobbies, interests, and passions described. Of course, once you home in on any one individual, there’s no requirement to stick with them. The power is in your hands when it comes to deciding whether to persevere with this particular person or simply move on to someone more appropriate.

Communicate attentively

In the online environment, you build up a rapport by exchanging regular messages. This is why it’s important to be honest and aboveboard when you’re reaching out to a prospective partner in this environment. Resist the urge to boast about aspects of your life, or spin the truth; always keep in mind you’ll be taking your online connection into the real world at some point, so you don’t want any invented aspects of your character to be exposed. In terms of connecting with a potential romantic interest, the possibility of falling in love with someone at first sight is probably even less likely than encountering some random stranger in a bar or club. But with sincere communications, you can certainly build the rapport which will create the necessary chemistry for finding love.

Plan to liaise sooner rather than later

You may think you have found online, after connecting with another single you really hit it off with. The best way to seal the deal is to arrange a get-together, in an appropriate destination suitable to you both. Here you can really get to know the people behind the messages you have been sending back and forth.

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