Human Growth Hormone in Sports and Bodybuilding

Several decades ago, human growth hormone (hgh) was exclusively used in medicine. Over time, athletes, as well as bodybuilders, started to use it actively. The reason for this is that such drugs cause an anabolic effect, help to recover from injuries faster, and also to lose weight. That is why hgh has become an excellent tool for increase of relief muscle mass.

Who Can Take It?

Human growth hormone is used not only for its intended purpose but also for healing wounds and rejuvenation. Is it available for anyone? The answer is yes, but it should be taken only strictly according to the doctor’s prescription hgh recommendations. The fact is that only professional healthcare worker can calculate the dosage of the chemical, which must be strictly adhered to.

Athletes who are engaged in sports with high tension are sometimes advised to take the growth hormone. Thanks to it, bodybuilders cannot damage the muscles even during intensive training. Also, fat deposits during the intake of this drug will rapidly decrease. It is worth noting that fat will be converted into energy during trainings.

Be aware and always keep in mind that hgh is prescribed only by the coach and sports doctor. For each athlete, his own dose is calculated, which should be increased only gradually.

Prescription And Tests Before the Intake

A sports doctor will determine the ratio of muscle and adipose tissue in your body, which will make it possible to put achievable goals and evaluate the results of training. After testing, you will do a safe and effective training program.

Only a qualified specialist can decide whether to take any type of hgh. Before advising to take any hormones at all, he will prescribe a number of tests:

– the glucose level in blood;

– lipid profile that is showing the level of cholesterol;

– analysis for the detection of uric acid that allows establishing the presence of inflammatory processes (during this analysis, the amount of purines that are products of catabolic decay is also established);

– delivery of oncomarkers.

These studies are repeated at the beginning of the course, during, and after the completion of all procedures.

 Growth hormone is often combined with steroids or is prescribed after a course of taking antibiotics. HGH has the following useful properties:

– rejuvenates the body;

– promotes fat burning;

– stimulates the growth of muscle mass;

– strengthens ligaments, tendons, bone tissue;

– suppresses catabolism;

– significantly improves the protective properties of the body as a whole.

During the period of intake of growth hormone, muscles not only grow rapidly, but endurance and strength indicators increase. It is allowed to take the drug in those cases when you need to prepare for important competitions. The drug should not be bought from unreliable providers because it can be a fake. The purchase should be carried out only from the reliable shops. It is important to adhere to all the recommendations of the intake to prevent side effects.

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