How to Travel to Europe on a Budget

Traveling has always been popular among those who wanted to expand their worldview through visiting new countries, meeting people of different cultures and just exploring the world. It is an excellent way to leave all the worries and troubles behind and enjoy life. However, nowadays prices are so high that not every traveler can afford it. Take it easy. Traveling on a budget is much more interesting and exciting, as it involves communication with people and allows you to fully feel the atmosphere of the place and learn about local lifestyle. So, here is some pieces of advice on how to save your money while traveling. If you are a student and want to travel go on the trip and let essay writing services do your work for you.

Save Money on Transport


Many tourists think that as soon as they reach their destination, they will get rid of further transportation costs. Eventually, they keep renting cars and hiring taxes, which require additional costs and put a strain on their resources. The only solution in such a case is to plan your trip properly and cut down on using different means of transport so that you will be able to save a little money. Plan your trip in a way you will be able to visit all the places you want on foot. Find an accommodation close to the city center where usually all the places of interest are situated. Thus, you may have a stroll and try to get to know locals as they are in their everyday life. Moreover, if you have a lack of money, you can use bikes or kick scooters. These, except for being one of the cheapest kinds of transport, also increase your movability and are environmentally friendly.

Commuting to any place on a bike will save lots of money. This is a great alternative to a car. Backpackers who have been traveling on a budget for years use some other ways to reduce their road expenses.



Hitchhiking is said to be one of the cheapest and most interesting ways of travelling free of charge. Hitchhikers travel by stopping cars on the road and a driver gives them a free ride to their destination. Usually they stand on the roadside with a stretched hand and sometimes with a thumb put up. Those drivers that pick up hitchhikers are usually friendly and communicative, so you can make new friends and be sure that the road will not be boring. Moreover, sometimes drivers may even give a home to you. This kind of travelling is for people full of enthusiasm and who are guided by a desire to experience something new, something they never felt before, because every trip is unique and special. However, before starting a trip you have to decide whether you want to hitchhike across one country from city to city or you want to hitchhike around the world. It is necessary to make a little research before hitting the road.


There are several countries where hitchhiking is not common and even rare. In this case, you will end up waiting on the roadside for hours and no one would give you a lift. Choose such places where hitchhiking is popular and does not cause trouble. Another thing worth considering is traveling alone or accompanied. Recently, hitchhiking has lost its popularity and has become unsafe. It is said that there are a lot of disappearances and even killings when hitchhiking. The best way to stay safe is to travel in a company and try to avoid travelling alone, especially when it comes to women and girls.

Take a Campervan 

Nowadays a campervan trips are becoming more and more popular. One may not be surprised why. This vehicle combines everything necessary for comfort living: bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. It serves you as accommodation and transport at the same time and saves a lot of money. The only thing you have to pay for is fuel. Campervan allows you to drive wherever and whenever you want. It makes your journey free, comfortable and flexible. If you are tired and desire to have some rest, it is better to find appropriate place where to stop.

In many countries where travelling by a campervan is developed and common, there are parks and special sites created for such kind of trip. Plan your route to escape long shuttling around the place while looking where to park your van. It goes without saying that this type of trip is mostly suitable for nature lovers. It gives them opportunity to enjoy the nature and be with it in harmony all day and night.

You have freedom to discover new places, reach remote destination and explore untouched places. Don’t forget to take some food and drinks before starting on your journey. Make a list of dishes that you will probably want to eat and which are easy to cook on a grill.

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